It was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set. Sonic had come to check on Sir Speedy Speedster of Speedington (dubbed Speedz for short), the Chao he'd been raising in his spare time outside of the trial brawls. But he had been met instead with a sight so shocking he'd been standing by the entrance for a minute just... staring.

There was tall Hyrule guy, Link, slouched against a palm tree asleep and surrounded by - no, absolutely COVERED in all things blue and soft. Or at least, all of the Chao in the garden, and was that... Sonic had to squint to believe it - was that Lucario curled up against him, asleep and content and - purring?

Sonic glanced around himself subconsciously, wondering if anyone else was around and why he felt as though he'd stepped in on something private. It wasn't private though; the garden was... it was a public place! And it, well, okay, didn't really seem like there was anything going on around here aside from a whole lotta sleeping. Sonic couldn't help but stare though, and gasped as he noticed the mon's paw slung across Link's stomach like a protective wife. And the Chao were... the Chao were dead to the world, sprawled over Lucario, over Link, on his head, on Lucario's head. Sonic's own little Speedz was nestled snugly in the middle of them, and the hedgehog found himself at a speechless loss for what to do with himself.

Man, if Mario was filming this again, Sonic was going to KILL him.

Very tentatively, with the caution and reflexes of a hedgehog who had been caught out by the plumber's pranks before, Sonic edged into the garden on his toes, stepping around the pile of fluff in a wide, wide circle. He gathered a few nuts and fruits he knew Speedz would like and, after debating whether or not to get a little closer for a full minute, Sonic then edged over to the happy sleepy snugglepile to deposit the food.

Being closer allowed him a better look in at them all, which was both nerve-wracking and inviting though he didn't want to admit it. Sonic had to wonder whether there was some kind of catnip going around for blue things, and whether or not Link was the dealer of said catnip. Because if there was, he wanted in on it.

Fighting himself on what to do, Sonic looked sharply over his shoulders as if checking for predators. Slowly... slowly... he analysed the area. No sign of any cameras, no muffled giggles coming from the shrubs or behind the waterfall.

Assessing that it was safe, Sonic inched closer and closer, and as carefully as he could, settled in on Link's other side for a comfy afternoon doze.

Hey, if anyone called him on this, he'd just blame it on the catnip. And with that relaxing thought, Sonic joined the blue pile and drifted off to sleep.