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Gotta admit, it was easier than I had imagined.

This was my fifth order. It wasn't as hard as Tommy had described. Then again, he never liked working as a waiter.

"I usually spent my hours at the dishwashing machine," he had said. "I did not enjoy being behind the counter. In fact, I hated it. Whenever my bosses or co-workers told me to be the waiter, I always wished I could refuse. Those hard-working clean-ups and deliveries couldn't compare to pressure laid upon me by the customers. I always got the order wrong. Cash register, never learned how to use it completely. So yeah, I hated it."

He really needed some perspective and practice. Now that he was a vampire, I'm sure he could handle taking orders better than he used to.

A middle-aged man with the large blond beard rose his arm. Mr Cooner. "'Scuse me, miss," he called.

I approached him. "Can I have a tuna burrito, please?" he ordered. His eyes focused on me. I wrote down his order.

Really, it wasn't that hard.

"I'll be back soon with your dish," I said.

He didn't look away from me, but I ignored him.

The sound of dingling bells and wind swinging in from the open door pulled away my attention. "Welcome," I said.

My breath caught. Logan looked at me with the same look that he gave everyone else at school today. A middle-aged man stood right behind him. Based on the similar physical features he shared with Logan, I guessed they were related. The only difference being he had a vaster pair of lips, a scar across his left brow. His build was slighter than Logan's.

"Hey," Logan said with a grin across his face.

I breathed deeply, and asked, "Table for two?"


I showed them to one of the smallest tables in the café and handed over two menus.

"I'll be back soon to take your order," I said and wandered away without looking at Logan.


When I walked into the coffee shop, my eyes scanned the inside to find the first person I wanted to find. Her scent was everywhere, intoxicating every corner of the place. The gravitational pull I always felt lured my attention toward a door at the end of the café.

And then she emerged.

Man, she was beautiful even in a waittress uniform. She saw me and immediately flashed a smile in my direction. Her brown eyes gleamed as always.

"Hi," I said, keeping my voice low and casual.

"Can I help you with something?" she asked.

I made my way to the counter and settled on one of the barstools. "Black coffee will be good," I ordered.

How ironic of me to order black coffee at a place named after it. But what the heck.

She noted my order. "I'll be right back with your coffee."

She began to leave.

"Don't keep me waiting."

She turned over her shoulder at me for a short moment and winked before disappearing behind the kitchen door. I started looking around the place again.

Logan Sanchez sat at a corner table with an older man. I assumed that was his dad. His eyes flickered around, and then found my gaze.

I waved my hand to be polite.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he said, waving back.

"We... we go to school together."

He nodded.

"I know," he replied. "I've seen you in the cafeteria. You're friends with Nessie, right?"

"Boyfriend," I corrected. He nodded in acknowledgement.

I wasn't sure why, because it was easy to tell he wasn't a bloodsucker. But something about him made me uneasy. The way he said Nessie's nickname didn't help. He had made himself an acquaintance on short notice.

Just then, a sound of creaking door sounded in my ears and I found myself looking at its direction.

She laid the coffee cup on the counter in front of me.

I shot a gleaming smile. "Thanks."

She smiled widely. "Feel like going out tonight?"

I rested my elbow on the table and my chin on top of my knuckle. "With you, always."

She tease-punched my shoulder, the gleaming smile on her face shifted to one of amusement.

"My shift ends at eight. Pick me up then?" she asked.

I nodded. "I'll call Edward to let him know."

She nodded, then looked over her shoulder at the kitchen door as if making sure that no one was listening. She redirected her glance at Logan and his dad, then back to me and leaned an inch closer.

"I have to get back to work. So enjoy your coffee and I'll see you later," she spoke barely above a whisper. Then just like that, she walked away from the counter and back into the kitchen.

I took a sip from the coffee, then put it back on the table and slowly traced around the edges with my index and middle fingers.

My phone buzzed. I didn't know who would call. I had expected it to be from Rachel or Paul, maybe even Leah and Seth, or Embry or Quil before I checked the screen. I hadn't expected it to be from Sam.

"Hey, Sam, whazzup?" I greeted.

"Hello, Jake," he said on the other end. "Just wanted to see how you're doing."

I didn't buy it. "Sam, you're talking to me. And I know you don't usually make social calls."

He snorted. "You notice lotsa things, Jake." I waited. "True, I do have something up my sleeve, but this time it really is a social call."

"Okay... what is it?"

He didn't speak for a minute. "Emily's pregnant."

"Wha... wha... When did you...?"

"We just found out yesterday. Em was feeling dizzy, so I took her to the hospital. Dr. Marlon checked her out, and found out that she was pregnant."

I was speechless. Happy for both of them. "Wow, um, congratz."

"Thanks. I haven't told the rest of the pack yet, but I'm planning to do it tomorrow."

I nodded. In my heart, I was happy for Sam and Emily. They deserved as much as happiness as I do with Nessie, especially after what they'd gone through years ago, and what happened six months ago.

Like me, Sam was leader of his wolf pack - or rather the Alpha wolf - and had been so since he phased for the first time. I, as the heir of the last Alpha wolf, gave him the position to avoid the responsibilities. What I hadn't counted on though, was that Renesmee's birth would prompt me to change my mind. Of course, I had no interesting fighting for Alpha position with Sam.

