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Nessie admitted to have made out with Jacob. Or, as the recent teens would say, almost "got to second base". I cannot believe they did that.

It may be common for most people to get to that level nowadays, but I was from a different era where young women weren't to be treated that way. I would not let that happen to my daughter.

At least Jacob had thought of that. He had the decency to stop himself before they crossed the line.

I inhaled the air in the backyard to calm myself. Jasper stood at the door, reading my every emotion, and - as I was well aware - looking out for any sign of aggression.

Emmett came out and joined his side.

"C'mon, Edward," he thought. "It's pretty common for two loving people to get hitched like that." I ignored him.

Jazz was glad that I calmed myself down, because that meant he was off the hook. Thomas was thinking the same thing.

"If he goes after anyone in our family, I'm afraid I can't watch," he thought.

"Wonder if I can stop him with my power." June. "Sigh. At least he's not killing Jacob."

I didn't really care.

Silent footsteps echoed in my ears. The silent thoughts already told me who it was. She slipped her fingers into my palm and found where they fit.

"Don't be so harsh on them, Edward," Bella said. "They're old enough to make their own decisions."

I gritted my teeth. But I wasn't angry at Jacob right now - I was angry at the situation. No matter how I saw it, Bella was right. Renesmee was old enough to make her own choices. Didn't mean I have to like it, though.

"That doesn't mean they can just -"

"I know," she interrupted. "But if you get too harsh on them, it's only a matter of time before she goes into a rebellious stage. And I know someone would be glad to support that side of her."

Emmett chuckled. "I sure would. That would make a bad-ass funny scene."

I growled without looking at him. Bella patted my shoulder. "Just think about it."

She turned my face in her direction and landed a light kiss on my cheek. It felt almost good enough to relieve the anger. And then she left.

"She's got a point, Edward," Alice reasoned while clearing her wardrobe... again. I wanted to tell her to mind her own business.

"He probably won't listen." Emmett thought while bouncing a tennis ball in his hand. "Bro never listened to anyone when Bella was human. Sure enough, he won't listen to anyone when the situation regards Renesmee, either. At least she's not in danger, just a new state of adulthood."

"Please, Edward, don't hurt Jacob. Nessie'll be very unhappy," Esme pleaded internally.

Great. Everyone was telling me I was being unreasonable.

A flow of calm washed through me, quenching away my anger so fast I didn't know how it happened for a second... until I realized the source.

"Jasper," I warned.

"Sorry, Edward, your anger is running all over the place," he said. "You need a clear head to think."

Without the anger clouding my brain, reason replaced my judgment. It became much easier to see things from a different perspective then. Jacob had been there for Nessie all his life and all her life. It will always be that way. At least they paid enough respect for the family to not let things get out of hand, I gave him that much credit.

"Thank you, Jasper," I said.

He stood beside me and patted my shoulder. "C'mon, let's get inside," he said. "I'd like to get you distracted -" His thoughts grew a bit smug and erotic, "- before I let you loose." Seduction's usually the best distraction, he thought the same time he turned me toward the house.

I laughed. He must've learned that phrase from Thomas and Emmett.


The next two days passed without much drama. Edward had a mature and well-mannered conversation with Jacob, and he'd agreed to be more caring about Nessie's situation: Eddie pointed out that no matter how mature she looked, she was still a child. Thank God. I would have hated the idea of watching them tear at each other and not stepping in. June was curious about what her power might be able to accomplish, but she wasn't eager to see her two new family members fight, either.

On Friday morning, Emmett talked everyone into playing football at a large field 70 miles outside of town for Sunday. Esme's gallery will have an open sale, which meant she would have to spend a lot of time working on the setting and selling pieces.

"I'll see you later?" I said to June when we reached the hallway that led to two different directions; my biology and her French.

She nodded. "I have French, but Alice'll be with me. I'll meet you in the cafeteria."

I grinned.

We headed to our separate classes. I already couldn't wait to get it over with.

"Don't even try to make everyone think they hear the bell and see the clock strike lunch time, Thomas," Jasper objected.

Pfft. He didn't have Eddie's mind reading, and yet his skill to pick up my mood gave him a clear view of what ran through my mind.


Alice waited for me outside of my French classroom to accompany me to the school cafeteria.

"Nice job," Alice complimented my advanced French. "I didn't know you could speak French so well."

Mrs. Dahlia had asked some of her students to tell her what she had written on the black board. I was the first to raise my hand and translate it to perfect English and then fill in the blank spots. I could see how my life as a human school girl had prepared me well for that: my dad hired a tutor to teach me French every day after school, because I didn't have much time to work on it and failed a test.

"C'mon, let's get to the cafeteria," I said, grinning, and picked up our pace very slightly. My mind raced.

A sound echoed through the walls. I paused and looked in its direction, which led down a long hallway.

"Is that the drama department?" I asked. The sound of piano continued to echo through the walls.

"Yeah," Alice answered. "They have a choir room that needs serious some work, though. I've never seen one so small. They don't even have many instruments. Just a piano, a guitar, a set of drums and a saxophone."

Following the sound, I made a humanly quick pace down the hall. The music sounded from the choir room. When I got there, I examined it through the door glass. The room was mildly small, enough to fit in ten people at most. In the middle sat a man at a black piano. His fingers carried across the keys very smoothly, like they had minds of their own.

It was fairly easy to recognize the melody he was playing.

Sound of the Month by Felancia Pelabo.

The music oozed into my ears so smoothly that my voice floated up to the surface. For a short moment, I thought about the times I'd performed at Juilliard. Though the memories were human and blurry, and felt somewhat distant, it was still something that was worth remembering. All those times I sang on a stage, performed in front of hundreds of people.

My throat itched to release the music it was hearing. I allowed my voice to carry the tune of the piano, combining them.

The music came to an abrupt halt. The player turned around.

I stopped singing, but the urge to sing still lingered in my throat.

He stood up and came to the door. That's when I started examining him instead of the piano and the music he played.

Exotic facial features that screamed Mexican and stylish, with dark hair covering his long forehead. His shoulders were widened by his black shirt. Would've found myself attracted to his appealing sexiness if I didn't have Sam.

"I'm sorry, may I ask who you are?" he said.

His scent blew into my nose. The sound of his pumping heart that contained blood thudded in my ears. I fought to control myself without breathing too deeply. The urge to sing had faded away.

"June," I answered, using part of the oxygen that was still in my throat. "I'm new."

He gave a polite smile. "Me too. I'm Logan."

I nodded.

"June," Alice called and peaked around the corner. "Everyone's waiting. Come on."

I gave Logan one brief glance and then walked toward Alice. She had her arm around mine in an instant.

"That was a little bit too fast for human pacing," she said, obviously missed my almost loss of control.

"I almost lost control," I muttered, clutching her hand around my arm.

"Oh, no, you wouldn't have." Her tone sounded as-matter-of-factly. "Seriously, you did a very good job. Not as good as Bella did, but still very good. In fact, you did better than Thomas. He almost lost control once or twice." She paced faster, tugging my arm. "Let's go, or I think he'll go crazy."

Her eyes were staring at nothing. That probably meant she was looking into the nearest future. I took in the contamined smell of all sorts of delicious food and held it there.

When we got there, Sam made an impatient pace toward us. Walking as slowly as humans obviously wasn't something he liked. Not that I blamed him.

As soon as he came to my side, his lips lifted up and formed a grin on his face.

"Where have you been?" he asked.

"Sorry," I said, using part of the oxygen in my throat. To make it easier, I made myself smile.

His hand ran through my fingers and guided me toward the counter to buy food.