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Anything You Can Do

Sadie woke up and stretched. She looked out the window and smiled. It was good to be back home in Malibu. She looked happily at Kala sleeping on the floor and got up to go wake her dad.

It was definitely early, but she didn't care. It was a special day for her.

She quickly found the card she'd made and ran up to his room quietly. She snuck in and found his room was tinted so she really couldn't see.

But she could definitely hear something and it wasn't snoring.

She cocked her head to the side and got closer.

She had no clue what she was hearing. Her dad was grunting and someone was with him, grunting as well. It sounded like they were having a marathon. She finally got to the side of the bed and noticed her dad and Pepper under the blankets making out and doing something else. Feeling curious, she lifted the sheets and her eyes widened.

"Oh God, Tony!" Pepper panted.

"Damn straight." He grunted, and kissed her.

Sadie continued to stare at them in horror. They both rolled and Pepper came out on top and suddenly noticed something out of the corner of her eye and yelped, "SADIE!" she screeched and jumped a foot in the air, separating from Tony, who stared at Sadie, confused, then covered himself.

"Need something, Sade's?" he asked, panting, obviously still recovering.

She shook her head and walked out.

Pepper had her hand to her mouth and was looking extremely embarrassed and Tony was trying not to continue with Pepper as Sadie left the room.

He groaned, "We're done now aren't we?" he asked Pepper, who didn't say anything.

He got up and went to go take a cold shower.

Tony walked downstairs, fully dressed with a towel around his neck. Sadie was at the kitchen table, eating cereal and ignoring him. Pepper also came down fully dressed and sat down next to Tony at the table. Both were looking awkwardly at Sadie.

"Sadie…" Pepper started, "I know what you saw earlier was probably very upsetting and we want you to know you can ask us anything you want and that you can tell us how you're feeling."

Tony stayed silent and watched as Sadie continued to eat her cereal and ignore them. Pepper elbowed Tony in the ribs to get him to say something.

"Sade's…" he piped up, rolling his eyes heavenward asking for guidance, "I know it was awkward, but we don't want you feeling confused or anything okay."

She finally pushed her bowl away and looked at them, linking her hands together on the table top.

"I know you're still pretty young for…the talk, but…" Tony said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.

"Dad…" she said, "You do realize that I am an eight year old genius?" she asked.

He looked up a little surprised. That was the last thing he expected.

She continued, "I'm a wiz at science and math and all manner of subjects, meaning I have already done my research on this matter, ages ago in fact. I'm very aware of what goes on in a bedroom between and man and a woman and how babies are made and all that. Not to mention what Parker did to me."

Tony and Pepper looked at each other.

"Oh, Sadie, what that man did was-" Pepper said sadly, but Sadie held up her hand.

"I know. But I would very much appreciate it if next time you put a tie or a condom on the doorknob as is the appropriate method of warning me that you two are…getting it on in the bedroom." She said, "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to change, gouge my eyes out with a spoon, and be ready to celebrate one year living with my daddy." She smiled and climbed down, leaving Tony and Pepper to stare after her in shock.

"Good talk." Tony said brightly and Pepper put her head in her hands on the table.


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