But when he threatened to kill Nessie's mom, the woman who used to be the love of my life, I embraced my rightful place as Alpha to break away from his command - no one could disobey the Alpha even if they wanted to. No one but me. After Nessie's birth, our packs resolved the tensions that once turned us into enemies; all because I had imprinted on the girl who Sam had worried about being a threat to the local humans in Forks, and, by pack law, made her untouchable.

It wasn't easy in the beginning, but at least we found common ground again. In a matter of months, we mended the broken bond. Although Paul became the most entertwined family member soon afterwards: he married my sister.

Nessie turned down my proposal, but only because she wasn't ready. And I obliged to whatever made her happy.

Hope is eternal, after all.


Curfew at midnight. Great. At least my dad didn't say no. Mom was always supportive, but even she agreed on the curfew.

Most teenagers snuck out at night to hang out with their boyfriends, but with my family, sneaking out was not an option. Dad would catch my thoughts faster than I could reach my window; Uncle Jasper could ease my tension; Uncle Emmett would catch me before I even reached the woods. Tommy had more power to stop me than any of them, but he was more recent with the times, so he would understand.

The rest of my family would probably try to stop me, even though they held no grudge against Jacob.

Jacob emerged from his house when I reached his house with my motorcycle.

"Hey," he said before I turned off the battery-running engine.

After making sure that everything was correctly turned off I darted to his side. His smile glowed naturally as I opened my arms.

"Come on in," he said, gently nudging me inside his house.

We spent the next hour eating pizza and discussing the latest music productions. June fit well into our topic; her enchanted voice was worth selling to millions - if she didn't have to hide the fact that she wasn't human.

After dinner, he showed his mad skills in mechanical engineering by attaching a new/old engine to his Volkswagen, aka the Rabbit, as he called it. The old one had nearly gone out of age. I learned everything about engineering from him and my family, so it was easy to see what needed to be done to make the vehicle run better. I could've fixed the car in minutes, but I enjoyed watching him do it. The way he showed interest in not just everything I did but also in his own passion about mechanism made him a very independent person. And I liked the way he looked when he was slightly sweaty. Handsome and attractive. The black tank top doubled the features.

Every now and then he would meet my glance from the corner of his eyes, and then he would smile: the same smile that made him glow.

"Do you actually like watching me work?" he asked while focusing on his car. "You've been stealing glances at me for the past 30 minutes."

Wanting to show him how much I liked it, I shot to his side and pressed my hand against the back of his neck.

He burst into laughter 12 seconds later, then stood up straight and faced me, removing from my hold. "You think I'm sexy?"

Turned on by his question and still mesmerized by his mechanical sexiness, I pressed my hands against his face to show him what I thought.


Transparent images and thoughts ran through my mind. I saw me knelt beside my Rabbit, replacing the old engine. Seeing myself from this angle was odd, but totally familiar: it was part of Nessie's charm.

What surprised me the most was the thoughts that came with the pictures. She thinks I'm sexy?

My hands automatically pulled her in, and I pressed my lips against hers with so much speed and hunger. Our hands tangled around each other. Every shift of her thoughts made me want to pull her closer still. Before I knew it, my tongue reached inside her mouth.

I was helplessly caught in her magic.

Renesmee and Jacob

A strong but comfortable sting reached in through our skins, melting us together like a glowing surge of energy brought together by gravitational magic.

Thermal magic channeled through our heating bodies... we wanted this.


Every instinct in me was telling me to pull her closer, because this was what she wanted. And as much as I wanted to comply, something in the back of my mind whispered. What would the rest of her family think? How will this affect her? Do I care about her enough to end this?

Fighting against every grain in my fibral being, I pulled away... slowly. I kept my eyes focused on my feet to avoid eye contact. That's when I realized I was topless.

Her uneasy breathing echoed in my ears, matching mine.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, still not looking at her. It would be too much.

"Why?" she asked. "I'm not."

Her thoughts reeled back into my mind. "I know." I breathed and fought internally to keep myself in check. "You showed me as much." When my breathing was back in order, I looked up to face her. Her eyes burned with hunger and desire. Hunger I was more than entitled to end. I fought to concentrate her face. "Nessie, I want this as much as you do. But if I am to be the right boyfriend for you, then I must do the right thing. And having sex is basically a number one boyfriend crime to your parents, which will definitely affect our relationship. Not to mention give your dad motivation to come here and kill me."

She smiled. And gosh, if she wasn't goddess-like pretty with that smile. "Sex? Is that what we were about to do? she asked.

I nodded, thankful that no one was around to see us. She shook her head, her smile never faltered from her face. "He is pretty old fashioned," she went on. "But yes, I guess doing it like this wouldn't get on his good side. Or the rest of my family."

I nodded agreeingly and took shallow breaths to calm my hunger. It worked rather slowly, but effective. She took in a deep breath, and then reached over the Rabbit to grab my top. I ran my head through it.

"I-I should go," she said and began to leave.

"I'll drive you."

She turned around the same time she said, "No, it's okay." She shot a hungry smile that turned my stomach over. "I'll, uh... get back on my bike. And you should be working on your... car."

I nodded and grinned casually. "Okay."

We stood there, staring silently at each other. It was easy to see the hunger that still lingered in her eyes.

"Oh, what the heck," she muttered and darted toward me. She jumped up to reach my height and kissed my lips. It was a quick kiss, but also a good one. Her hand landed on the left side of my chest, where my heart beat.

She glowed at me with her endless smile. "Just so you know, I was enjoying it."

My own smile widened, showing my teeth. "Good, 'cause I was too."

A few seconds passed.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she said and left before I could say another word.

I love you.