Shifting Tides.

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Chapter One.


I could hear Emily storm around the bathroom, god, that woman is starting to test my last nerve. Ever since SHE decided it was time for us to try for a baby, she's been like a woman possessed. We haven't made love for months, I wouldn't even call it fucking, and at least with fucking you still show some emotion. No what we do have is this emotionless, mechanical sex; she uses me like she would her own fucking dildo. She even plans when we have sex, or should I say when she has sex, everything is so regimented and clinical. I block out the occasions when I have to go near her and I go to my happy place, which is as far away from Emily as possible.

She expected to be pregnant by now, but because there's no bun in her oven it's my entire fault. The amount of shit I've had to take off her has really tested my limits in restraint. She even started to insult the wolf, he does not like that. She's meant to be made for me, my soul mate, and my entire existence. Yeah right! I can feel the imprint start to leech away, like she's sucking the soul right out of me. If I've got no soul, how could I have a soul mate? Whatever imprint is left, she always uses to her full advantage, because the stupid gods, deemed it fit that we have to obey the wants of our imprints, she milked this for all she was worth, pisses me and my wolf off every single fucking time. Stupid bitch.

I'm sat in the living room, just waiting for her to come storming out screaming like the nut she is. I can't wait for that day to come when the imprint finally snaps and disappears to who knows where? For all I care the gods can take it back and suck on it, because I certainly didn't want this anymore, haven't I given up enough for my tribe, the least I could be is happy. I could hear her now, stomping down the hall. Here comes the tyrant.

"Sam." She started in that sickly sweet voice. "Guess what time of the month it is Sam?"

"I don't know Emily, but I'm sure you're going to enlighten me." She was just so exasperating.

"It's ovulation time Sam. You know what this means don't you?" She said, as she slowly made her way closer to me like the reaper she was, because she would soon be the death of me. "You've got some work to do. Now come on Sam, let's get started while my eggs are at their most fertile." How could she turn some that was supposed to be a miracle and made from love into something that I'd come to hate. I'd had enough.

"No Emily. I don't want this, especially not like this." My wolf and I were fully in agreement. I refused to conceive a child and bring it into this environment.

"Excuse me Samuel. I don't think I heard you correctly. It sounded as though you were denying me. Me, your imprint. You can't deny me Samuel and you know it." The manipulative bitch. I stood over her.

"I refuse to do this Emily, I don't want it and I don't like it. My wolf and I are fully aware of how you control your, so called rights to me. I'm meant to be your husband, not just your convenience. So, from here on out, until you become less Hitler like, I refuse to touch you. So you can get this baby idea out of your head, until we sort ourselves out." I could tell I'd pissed her off, her eyes bulged and started to storm like a vicious ocean.

"You can't refuse me Sam. I demand you to have sex with me now. This is the important time of the month; we can't waste any more time." She said as she stood with her hands on her hips, trying to stare me down.

"I said no, Emily." I refused to OBEY her order. I could hear the wolf growling and pacing in my mind, it hated her as much as I did.

"We wouldn't have to still be trying if you'd been a real man and done the job properly." Everything was silent, after that little outburst. That was it, I'm done. I turned from her and strode to the door, I had to get out of here, and before I did something I would end up regretting.

"Where are you going, Sam?" She said in a panicky voice. I turned to look at her.

"I'm going out; don't wait up for me." Without, waiting for her response, I turned and walked out the door. Feeling the air hit me, I was finally able to breathe deeply, without feeling suffocated by Emily. I was going to the bar and I was going to try my hardest to get of my face. Ah, freedom. It tasted so sweet.


Just cleaning down the kitchen for the day, I spent this time contemplating where my life had led me up until this point. In the last four years, I'd excelled in the business side of my life, to the extent in which I now owned my own book shop with a small café attached to it. Business was good and I loved it. It kept me busy from thinking about the other side of my life, which was in absolutely dire need. As my business became more successful my personal life suffered more and more.

I had a few friends from high school and of course I had the pack, but they were more of a family to me, especially since my now step-brother and step-sister were in said pack. When the Cullen's left, my friends refused to let me dwell on the fact that they hadn't as so much as said a goodbye to me. When they made this clear to me I realised just how poisonous the Cullen's were to my health and my mind. I soon bounced back and did it with style and held within me a new confidence, founded from the love and support of my friends and family.

I dated a few guys here and there, nothing serious, especially not enough to give my virginity to. Only one person was able to claim that. Jacob. I chuckled to myself remembering his shocked expression when I asked him, as my friend could he take it for me. I loved him, I truly did. But the type of love we had for one another was purely platonic; he's as much my brother as Seth is. I lost my virginity the way I wanted to, he gave me his as well. It didn't affect our friendship, if anything, it only made us tighter and that still carried on after he imprinted on my high school friend, Angela.

