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Summary: Sonny Pond was an average 5-year-old that just wanted a new friend. After playing the cursed game, Sonic R, the Tails Doll showed up to kill her. However, he did not expect to be her new playmate. From this torture, he finally comes up with a plan of revenge. If this girl can annoy him, maybe she can take down Sonic…


Prologue-How it Began

For Mathew Pond, nothing was more exciting to him then teasing his younger sister. Mind you, most older siblings loved doing this, probably to let off steam or something.

Anyway, Mathew was the type of person that was average in school, had some friends and liked to spend his days off of work doing art.

But as I mentioned before, he loved teasing his sister more.

His sister, five-years old Sonny Pond, was the carefree type. Having to be constantly watched because of the amount of trouble she got into, she was one hell of a child to raise.

But her parents were happy because you know what they say: "Children that misbehave as kids turn out to be easier to manage as teenagers."

Which brings us to this point of time.

"Give it back!" The little blonde haired girl whined, trying to reach up to the item her brother was clutching.

"You're going to have to try harder then that. Don't you want Mr Huggles back?" The older black-haired boy responded, a teasing smirk on his face.

In his hand was a brown teddy bear that looked as if had been beaten to a pulp. A worn out blue ribbon was tied around it's neck.

The girl tried desperately to reach the teddy but it was no use, her brother was way taller then her. The blue-eyes girl felt tears start to fall down her face and soon she let out a big wail, which made her brother freeze.


Mathew cursed to himself silently, he really did not want to get grounded by his mother again. Dropping the teddy into his still crying sister's arms, he headed to the kitchen to think of an alibi.

As soon as he was gone, Sonny stopped crying and hugged her teddy closer. "I'm glad you're okay Mr Huggles! Lets go play tea party now!"

And off the five-year old went, happily babbling about inviting more people to the tea party.

So that's what it's basically like in the Pond house-Mathew bullies Sonny, Sonny is optimistic about her teddy bear and their mother easily gets angry.

But I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear their life story, no, I know what you are here for.

You want to know about him. How in his highest peak in power he was brought down by a little girl. Well I'll tell you what happened, it all started on that night….

Sonny stood in the doorway of her brother's room, watching him talk through his microphone to his friends while he played a game on his computer. She shuffled her feet before deciding to go ahead and ask him.

"Big brother…" She asked, grabbing his attention.

"Just be a sec guys, my sister wants me." He muttered into the microphone before moving it away from his mouth.

"What do you want Sonny? I'm busy." He asked her, looking annoyed. Playing games is hardly being busy but who am I to judge?

"Can you play with me?" She begged, a smile on her face.

"Not right now."

She looked down in disappointment making her brother shake his head. He stood up from his chair before going over to his game piles and digging through it.

He pulled out a case before grabbing her hand and dragging her to her room. There was a Playstation 2 set up in there, for when either Mathew or their mother wanted to keep her distracted. Although she was five, she still found it fun to press the buttons.

Though most of the time her character's ended up dying.

He turned the game station on before plopping the disk in and handing the game controller to her.

"Here, play this game. It's called Sonic Gems Collection and there are plenty of games to choose from." He said and was about to go when a smirk curled onto his face.

"Oh, but you'd better stay away from Sonic R." He said casually, grabbing Sonny's attention.


He snickered before making his face appear serious, "you mean you've never heard of the Tails Doll curse?" To add to effect, he even let out a small fake gasp loose.

"No," she muttered, wondering what the big deal was.

He leaned closer to her and looked around for effect, "well supposedly if you do three certain things, a doll version of Tails will come out…"

He then moved even closer.

"…AND EAT YOUR FACE!" He yelled, smiling when Sonny screamed in fright.

"I don't want Tails Doll to eat my face!" She whimpered, grabbing Mr Huggles from her bed and squeezing the teddy.

He then leaned back from her, putting on a thoughtful face, "well as I've said there are only three ways of getting him to come after you."

"What are they?" She asked, wanting to know how she could avoid this terrible fate.

"Well the first way is to complete the game 100%. The second way is to tag Super Sonic as Tails Doll. The last way is to go into a bathroom or attic. Lock the door and turn the light off. Then play either 'Can you feel the sunshine' or 'Livin in the City' backwards. If a red light appears in the mirror, then he'll come."

Sonny tried to remember what he said in her head before suddenly looking at her brother in doubt.

"Are you telling the truth? Mommy said that you like to lie a lot and lying is bad!"

Mathew snorted, "oh it's real alright. Don't you remember that news report about those twelve kids being killed along with the two police officers in charge of the investigation? They said it was the little girl that killed them all but that was a lie. They never did find the killer.*"

He then left the room laughing while Sonny shook in fright. She then smiled at her teddy bear. "We don't have to play that silly game! There are other games too!"

So with that thought in mind, Sonny chose one of the first games listed and began to try and play it. She picked the one that said 'Sonic Fighters' and decided to play as the pink hedgehog.

Although it was hard getting past the first fighter, she enjoyed whacking the first fighter with the hammer.

Eventually she was called down to tea and learned that her brother had gone out to hang with his friends.

"After tea you need to brush your teeth and go to bed." Her mother, Eliza, said while cleaning away her plate.

Sonny pouted, making a face when she saw she still had some vegetables to eat. "B-but I'm not tired! Can't I play on the game a little longer?"

Eliza looked at her daughter sternly before sighing. "Fine, you get an hour to play but no longer then that. I don't want you staying up late."

