25. Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Although it might be weird for you to one day read this letter from Mommy and Daddy, this is the way we have learned to communicate our deepest thoughts and wishes with each other. One day in the future we hope you will have the same habit as we do, and share your thoughts and wishes with us the same way. Until then, this is the only letter you will receive.
We love you either way, baby girl. We just thought you would like the option to know about this. No one else knows.


Mom & Dad.

Well, that's all she wrote on this one. Sorry for the long wait, but my husband has started a new work schedule which means I have to fight for some time on the laptop.

If you hadn't gathered it yet, I'll explain the law again.

In Pennsylvania, no matter where you are or who you are, you are allowed to use deadly force when you encounter a sexual assault. Obviously against the assaulter, not the victim.

Personally, I think this is an awesome law. And it inspired this little story.

Hope you enjoyed.