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The sun was on high gear today, equal to the caution in the air. It had been 4 days since the attack. The wolf had jumped into a river and got away, and because of that even Alice lost track of it.

"I don't know why, but I can't see it anymore," she said the next day.

"It's alright, Alice," Edward reassured her.

No one blamed her for having her limits. After all, no one was perfect - not even blood-suckers could escape that rule.

Since we didn't want any more bad talks and suspicions coming at us, we all agreed to continue going to school, but on a more cautious scale. Since there were ten of us, we would walk together in groups. No one was allowed to go anywhere without a partner. Nessie was worried about Martie, who didn't show up at school, but I was too worried for her sake to worry about anyone else. It took her begging for me to find out what could have happened to him. Thankfully, I was able to reassure her when Martie's friends said he was sick and needed to stay at home. One thing we all agreed on was our suspicion of the new kid, Logan, and his family.

"We should keep an eye on them to find out if there's anything suspicious," Edward said. "But it's possible that they aren't aware of their identities as Children of the Moon. I saw some of their traits in Aro's memories. Like in the old movies, werewolves lose their human consciousness when they turn. And their consciousness only returns after the change."

So that was our plan. Watch the Sanchezes and find any clue that could pinpoint us to them being real werewolves. And I will be the one to stand against them if it means protecting Renesmee from harm.

Bella, Edward and Nessie read some of the books they brought from the house while I did my math homework.

Funny thing was three Cullens moved into my house, because they thought it would be safer for me and for some of us.

"Sounds kinda ridiculous, I know," Bella whispered one night when we were hunting. "I feel the same way. But Edward's right. We don't know who this werewolf is. And it'll risky if we try to take on him alone. We were 9 vampires and he still almost got some of us."

I sighed down the frustration. At least I got Nessie in my home, even though Edward couldn't stand to look away from us every five minutes. It made being alone with her utterly impossible. And it definitely did not help that Edward could read my thoughts.

Although I was somewhat touched when the Cullens counted me as one of them: part of their family, even though it wasn't official.

Vampires and shape-shifters had never gotten along before. Seth, my pack member, was the first exception to this rule. He totally adapted to the Cullens and accepted them as his friends. I only became the second exception because I was imprinted on Bella's and Edward's hybrid daughter. And nothing made me happier than being in her presence. But after 8 years of living with them, I had learned to actually love the Cullens for who they were. What they were didn't matter anymore: Bella was my best friend and the love of my life since before everything changed, but I could still see was the person who still existed in there. And because of that, she was my favorite person in the world, other than Nessie; Edward, my old rival for Bella's heart, cared for her and his daughter more than anything else. I came to admire his devotion and love to his family, and his sense of righteousness that even defined his own kind; Carlisle was the easiest to like - he always was the kind-hearted and gentle-spirited. Human, vampire or werewolf didn't matter to him. For all I knew, he was probably accepting of gay people, too; Esme showed the caring and love that I once had before my mom died, and filled that role in her place. I came to love her for it, too; the other Cullens weren't the easiest but at least some of them were more likeable than some others. Blondie was definitely my least favorite person in the world, even though our common ground was our caring for Nessie.

"How're you coming with that geometry problem?" Nessie asked, putting my train of thought to a halt.

"Um... I'm not getting anywhere," I confessed.

She put down her book and came to my side to see. She was so close our cheeks almost touched.

"It's not that hard," she said, but I had stopped listening.

"Jacob!" Edward said, a sharpness echoed from his tone telling me to behave.

I immediately refocused on my homework.