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So recently I got a review saying that I should make a sequel to "Hong Kong and Iceland's little problem," so here it is. Hope you like it!

Chapter one: Mr. Puffin's rival

It had been almost half a month since Hong Kong and Iceland brought their son Aaron back to Iceland, causing the two teenagers to seem to continuously give their attention to the little child. Along with this, many of the Asian nations would visit a lot with several friends and a few Nordics, mainly Norway, seeming to never leave. Not that the two teenagers seemed to mind, Aaron was proving to be a handful when it was only the two of them so as long as the others didn't hurt the boy or be overly annoying they would not mind the extra hands. The one who did mind all of this however was Iceland's pet puffin, Mr. Puffin.

At first Mr. Puffin would simply let them do what they wanted under the assumption that they would get tired of the baby or that the kid would simply disappear. As the days went by and the kid stayed however, he began to get angry.

During one morning when Iceland was feeding Aaron his formula, Mr. Puffin flew up to the table and said, "Feed me, I'm hungry!"

"Can't you see I'm busy? Feed yourself, you know where your food is," Iceland told his pet bird while giving him an annoyed look.

The bird gave out an annoyed sound and asked, "When's the runt going away?"

"He's not," Iceland said while placing the empty bottle down before continuing, "so I suggest you get used to him."

To this he gave out another annoyed sound and flew to the cupboard where his food was kept. As he did this, Hong Kong entered the room and greeted his family. Mr. Puffin glared at the sight before asking, "So when's the bastard's daddy leaving?"

Iceland never did have much in the line of patience for his pet, and several nights of bad sleep did not put him in a good mood, so he gave Aaron to his father and walked over to the bird. Once he was over by the bird he angrily said, "Like with Aaron, Hong Kong isn't going anywhere. And I don't want to hear you call either of them any more names got it?"

The bird simply continued to silently glare at his master until Iceland asked him if he understood again. At last the bird said before flying off to a different room, "Ya, ya I get it."

With Mr. Puffin gone, Iceland returned to his family and asked aloud why his pet was acting like that. To this Hong Kong smiled and said, "He's probably, like, jealous. Remember how he acted when I first came here?"

Iceland nodded to this and began to subconsciously play with his son's little hairs while watching him fall asleep. Later that day, they had several people come over to talk with them; mainly just their families. By the time that they were ready to leave, it was the afternoon and Aaron had just been set down for his afternoon nap. Due to this, the two of them decided to walk their guest out.

Once the visitors were gone, they re-entered their house and tried to be quiet. The house was quiet for several minutes until they heard a crash from the nursery followed by both Mr. Puffin's squawking and Aaron's cries. The two of them rushed to the nursery to find that the mobile hung over the crib had broken; leaving Aaron surrounded by plastic and several bits of broken glass.

When Hong Kong saw this, he instantly went to pick his son out of the crib and looked him over for any signs of harm. He could not see any however, so simply assumed that the whole ordeal had scared him. Iceland also looked over his son before going over to his pet bird and asking, "What happened?"

"I was just trying to get a better look. How was I supposed to know that that hanging thing would fall," Mr. Puffin said in his defense. Iceland however was obviously not amused with that answer.

"You could have hurt him," Iceland said to the bird.

"Geez, it was just an accident. What happened to you? You were a bit of a hard ass before the kid, but now you're even worse," Mr. Puffin said while bristling his feathers. Iceland simply glared at the bird for another moment before walking away from him to try to help Hong Kong quiet their son.

It was not until after Aaron had fallen asleep again that Iceland finally responded to Mr. Puffin. He did so by saying, "Sorry you feel that way, but if you're going to keep being upset about Aaron then I will continue yelling at you. Because of that, I don't want you being alone with him."

Mr. Puffin gave out a sound of both annoyance and sadness before flying off to his nest. There he stayed until it was the evening and Hong Kong offered the bird some food.

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