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Jacob threw us both to the side as the creature lunged towards us. It barely flew past my back when he jumped out of the way.

The others were in front of us by the time I looked up.

"No," Dad snarled.

Their bodies blocked my view, but I could see it.

The frame of a huge bear with jet black fur; the resemblance reminded me of Sam Uley: the Alpha wolf of a pack living in my hometown. When the creature rose to stand upright, its height surprised me: this creature was taller than anything I've ever seen. Even the packs' any one wolf couldn't compare to this.

But this was a wolf. The snout and its sharp, rumbling fangs proved that. Even the frame around its eyes, the long fur and the tips of its ears.

But this was no ordinary wolf. It wasn't even a shape-shifter like the one next to me. This was completely different. Its eyes weren't focused like an animal with intelligence. Rather it had the expression of a wild animal catching its prey. As though wanting to confirmation my suspicion, its hindlegs lifted off the ground. The moment it stood on its backlegs - without wabbling - it showed the massive size of a black bear. More massive shoulderblades and muscles, I wasn't sure if it was a bear or a wolf.

The creature growled.

"Go!" Tommy growled. "We'll handle it!"

Jacob came to my side, and I climbed up on his back again.

He immediately turned the other way and ran into the forest with all the speed he could exert. Away from the wolf. Away from my family. Whereas I was... "Jacob, go back," I screamed.

He didn't halt, but his voice rumbled.

"Jake!" I said his name sharply. "Jake, turn around! We have to go back!"

He barked in protest this time.

I pressed my hands into his fur to tell him how I would feel if anything happened to my family. Any of them.

His speed slowed, but he didn't turn around.

"Jacob!" I complained. "Turn around now!"

He hesitated for a moment. And then, with a barking complaint, swung around and headed back toward the field.

Dad was waiting at the end of the tree line when we arrived. He didn't look happy. I looked around for the others. No one. No creature. No Mom. No one.

"You shouldn't have turned around," he said to Jacob. His angry tone matched his expression.

I jumped off Jake's back and faced him. "Where's Mom?" I asked, ignoring his anger though I appreciated his concern. "Where're the others?"

He gave me a piercing look, but answered, "In the woods about 2 miles North." Then he turned back to Jacob. "Take her home."

"No," I complained. "I'm staying."

He glared angrily. Then his gaze shifted to the northern side of the woods.

Jacob and I turned to the same direction.


The ape-like wolf bared its fangs at us as we surrounded it. Its voice rumbled through its throat and chest. Its eyes moved wildly, flickering from one of us to another faster than any animal I had ever hunted. This wolf was definitely no ordinary animal.

For a moment, I wondered if this was what a real werewolf looked like. Too different than the Quileute werewolves.

Suddenly, the animal lunged right at June and Rosalie.

"No!" Thomas screamed.

June and Rose leaped up in the air to avoid getting caught. Just then, Emmett and Carlisle tackled it, sending it flying into a tree, and crashing it down. The wolf quickly rose to its feet and growled at Emmett and Carlisle, then shot its gaze to each of us and then ran toward the other side of the woods. Noted, it was running faster than an ordinary animal or human. Vampire-fast.

"What the HELL was that?" Thomas growled.

"I don't know," Alice answered. "Whatever it was, I could see it. I saw it coming toward us. But because Nessie and Jacob were there, I couldn't see clearly."

"Whatever it was, we scared it off," Emmett said, then huffed and added, "Too bad. That was fun."

"Not over yet," Jasper interjected. "We should chase it."

"Good idea," Carlisle said. "It's too dangerous to let it run amok and hurt someone in potential." His eyes shot to me. "Bella, why don't you meet up with Edward and the others in the clearing and go home."

I nodded and ran in the opposite direction.


My anxiety lessened when I spotted Mom coming in our direction. But she didn't look happy.

"What're you doing back, Nessie?" she asked through her grinding teeth and gazed at Jacob. "Take her home."

Why does everyone want to take me home? This was tiring.

"No!" I said with conviction. "I'm not a kid anymore. And I'm definitely not going to let myself get protected and pampered all the time. We fought together last spring, why can't we do it again."

Her look shifted to one of resignation.

"The wolf's already gone, Nessie," Dad intervened. "The others are chasing it as we speak. Carlisle wants us to go home."

I shook my head in disbelief. Why does everyone have to treat me like a child?

"It's not like that. It just... it doesn't need all of us to track it. Somehow, your aunt saw it coming before it did. With the six of them, they don't think it's necessary for us to help take it down."

Does it? I thought.

I sniffed and gazed at where the scents directed. I tensed to follow, but Dad's words somehow calmed me down. The six of them, with Aunt Alice's sight and Tommy's illusion, they would be powerful enough against this wolf.

"Let's go home," Dad said with a calm voice, and ran an arm around Mom's waist and then headed back toward the woods.

Jake turned around and followed. I wasn't too confident about the situation, but I didn't argue.

"What was that thing?" Mom asked.

The question bounced back and forth in my head.

"A werewolf," Dad answered.

Mom shot a shocked gaze at him. "A real werewolf?"

Jacob huffed.

"Yes, the same kind that the Volturi tried to wipe out thousands of years ago. I didn't have time to tell you guys back there because of all the drama, but the moment I saw it in the clearing, I knew." He looked at Mom. "Remember when we were fighting Victoria?"

Victoria? Who was that?

Mom's eyebrows cringed, making a small dimple in the middle, and then asked, "What does she have to do with it?"

He snorted. "When her army came for us, I took you away from the battle to keep you safe, remember?"

She nodded, but insecurity still reigned her expression.

"And then Victoria found us and tried to distract me so that she could kill you."

Jacob released a low growl.

"When I confronted her, her thoughts went back to when James was hunting a werewolf in Siberia. I could tell in an instant that there was a difference. And then there was when we stood up against the Volturi. Aro's and Caius's minds gave me a clearer view of what werewolves were like."

"And the wolf that just came at us fit the descriptions?" I asked.

He looked up at me, with an unreadable expression and nodded.

"Is there more than one?" Mom asked.

Several seconds lingered before he finally answered. "Alice only saw one coming our way, but she can't be sure if there isn't more. At any rate, we will have to be more cautious. Unlike the Quileutes, a real werewolf only transforms once a month, under a full moon. While it's in human form, it could be anyone."

Anyone new in town, maybe?

"Logan?" Dad asked.

I nodded. "Most likely. He is the new kid in school."

He gave it some thought, and then nodded. "Quite possibly."