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"Jade," Beck said, "What's wrong with us?"

"Um... we broke up," she said looking at him with a 'duh' tone of voice.

"Fine," he said, "But I meant what was wrong with us when we were together. We used to be so great together."

"We were," Jade said, "But we aren't anymore. We hadn't been since Vega came into the picture."

"Her name is Tori," Beck said.

"I know," Jade replied, "But I call her Vega. There are a lot of other things I could call her but I wouldn't call her that."

"Why do you blame her for our problems," Beck asked.

"Beck," Jade said, "When she came to Hollywood Arts she was flirting with you including rubbing you. The following day she kissed you. You let her kiss you. It was always about Vega."

"What do you mean it was always about TORI," Beck asked.

"Okay so for example we had an anniversary dinner coming up. I was excited about that. But then we found out that Vega's ex-boyfriend was using her to get a good grade. You insisted that instead of going to our anniversary dinner we go to Vega to break the news to her gently."

"Well it was a hard thing she was going to have to learn about."


"I knew you wouldn't go if I didn't push you to go," Beck said.

"But you didn't care about how I felt," Jade pointed out.

"No because she was going through a tough time," Beck said.

"It was our anniversary," Jade reminded him, "and then you had the nerve to give me a 'time out'? Who the hell did you think I was. Your child?"

"You deliberately insulted Tori for no reason," Beck said.

"TO ME IT WAS A DAMN GOOD REASON," Jade yelled, "I felt like you didn't give a damn about me anymore."

"Well maybe your bossiness and controlling attitude and all of that got on my nerves," Beck said.

"and maybe you getting mad at me for 'embarrassing Vega' go on my nerves. You ASSUMED you knew what was going on."

"Well it sure looked that way to me," Beck said, "Besides you didn't have to do what I said."

"You told me if I didn't we were over and I shouldn't bother coming back to your place again and you were done with me. Okay I will admit I'm bossy and I get on your nerves sometimes but it seems to me like... ugh why do you even want to have this conversation"

"Because," Beck said, "I want to get back together with you"

"No," Jade said.

"What do you mean no," Beck asked.

"What do you think I mean," Jade asked, "I'm not interested in being your girlfriend anymore. You are a good guy Beck and I do love you but not like I used to. You cannot decide to break up with me and then get together whenever you decide you want to. I'm sorry but you cannot be my boyfriend anymore. I'm just not interested."

"But I still love you Jade."

"And I still love you too. That's why my answer is no."