Sonny nodded before quickly excusing herself from the table, running up the stairs to her room. Eliza shook her bead before looking at the food Sonny left behind.

"Why do both my kids always leave the broccoli left?"

Upstairs with Sonny, she was having a hard time choosing which game to play.

Glancing at the small clock in her room, it read 7:00pm and from what her mother taught her, when it says 8:00pm that means she has to go to bed.

It was then that the game her brother had warned her off caught her attention. She'd never complete the game in the time she had but it looked so fun.

Clicking on that game, she hummed to herself, climbing off from her soft blue carpet and onto her pink-covered bed. She patted Mr Huggles, who she brought up with her and smiled when she saw that the game had loaded.

It was then she discovered that her brother had made a save file and decided to play on that one. On it, she saw all the characters had been unlocked. There was Sonic, the blue hedgehog that was really fast, Knuckles, the red animal (she didn't know what he was), Amy, the cute pink hedgehog, Tails, the adorable two-tailed fox and Dr Robotnik, the meanie.

There were also some other characters she didn't recognize, like the two robots that looked like Sonic and Knuckles. Or the ditzy looking robot that was shaped as an egg.

But the last one caught her eye.

It was a doll version of Tails with big black beady eyes and a red gem on it's head. Sonny thought it was adorable and decided to play as it.

After that she decided to play on the level with the pretty lights and the nice music. She found it funny that the doll floated while the others ran. She also decided to pick up the rings that were around.

After managing to get into lap 2, she saw that she was in last. She tried harder and then noticed that as she approached one of the gates that were locked, it opened! She went through it and saw a gem in and quickly got it. After exiting the gate, she was in first!

In the end she managed to finish first and get the gem as a prize. It was then that she was told to turn off the game and brush her teeth. After doing that, her mother helped her dress in her yellow Pjs with teddy bears on them and tucked her in.

"Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. If they bite, bite them back." Eliza whispered before turning off the light and closing the door.

Sonny pulled Mr Huggles closer to her before drifting off to sleep. If she had remembered the game she just played, she would have realized that she just completed the game. Her brother was missing the last emerald after all.

All was silent in the room but then it was ruined by the sound of the TV suddenly flickering on. The screen showed the Sonic R menu, the game having been left on by accident when Sonny was too busy getting ready for bed.

It seemed normal at first, but then suddenly the screen started to blur and then it looked as if it was being stretched out. Materializing from the screen was a fox-shaped being. It had two tails and had sown on shoes and gloves. It also had a big nose, beady eyes and three hair pieces stitched on. The most noticeable thing about it was the large gem protruding from the top of it's head.

In other words, it was the Tails Doll.

Now as most of you know, or some of you at least, the Tails Doll appearing here is a bad thing. Most of you think he's a crazed psycho doll but the truth is that he actually is not crazy.

He just has a job, which is killing those people who do either of the three bad things, which was already explained above. Other then that, he can be pleasant, when he doesn't freak people out.

So after climbing out the TV, Tails Doll dusted himself which was hard because his hands were literally designed shaped like circles. He then glanced around the room in interest.

The walls were a shade of lavender, which did not match the blue carpet at all. The TV he came from was small with a Playstation 2 beside it. The TV was on a small wardrobe with some of the clothes falling out of it. Toys were scattered around the room, mostly surrounding a pink toy box. And then there was the bed with his soon to be next victim.

"Hmm, so it's a little girl this time," he muttered to himself. When most people hear his voice, it sounds disoriented, but he only does that for fun or to scare people, possibly both at the same time.

But you know what's more scarier? The fact that his mouth just came out of nowhere!

He had a trick for that.

He floated over to the girl and then took a deep breath. He then clapped his hands together and the song 'Can you feel the Sunshine' started to play. He waited anxiously for the girl to wake up but she just snuggled closer to her teddy.

I know what you are all thinking, he can just kill her there and then, but he liked his victims awake when he kills them.

He then started making banging noises.



Tails Doll twitched, not even the girl's noisy family woke her up.

He resorted to shaking her awake.

"Huh?" The girl opened her eyes tiredly, wondering what woke her up.

Tails Doll grinned in anticipation. Waiting for the screams at seeing him. But when her eyes landed on the doll, instead of looking frightened she actually smiled!

"Oh wow! The pretty dolly from the game is real! Yay!"

Tails Doll twitched, should he be angry at being called a dolly or confused on why the child wasn't screaming in fright.

He decided to go with the first option.

"Listen kid, I'm an immortal killer doll! Not a dolly! My name is the Tails Doll and I've come to kill you!" He hissed to which the child responded by blinking.

"Eh? But mommy said killing is bad!" The girl responded.

The doll slapped himself in the face, "I don't care what your mommy said! Now, do you want the quick kill way or the painful way? My job description says that people under six get a choice."

Sonny had no idea what he just said but she knew one thing, there was a cute adorable floating doll and she wanted to hug it.

Poor Tails Doll, he didn't know what was coming when the girl suddenly shot up, latched onto him and pulled him on to the bed with her. She then hugged him closer, trapping his arms.

"What the heck?! Release me child!"

"No, I'm tired. We can play tomorrow. Hey, where did that music come from?"

Before he could retaliate, the girl suddenly fell asleep, making all conversation cease.

"Well shit. I came here to kill her and now I'm trapped. They did not put this in the Manuel-how to handle a five year old with a death grip."

He struggled to get out of her arms, but it was like she was built to restrain him. He had never had trouble with people like this before and soon he grew tired.

"Aw screw it, I'll kill her in the morning. Right after I get my coffee."

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