Chapter 13

Sadie hated to admit it, but she was almost Halloween'd out. She'd not only had her Halloween Party, but the school Halloween party, plus another party for a kid at school, and she hadn't even gone Trick or Treat yet.

The school was even putting on a Halloween program with songs and dancing. Every class did a skit or a routine. This year, Sadie's class put on a Tim Burton show. They were singing three songs; "Remains of the Day", "This is Halloween", and the "Oogie Boogie Song". Sadie was just glad she got to be the Corpse Bride. She had to feel bad for Sean, though he probably enjoyed being Edward Scissorhands.

There were a lot of people filling the auditorium. And Sadie looked around for her Dad. Sure enough, he was sitting with Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy near the middle. Tony was trying to help Pepper set up the camera. Clint caught Sadie's eyes and winked at her.

Polly came over dressed as Sally from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

"I can't believe they made Arthur Jack Skellington." She groaned.

Sadie giggled, "Tanner's the dancing skeleton from my movie. I think Mrs. Wile is giving us all boyfriends."

They looked over and saw Carter dressed as Beetlejuice talking to Brianna dressed as Number 9 from "9".

"Katie and Heather are so lucky; they get to be Alice and the White Queen." Polly said, "I'm always the red head."

"You are a red head." Sadie laughed.

Polly shrugged, "It's called buying a wig!"

Devin was walking with Carl and Veronica towards them.

Devin was Oogie Boogie and he was smiling at Polly, "You ready to get scared during my solo?" he asked. Polly rolled her eyes.

Carl was adjusting the rather large Mad Hatter hat while Veronica was making sure her Willy Wonka costume was in check.

"I'm ready to get this over with." Carter said, "This makeup is killing me!"

They were after the second graders. The fifth graders always got the good finale, while the first graders always started the show with something cute and simple. This year they did a rendition of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". The kid playing Snoopy actually fell off the dog house while pretending to shoot and it gave everyone quite a laugh.

The second graders did the "Monster Mash" and nearly five of them had no clue what they were doing.

When it was Sadie's class's turn, she began to get butterflies. She came out and waved to her dad. She hoped she remembered her line. She only had one. The rest was singing and then doing a dance with Tanner who was singing Remains of the Day to her.

They got through "This is Halloween" without a hitch. Polly looked ready to punch Devin who was singing the "Oogie Boogie" song to her and poking her the whole time. By the end of the song, Devin got to save the day singing "What's this? Let my maiden go!"

Polly rolled her eyes and finally got her wish and shoved Devin off the stage. He milked it and pretended it was part of the show. Polly grabbed Arthurs hand and dragged him back to the chorus. Arthur was looking concerned and decided to go stand away from her for a while.

It was finally Sadie and Tanner's turn to sing "Remains of the Day". They did the performance perfectly and ended with Sadie pretending to pull a gummy worm from her eye, "Maggots! Hehehehe."

She could see her dad giving her a standing ovation and knocking the camera over in the process. She laughed and bowed with her class, finally glad it was over.

She watched backstage with the others as the fourth graders did the Thriller and the fifth graders ended with an a capella of Disney Villain songs.

All in all, the show was a hit and raised money for the school to continue with the music and art classes. Sadie found her dad after the show and jumped into his arms.

"I found the star of the show!" he said, happily.

"I am not, I had one line and I didn't even sing!" she giggled.

He shrugged, "Your dancing was superb and that line was executed brilliantly."

She laughed and hugged him.

"Hey, you're my number one fan, I'll be yours." He said.


Last time till next year and Sadie was finally relieved that Halloween was a blast, but was also glad it was almost over. She'd gone to countless slumber parties where a scary movie was watched. At Polly's, her brother and his friends ended up scaring them, getting him grounded and causing Polly to rip up his favorite comic, which also got her grounded.

But tonight was Trick or Treat night and Sadie was torn between going with Polly or going with Tanner. So Pepper made it easy on her and told her that Tony would go with her.