All the pack had imprints now and sometimes I just felt like the odd man out. It was hard trying to bring someone normal into my family, because it's hard for them to trust me one hundred per cent, when they know I'm hiding secrets from them and unfortunately, they aren't my secrets to share. So, it's still just single, lonely little ole me, stood in the background while everybody around me moves on happily with their lives, while I silently spectate.

Which brings us to tonight, I'm out with some of the pack tonight along with their imprints. Sometimes it feels like they just invite me along because they feel sorry for me, I can see the pity in their eyes and frankly, it just pisses me off. I'd agreed to meet them in the local bar and then we'd all go to dinner, I knew Jacob and Angela would be there, because they'd been the ones to invite me. Rachel and Paul, I knew would be tagging along, as well as Jared and Kim, these were the normal couples that usually allowed me to be a part of them. Occasionally Sam and Emily tagged along and my night always became a chore when they were there. For some reason, Emily hated me. She always glared at me as though I'd just kicked her puppy. Ha. That was laughable, I'd love to kick he puppy, Sam, right where it would hurt the most, but unfortunately Emily keeps his balls in her purse. The way she treated him was an utter joke, she knew he had to obey the imprint and oh boy, did she take advantage of that fact. No other imprints treated their wolves as though they were property, if Sam were mine…

Wow. Where'd that thought come from. Sure I thought Sam was the sexiest thing since sliced bread, but unlucky for me he was married to the wicked witch of the west. I remember back when Sam had come to rescue me in the forest, when I got lost, I thought I must have been dreaming, because how many times have you seen tall, dark strangers come stomping the forest like he owned it and then take you in their arms and reassure you that you're safe, just the one damn time. Oh sure, he'd starred in many a fantasy, and that sometimes it made it uncomfortable the next time I saw him, but damn, he just had this look that he'd sometimes give me and I'd have to leave before any of the wolves could smell my arousal. That happened one time and I vowed that if I was ever horny, I'd never be around those sensitive snout-faced pigs, especially Paul. I could have just died when he'd pointed that out once and that was enough.

Making my way out the building, locking up behind me, I sighed internally, I really want to give tonight a miss. I reached into my bag to grab my phone and I phone Jacob. "Bella. Where the hell are you? We were just about to send out a search party." He said jokingly and I could hear the others joining in with his joke, in the background.

"Ha. Funny Jake. I was just ringing to let you know that I won't be coming to meet you, I've just finished for the night and I'm done in. It's been an absolutely manic day and I'm really not in the party mood. Is that okay?" Yeah, I wasn't in a mood for a party with other people, but I might go and get some drink and have a pity party for one on the beach.

"Aw. Bella, are you sure?" Here comes the pity. Poor little, Bella.

"Yes, Jake. I'm sure. I'm really not in the mood tonight, maybe another night. You lot go have a good time, have a drink for me." I said trying to sound cheery.

"Okay, if you're sure. You'll owe us another night out girly." He said chuckling.

"Fine. Go and have a good time. Love you. Bye." Hurrying just to try and get off the phone.

"Love you too. See you later." He said followed by the sound of the phone being hung up. Thank god for small mercies, usually he'd try and talk me around to going. That boy could talk for an age and they say women liked to gossip and chat, no one I've ever met compares to Jake in that department, the thought of that brought a smile to my face. There was nothing false about Jake and he was one of the good things in my life and I knew that I could rely on him, if I ever needed him.

I made my way over to the store, that sat opposite my shop and I bought my favourite tipple. Tequila. There was only one down side to me drinking this, it made me horny. Well, if that happened, I'm sure that after I manage to drag myself home, I'll be able to sort out my little problem with my big friend, that resided in my underwear drawer. Because I lived above my shop, my truck was parked away safely, so I caught a taxi down to La push's first beach. Thank god that at this time of night, it was pretty much desolate. I managed to make my way from the taxi down to some rocks, sat in between those rock were some driftwood type benches, so this is where I decided to park my ass for the evening and started to begin enjoying my pity party. This is my idea of fun.


I'd been at a local bar in Forks for the last few hours and the most this watered down alcohol was doing for me was burning a hole in my pocket. Fuck this; I thought as I made my way to a local store, to get something a bit more substantial, this whisky should do nicely. As I made my way out the store, I was hit by a smell that I was familiar with and sometimes craved, that smell of ripe strawberries started to send heat through my body. That smell was, Bella. I'd forgotten about her shop over the road, unfortunately for me it looked as though it was empty up in her apartment, it was then that I remembered that some of the pack were going out tonight and as usual were dragging Bella with them.

