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The Knight Of Blood


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One Hell Of A Ninja


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Chapter One-Dress-up Time!

It was a bright Sunday morning when Sonny woke up. She noticed that she had something in her grip and at first thought it was Mr Huggles. Of course that changed when she suddenly heard a muffled voice.

"Mmph! Mmph mmph!"

Glancing down, instead of seeing her worn-out teddy bear, she saw the Tails Doll. Immediately a bright grin curled onto her face as she pulled the doll up to face level. The doll grumbled, looking as if he was having a migraine.

"I need coffee before I kill someone."

If it was possible her grin got wider. To think she had such a cute doll in her grasp. But what did he mean by killing someone he needed coffee?

'Oh, maybe he just wants a drink before playing!'

"I'll get you a drink Mr…? Oopsie, I forgot your name!" She giggled, getting a glare from the doll that was still trapped in her grasp.

"Seriously? You forgot my name? It's Tails Doll!"

She made an 'oh' sound, having already forgotten about the scary story her brother told her the day before. Climbing out of bed, she made her way out of her room and headed downstairs.

The smell of bacon and eggs caught the young girl's attention and Tails Doll was astounded when suddenly he was rushed all the way to the kitchen.

'Damn that child is fast…'

Eliza, humming a tune, was over by the oven cooking breakfast. Today she had her hair in a bun while dressed in a plan shirt with jeans and an apron.

She shook her head when she saw her daughter already sat at the table. "Sonny, you know the rules, you're supposed to get dressed before coming down for breakfast."

Sonny pouted before giggling sheepishly. "Sorry mommy. But look what I found, Tails Doll!"

As soon as Tails Doll guessed her intentions, he quickly went still and pretended to be a real doll. He did this as soon as Eliza went to have a look at him.

She took the doll from her daughter's hand and gazed at it curiously. 'Where did she get this from? I don't remember buying it for her…unless Mathew did! Aw, he's finally being a big brother!'

The only thing Sonny and Tails Doll saw was Eliza squealing. Tails Doll wanted to get away from the crazy woman but knew it would be a real problem if the mother saw him move.

Another rule was that he could only kill people if they either saw the curse being activated (basically watch Sonic R) or investigating the crime scene if he's still there.

'I could have killed her already if that child had not grabbed me!'

"Well you take care of this doll, okay Sonny. Don't want a repeat of the scissors incident."

'Scissors incident?!' Tails Doll thought frantically while being pushed back into Sonny's arms.

Sonny nodded, hugging the Tails Doll. "Okay mommy. Tails Doll said he wanted coffee."

Eliza chuckled at her daughter's imagination before glancing at her now cold coffee. 'It couldn't help to indulge her.'

She picked up the mug and gave it to Sonny, "I'll give Tails Doll the coffee if you go and get dressed."

Sonny cheered before rushing back upstairs. She placed the doll on the bed and quickly opened her toy chest before pulling out a folded table. Unfolding it, Tails Doll could see that it was a bright blue colour with pink flower patterns.

She grabbed some plastic chairs as well, which matched the table, and then grabbed some of her teddies and placed them in three of the five seats. She then turned back to Tails Doll and placed him in a chair and put the coffee, which she had put on her bedside table, in front of him.

"Enjoy your coffee with my friends Tails Doll! I'm going to get dressed and have breakfast!" With that said, Sonny rushed to her wardrobe, grabbed some clothes and left to the bathroom.

Meanwhile Tails Doll sighed out in relief as soon as she was gone. He picked up the coffee and took a gulp before shuddering. "Parents, think it's better to give cold coffee to kids! Don't they realize I like it warm?!"

He swished his left arm, his right arm holding the cup (how he does it we'll never know), and suddenly the once cold coffee was now hot. He tuck another gulp and sighed in relief.

"That's better. Hmm, I'll kill that girl at night, the sun is really nice right now! I can actually feel it!"

It was a known fact that the majority of Tail Doll's victims always died at night. He spent his days mostly sun watching (which he found better then cloud watching or star gazing.)

His enjoyment was ruined when Sonny pounced back into the room. She was now dressed in white long sleeved shirt with a black dress over it. Her hair was tied up with a bow.

But that wasn't what grabbed the Doll's attention, no it was the thing in her hands. In her hands was a puffy pink sparkly dress, with frills on the ends.

"Look Tails Doll, I found something for you to wear! Mrs Pudding didn't mind giving it up for you." Sonny said, approaching the now turning pale doll.

"I don't want it." He replied.

"Don't be shy, you'll look amazing!"

He was about to reply when suddenly he found himself in Sonny's grasp once again.

'Holy shit she's fast, oh great she's the type of child that has too much energy in them.'