"I get candy, okay?" he told her as he walked out with her.

She grinned, "I'll give you 12% of it."

He rolled his eyes. It wasn't long before they caught up with Polly and her family halfway through and Tanner and Sean noticed them and joined up as well.

Tony was really starting to wish he'd made that chastity belt like Rhodey suggested. The prototype might squeeze her innards, but hey, he'd rather it do its job and malfunction where it mattered.

He had to shake his head to get the thought out of his head of an older Sadie when his phone rang. He answered it.

He was shocked to find out he was wanted to speak in Libya regarding the recent terrorism. They were hoping he could help with not only cleaner energy, but also with better defense weapons for the American Embassy. He was a little thrown off since weapons weren't really on his agenda lately, but he had been moved by the recent events overseas and he didn't want to say no.

They assured him he'd be safe and that although the terrorism falsely represented the country, the people of Libya were ashamed of what had happened and would welcome him if he came.

He finally agreed to come. They planned for a time in mid-November and said he was more than welcome to bring anyone who could benefit and family as well would be kept safe.

Sadie noticed the change in her dad as they headed home.

"Daddy, what's wrong?"

"I have to go to Libya sweetie." He said.


"They need my help with defense over there." He explained.

"Daddy, you won't get captured will you?" she asked sadly.

"Nah, not this time. Nobody has the balls to try that again." He laughed.

"Can I come?" she asked.

"No, hun."

"Please. I want to keep you safe!"

He laughed, "I thought that was my job?"

"Well, then you have to keep me safe and where you are, I'll be safe."

He had to laugh at her logic.

"Can I go, please?"

"Double no, kiddo."

"But I want to help."

"You can help me prep."

"I want to see Libya too."


She looked down, "Ali."


"Daddy worked with a professor from Libya. I want to visit him."

"Do you even know the guy?"

"He taught me physics when I was sick. He'd come over all the time and secretly teach me."

Tony was taken aback.

"He told me he lives in Tripoli and teaches there. I want to go and see him."

He sighed. It obviously meant a lot to her. He'd have to talk it over with Pepper first.

As if she knew what he was thinking she groaned, "You're telling Mom, aren't you?"

He had to get used to hearing Sadie call Pepper 'mom', but it got easier every day.

He nodded and Sadie sighed, "Why do I bother?"

"No, no. Absolutely NOT!" Pepper said. Tony had finally told Pepper that Sadie wanted to come with him to Libya.

He'd told her everything about why he was going and she was all for it, but as soon as he said the word 'Sadie' she flipped a lid.

"Pepper, she said there's a friend over there she wants to talk to, how can I say no to that?"

"Tony do you realize what's going on overseas right now? The devastation?"

"Pepper, it's just a stupid terrorist group, the people aren't like that."

"I know that but there are still terrorists there."

"Pep, she'll be with me, she'll be safe."

"Yeah, because last time you went over there you-"

He looked at her and she took a breath, "I just can't lose either of you. I can't."

He got up and put his hands on her shoulders, "You won't. We'll only be there for two days, three tops. I'll make sure she's always with me and I have the suit."

She shook her head and tears came to her eyes.

"Pepper, come on. It won't be like last time." He promised.

She finally sighed and nodded, "Okay. But promise me you will both call every single day and stay SAFE!"

He smiled, "Will that be all Miss Potts?"

She grinned, "Thank you Mr. Stark, yes."


Sadie was sitting on the desk, her shirt off. Her dad was finishing something.

"What exactly are you doing?" she asked.

"It's a tracking device. It will stay active in your chest piece. I'm putting one in mine as well. SHIELD will be able to keep tabs on us."

He finally finished it and gently twisted her chest piece. She breathed a little heavily but he was able to install the device quickly and get it uploaded. He put her chest piece back in and she breathed easier as she put her shirt back on.

He did the same with his and finally looked at her.

"Daddy…nothing's gonna happen, right?" she asked.

He smiled, "Not this time." He hoped.