Here is my gift to MermaidGirl34 for winning third place in my flinx contest ;) I hope you all enjoy

"Kid Flash!"

"Yes Jinxie?"

"Where the hell did my towel go!"

"I don't know slow poke? Isn't in the bathroom where you left it"

"This is not the time for games speed bump! Now give me my fuckin towel!"

"Such course words for a hero"

"Like you should talk! What kind of hero steals a girl's towel while she's in the shower?"

"The kind you can't keep your hands off of"

"As if I'd ever want to touch you West"

"Oh right, little miss innocent is afraid of boys"

"The last thing I am is innocent West"

"What does that mean Jinxie?"

"It means I'm not prude who's afraid to get dirty"

"Well know wonder you need a shower then"

"Just give me my damn towel"

"If you're so innocent, what's so bad about giving me a little show?"

"Just because I'm not a virgin doesn't mean I'd dirty myself with you West!"

"Whatever you say Jinxie"

"My name in not Jinxie!"

"And my names not West"

"Don't make me say it"

"Come on, you know you find my name irresistible to the tongue. Along with other things…"

"Get your mind out of the gutter West"

"Why don't you get into the gutter with me Jinxie"

"Go play in traffic"

"Get stuck in a tree"

"I'm not a cat West!"

"You sure hiss like one…"


"I wonder if you purr like one too"

"Not like you'll ever find out"

"Is that a challenge?"

"Give me my damn towel!"

"Say my name first"

"Over my dead body West"

"I prefer my girl's bodies alive"

"I'm sure you do"

"You want your towel?"

"Is it hard acting this stupid, or does it just come naturally"

"You want the towel? Say my name!"

"Kid Flash!"

"Not that name sweetheart"


"Wrong again"


"What was that? I didn't quiet catch that"


"One more time, a little louder please"


"There, was that all hard"

"Fuck you!"

"Every night if you want"

"Give me my towel! I told said your damn name!"

"I don't know, you kind of said my name with a snarl… As sexy as that is, a purr would be nicer"

"Go to hell"

"Only if you'll come with me"

"When hell freezes over"

"If you were there I think it might"

"Give me the damn towel!"

"Okay okay jeeze… Don't get your sexy black thong in a twist"

"Stay out of my room you freak"

"Only a freak in bed slow poke"

"Where is that-"

"Here god! Stop screaming before Japan wakes up"

"I hate you"

"I love you. And at our age, it's the same thing"


"Nice to see you out of the shower"

I would have been out sooner if you just handed over the towel"

"I gave it to you didn't I?'

"Whatever West"

"It's Wally remember?"

"Not in this lifetime"

"How about tonight?"

"You are the most intolerable scum of hero I have ever had the displeasure of knowing!"

"I think you lost a little something during you rant… Need another towel"

"Fuck you West"

Okay… That was weird, unwanted, and totally fun to write!

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