The next thing poor Tails Doll knows is that he's being forced into the dress. And to make things worse, Sonny had also brought some sticky tape with her. She wrapped it around the dress saying that it wouldn't slide off him.

Nor would it come off if he tried to pull it off.

"Wow, you look amazing! Doesn't he Mr Huggles?" She asked, turning her attention to the bear who was made to look like he was having tea. "Hmm, you're right Mr Huggles, I'll go and get the finishing piece!"

She once again ran out the room while Tails Doll glared at the stuffed toy. "What did you tell her?! Oh dear lord…I'm talking to an inanimate object!"

He flopped back into his seat and pouted. "I haven't been this embarrassed since that day."

"That day"-

It was a cold rainy day in Radical City as the next race was about to begin. Tails Doll, who had recently been made, looked around in awe and excitement.

"This is the day that I'll show Dr Robotnik how amazing I am!" He declared, enamoured by the casino like area.

Glancing over to his opponent, he felt himself sweat a little. Because he was racing none other then Sonic the hedgehog.

Tails Doll knew he had to be fast, because watching him run through Resort Island was enough to see how fast the spiky blue hedgehog was.

"You'd better not mess this up," he heard his creator growl.

Before any response could be said, the race began and Sonic was already zooming off. Tails Doll began floating and soon followed after. He kept repeating to himself that all he had to do was follow the race course and he may be lucky to over take Sonic.

However what Tails Doll was unaware of was the fact that you were allowed to take shortcuts, which Sonic happened to be doing. It got really embarrassing when Sonic passed him, already on the second lap when Tails Doll had just discovered that you could use shortcuts.

He lost before even starting the second lap. His 'comrades' laughed while his creator blew a casket.

After that, Tails Doll was thrown away and was never mentioned again. Until Tails Doll became who he is, but that's a tale for another day.

"Man, I'd put up with that embarrassment again rather then wear a dress. At least it can't get any worse, she is only five after all." The killer doll mumbled before suddenly getting a bad feeling.

"Oh Tails Doll! I found some make-up for you to wear!"

"Oh dear lord."

A Few Hours later, after Sonny had gone to bed-

Tails Doll wanted to cry there and then. He was tied to a chair, with the sparkly pink dress and red lipstick splattered on his face. Turning his stuffed round hands into claws, he cut himself free. At the same time, he also cut the dress off and then furiously wiped his face.

He glowered at the sleeping girl before comically wailing. "She's a terror! She could probably torture…anyone."

A dark smirk crawled onto the doll's face. "Including…Sonic the Hedgehog hehehehehehehe." With that said, Tails Doll turned to the TV and floated back inside it.

Sonny slept on peacefully, unaware of what was going to happen.

Meanwhile, in Green Hill Zone-

It was a lovely bright day in Green Hill Zone. The peace was only ruined by a rushing blue wind, which almost blew the Flickies away.

The one causing the commotion was a recently turned sixteen-years-old blue hedgehog. Wearing only a pair of white gloves and red shoes with a white line and gold buckle. Emerald green eyes twinkled in excitement as a smirk curled onto the male hedgehog's face.

Then again this was Sonic the hedgehog, who practically lived for running so it wasn't a surprise that he'd be blasting his way through Green Hill zone.

About a week ago his latest adventure had ended. It was actually an odd feeling to be seeing his younger self but it was fun to beat up two Eggmans (well Robotnik and Eggman but meh).

But now that all had quieted down he just felt good running on his own for a while.

Well he did until he felt himself crash into something soft.

"Agh, stupid hedgehog! I know you're fast but it doesn't give you the excuse to run into me."

Sonic felt himself freeze when he gazed into the blank eyes of Tails Doll. His expression then turned to one of wary. "What do you want creepy doll?"

Tails Doll grinned, blood-stained teeth glittering.

"What I want…is you."

For the fastest thing alive, he sure was slow when he felt himself being grabbed by the doll. He then noticed that the ground had disappeared and let out a yelp when he went falling down.

Tails Doll floated down with him, giggling. "Revenge~ Revenge~ Oh sweet revenge~ Now you're going to have to deal with that monster~ And as soon as you are dealt with, I can go in for the kill!"

Sonic had no idea what the doll was talking about and although he was a little worried about finding out the doll's revenge, he was more excited at the prospect of adventure.

The ground came all too soon, but what was odd was that instead of falling straight down, he fell down sideways.

Groaning, he picked himself up from the oddly soft floor and looked around. He appeared to be in a bedroom, fit for a little kid. It also seemed he had fallen out of the TV, Tails Doll's known way of travelling.

The last thing he noticed was a little blonde haired girl, who was asleep. He was terribly confused on what was going on.

Tails Doll floated next to him and giggled.


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