As I'd run to Forks I had to run back, this bottle deserved to be drank in peace, the first beach would be ideal for that, especially on a night like tonight, with the full moon gleaming down on to the water. This would be enough for me to forget about my woes and the stupid bitch of a wife, that I'd left at home. I jogged through woods, on my way to first beach in human form, occasionally stopping for deep chugs of whisky that seemed to burn as it made its way through my system, making my body start to burn with need, obviously tonight would end with me and miss palm and her five sisters.

As I made my way onto the sand, I was assaulted with a smell that stirred my inner beast, he raised his head becoming fully alert to something he craved and he was going to take and on a night where the moon was full, he was at his strongest and could sometimes over power me, like now. The wolf was on the prowl and it wanted its prey.

Bella, from the smell that tantalised us earlier this full blown aroma that emitted from her body hit us like a wrecking ball, I knew that smell, I'd smelt it on occasion and that was her arousal. So sweet it was to our senses and made me want to howl in joy and need. I came to a stop in front of her and I could tell she was in as much need as I was, I could tell by the way her hooded eyes stared lustfully in to mine. I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to; I was too far gone by this time.

I stepped forward so we were almost touching and I reached out and cupped her cool cheek. She was so beautiful, especially when her dark brown eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Before he could stop himself, he leaned down and kissed her shining eyes. He could feel her inhale his scent deeply. God, it felt so good to be touching something that was so good and natural, especially when everything else seemed to be falling to pieces. She cuddled into his chest; it felt so good to be held. He leant down to leave a chaste kiss on top of her head.

Bella lifted her head and looked me in the eyes and he could see the deep-seated desire in her eyes and I could feel it all the way through to my bones. He dipped his head down until his lips hovered dangerously close to hers, as if he were asking permission. Breathlessly, she closed the distance and laid her lips against his. He growled deep in his throat like the animal he was before the kiss turned hungry, with passion.

He could tell by her reaction that she seemed thrilled by his passionate reaction. He gripped hold of her head and ravished her mouth as if he'd been starved for her and her alone. Sam pulled her to him as the wolf inside of him roared to life. The wolf wanted her with a desperation that bordered on madness. He could taste the passion on her tongue and their hearts seemed to beat as one. Most of all, he could smell her desire and he wanted more. The wolf wouldn't be satisfied until he'd tasted her fully.

He couldn't stop himself. Every instinct he possessed demanded he take her. His wolf wanted to taste her. It wanted to breathe her in and let her softness ease the loneliness that had filled his heart these past months while his dictator of a wife ruined every aspect of his life. Just for one moment, he wanted to feel unalone again. He could feel Bella shiver as he left her lips and trailed his kisses to her throat where he nibbled the sensitive skin there. His rough skin gently scrapped her skin, making her seem to burn more and he could feel her breasts tighten with need. Bella stopped. Terrified of what she was about to do, she took a deep breath and he braced himself for rejection. "Would you make love to me?"

"Really, you don't mind?" She shook her head no, in response and heat exploded within him.

He pulled his T-shirt off, over his head. He opened the button on his jeans, and then pulled her back into his arms. He reached up and pulled her hair down around her shoulders. Running his hands through it, he pulled her lips to his so that he could ravage her mouth again. He could hear her moan in bliss. Their kisses certainly agreed with each other. He could kiss her all day.

He could feel Bella run her hands over the muscles of his chest, amazed at how good her hands felt on him. She flicked her fingertips over and around his hardened nipples, he moaned from her touch. He moved to unbutton the dress she was wearing. He felt her shiver as he unbuttoned her dress and just dropped down to the sand. He could feel the hot, hungry look of his wolf change his face.

Carefully, he pressed her back against the driftwood so that he could feel every inch of her curves against his hardness. The smell of her skin intoxicated him. It was all he could do not to howl in triumph. He nibbled his way from her delicate mouth, down her jaw, while he reached behind her and unhooked her bra. He heard her sharp intake of breath as her breasts were freed. They were such a bounty to behold. Pale and swollen, they filled his dark hands. He'd never seen anything more beautiful. He felt her lace her hands in his hair while he dipped his head down to suckle her. Closing his eyes, he groaned in pleasure as he ran his tongue around her puckered nipple.

As Sam held Bella in his arms and felt her soft, tender body against his, he felt a strange sense of comfort that had eluded him all these past months. This alone made her priceless to him. He dipped his tanned hand under the elastic of her panties and touched her intimately. Bella groaned as his long, tapered fingers separated the tender folds of her body so he could caress her. Sam kissed his way down her stomach. Moving his hand, he actually pulled her underwear off with his teeth. He removed her shoes, taking time to rub the arches of her feet, before he tossed them to the ground.

