A few days later, Cokie was back at school. She came to me. That was when I knew what she was going to do.

"Don't even think about daring me," I said.

"How did you guess?" asked Cokie.

"I just know, I'm not stupid," I replied.

"That's right," agreed Kristy.

Kristy and I walked away. That was the smart thing to do. I didn't want Cokie to get me into any more dares. They're stupid and dangerous. Later, Cokie dared me to get a ride from a stranger.

"Are you nuts?" I asked. "I learned that you shouldn't go anywhere with strangers."

"Yeah, you tell her," agreed Kristy.

"And, I am sure that could make my dad nervous. I know it will," I added. "Something bad could happen to me."

"So what? He will never find out," said Cokie.

"Wanna bet he would?" I asked as I walked away from her.

At lunch, the other girls agreed Cokie was crazy to dare me about riding with a stranger.

"You did the right thing by telling her no," said Stacey.

"What makes her think that your father won't get nervous by not finding out?" asked Dawn.

"Beats me," I replied. "There was no way I'd do that. I do not care what she says."

"Exactly," said Claudia.

After school, I was headed home when this stranger met up with me.

"Do you need a lift home? I was told to pick you up," said a woman.

"No thanks," I replied.

I was sure it could be Cokie who asked this woman to do so.

"I just need to do an errand before giving you a ride," said the woman.

"I have somewhere to be," I said.

This was a lie- I don't want a ride with a stranger. That makes me feel uncomfortable. She tried to grab me, but I got away in time. The next thing I knew, she almost hit me with this bat, but she missed me. I don't know what else happened, but she grabbed me by my shirt and took off with me. I must have been knocked out.

When I woke up an hour later, I was tied up in this chair at this person's house and I was trying to escape, but the woman was guarding me to make sure I didn't escape. Later, Dad was looking for me.

"Where's Mary Anne? How come she's not home yet? Did she had to baby-sit?" asked Dad.

"I'm not sure," said Sharon.

Kayla must have heard about what happened because she came in our house crying.

"What is it, Kayla?" asked Dad.

"Cokie did this stupidest thing ever. She paid some woman to kidnap Mary Anne," said Kayla.

"Cokie did what?" asked Dad.

"She almost dared Mary Anne to get a ride from a stranger, but Mary Anne refused to do so," said Dawn.

"Good thing she did. Cokie shouldn't do these things to Mary Anne at all," said Dad.

"I know," agreed Meredith. "Cokie thinks you wouldn't worry about Mary Anne. She told Cokie off that you would."

"You got that right it would," said Dad. "I should call the police."

"I would," said Sharon.

"I'm worried about my best friend," said Kayla.

"Don't worry. We'll find her," said Sharon.

"Kaylee was upset, too," said Kayla.

An hour later, when the woman left the room to do something, I knew it might be the best time to escape, so I untied the rope and I sneaked out and ran out before she could spot me.

Out there, I did not know where I was. I grabbed my stuff from the woman's car and left. Then, the police spotted me. I told them about what happened. The woman got arrested for what she did.

"The other police can bring you home, we'll let your father know," said the police.

"Okay, good," I said.

I was glad to be home safetly and when Meredith told me what Cokie did, I was stunned.

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Meredith. "Kayla was the one who told your dad. She was crying."

"I'm glad she did," I said.

"Dad knew you were coming home. He was relieved to know that," said Meredith.

Dad came home ten minutes later and boy, was I glad to see him! I went over to hug him and told him on how I escaped. I was terrified.

"That was smart of you," said Dad.

"I can't believe what Cokie did. I'm glad the woman got arrested. I tried to escape from her after wanting to give me a ride. She almost hit me with a bat, too, but she missed me when I got away. I didn't remember what happened next because I must have got knocked out. That was when I woke up at the woman's house," I explained.

"She almost hit you?" asked Dad as I nodded. "Well, wait until we see her in court."

"I know," I said.

Kayla and Kaylee were happy to see me the most. They were hugging me when they saw me.

"You're safe," said the girls.

"Kayla did the brave thing to tell me," said Dad.

"I'm glad about that," I said.

The next day, the girls could not believe what Cokie did.

"Dad and I are going to court this week," I said.

"Good," said Stacey.

"I know," I agreed.

A few days later, I was getting nervous about what's going to happen, but Dad said not to worry about it. That made me feel a bit better after that. Later, at the court, Dad told the judge about everything and how I got kidnapped.

"I can't believe what a student did to paid you to kidnap my daughter," said Dad. "I called the mother, who's my client, to tell her. She's going to talk a long talk to her daughter about what she did."

He told the woman not to hit me again.

"You're going to stay away from my daughter," said Dad.

Dad put an restraining order to do so and it got approved. I was there and I was glad to know that.

"If you ever go near her again after you were told not to, I'll have you arrested again," warned Dad as the judge agreed with him.

The court ended and we left. That woman almost flipped on me to get her arrested, but luckily, Dad stopped her.

"Don't you dare flip out on my daughter," said Dad. "Maybe if you didn't kidnap her in the first place, that wouldn't happen."

The next day, I told the others all about it.

"Good, the woman got what she deserved, I'm glad your father put an restaining order to have her to stay away from you for now on," said Claudia.

"I agree. Dad warned her if she breaks the law, he'll have her arrested again," I said.

"Smart thinking," said Stacey. "We can keep this as a secret, it's nobody else's business about what happened."

"I'll have to agree with Stacey," added Kristy.

"I do, too," I said.

We all agreed we can keep it as a secret. Cokie wasn't around when I mentioned or when we decided not to tell anyone. I didn't want to tell Logan either.

"If you want to tell Logan, it's your choice," said Dawn.

"He can be an exception," continued Kristy.

"I don't think I want to, I don't feel comfortable doing so," I said.

"What if he wants to know? He was worried about you," said Claudia.

"I won't tell him unless he asked me," I said.