He crouched on the sand in front of her, looking up with a hot, devouring stare. He still wore his jeans and boots, while she was completely naked. Sam couldn't breathe as he watched her seeing that desire, made him want to pull her to him roughly and take her like the wolf in him wanted to. He wanted to show her how his wolf mated, forcefully and with dominance. But he didn't want to scare her. Most of all, he didn't want to hurt her. She was his vulnerability.

Sam nudged her legs apart. His hot breath, scorching her thighs. He nudged her further apart and took her into his mouth. He could hear her hiss out in pleasure and become weak legged, to a point where he had to hold her up, before she fell. He devoured her. There was no other words for it. He licked and teased wanting her head to spin in passion, and when she came for him, he could feel the forcefulness of it, as her juices flowed into his mouth. Sam growled at the sound of her pleasure and at the taste of it. He felt his pride swell upon hearing her climax. There was no sweeter sound.

He kissed his way up her body slowly until he was again on his feet. He took her hand into his and led it to his jeans and to his throbbing erection. He growled deep in his throat as she wrapped her hand around the hard length of him. Just from her slight touch he was already wet and straining. Cupping her face, he kissed her passionately while she stroked him. Heat thrummed through his body at the thought of having his hard cock deep inside her. He pulled away from her, then as quick as he could, jerked of his boots. Sam watched Bella's reaction as he reached for his fly and unzipped it. He could see her passion-numbed daze as he slid down his pants; he loved to see her reaction when she saw him fully commando.

Tossing his pants behind him, he pulled her away from the driftwood. Sam moved around to her back, he bent his head to her. "You are so beautiful." His voice sounding, deep and hungry. He brushed the hair from her neck, and then nibbled the sensitive flesh there. His hands cupped her breasts before he trailed one hand to the dark triangle of hair between her legs. Somehow, he lowered them both slowly to the sand. She leant her back against him where his body was masculine and hot. His tongue swirled around her ear, and then plunged deep inside at the same time he entered her from behind. Bella cried out in pleasure from the sensation of him filling her.

He peered down at her so he could watch her face drown in moonlight as he thrust himself even deeper. Sam growled again at the feel of her wet, welcoming body. She didn't make any demands from him as he took his time with slow and easy strokes. She leant back against him and made the most incredible sounds of pleasure with every stroke his body delivered to hers. She had completely surrendered to him. He'd never known anything like this. She was divine. She reached over her head to sink her hand in his hair so that she could pull him closer. "Oh, Sam." She breathed, nuzzling her cheek against his.

The wolf in him was snarling in satisfaction. It howled at the feel of her hot, wet body wrapped around his. The intensity of his pleasure made him struggle for breathes. It was the most incredible encounter of his life. When she came this time, it was even more forceful. She screamed out with such satisfaction her voice became hoarse. Her body shook uncontrollably as he continued to give her even more.

"That's it, baby." He whispered to her. "Come for me." And that's what she did. Her orgasm sounded so primal and powerful, he had to check her heartbeats making sure she survived it. Every stroke he continued to give only seemed to make her orgasm more. Sam kept a tight grip on her as he felt his own pleasure mounting. He quickened his strokes as he neared his peak. At this moment, Bella laid the sweetest kiss on his lips. And this sent him over the edge. He had no control over his wolf, as he felt his teeth elongate and latch on to the sensitive skin on her neck. While latched on, he wrapped her in his arms as he released himself deep inside her body. His orgasm seemed to last forever.

When it was over he sat on the sand with her in his lap, they were both quiet. Bella moved to get up; the look on her face seemed sobering. "Bella, what's wrong?"

She turned to look at him; she had unshed tears in her eyes, which the moonlight made glistening like little diamonds. "What's wrong? Really Sam, you have to ask me that. What we just shared Sam was… I have no words for it. But reality check Sam, you're still married. When I go home to my apartment tonight, where will you be going? Back to your wife, Sam. I have to go." She said as she started to dress panicky.

Sam started to put his own clothes back on. "Bella, please."

She looked at him heartbreakingly. "Unless the tides suddenly shift and you miraculously become unimprinted, we need to stay away from each other, Sam. My feelings for you are more than I care to admit, but while you remain under Emily's order, you can never be mine and this can never happen again Sam." She turned and walked away, I could hear her phoning for a taxi. I waited a safe distance away, just to make sure she was picked up safely and when she was, it was time for me to return home. I might live here with Emily, but my heart was no longer with it. I had given that to Bella, along with my mark… Oh shit!

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