Author's Note - Hey, this is my first fic... sadly enough... but don't be TOO harsh...


Title: Changed by an Angel

Chapter: 1

Author: Ashlee Angel


Summary: 17 year old Serena Terrin is... well... to put it simply, a nerd (by choice). But when

Darien (your typical every day angel) gets Serena as his next assignment, life becomes more than

just a box of chocolates...

Disclaimer - Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi..... And frankly, I'm not Naoko Takeuchi

*.:.*.:.*.:.*.:.* Chapter 1 *.:.*.:.*.:.*.:.*

* Serena's POV *

Oh great, first day of school . . . *Woohoo!* I get a free trip to Hell! What fun....

Okay fine, it isn't THAT bad, but close enough. I walked over to my closet and threw it open in... rage? I wasn't really angry, but I wasn't exactly the happy face stuck on the Walmart price tags.

I had enough clothes to never repeat an outfit for the rest of my life. I don't know why, I just do. All designer clothes that (maybe) I'll someday wear.

Looking around, I had the sudden urge to laugh. I mean these are definitely not things the school geek would wear, much as look at. But everyone would probably laugh if I wore anything like this to school. Heck, I'd even laugh at myself for trying to fit in.

There's just NO way I'd wear any of these, in public anyway.

I stepped over to my dresser and started going through my drawers. After flipping through the heap of clothes, I finally found what I was looking for - a faded pair of baggy overalls that only went down to my ankles. Along with an ugly - not to mention hideous - baggy green shirt. Reaching in my back pocket, I found my fake glasses. Huge orange frames and thick enough glass to make everything look like something reflected from a spoon. Hey, at least it matches the overalls.

I don't even need them, but they hide my eyes and I guess it helps my confidence. My older brother Sammy always said that I have pretty eyes. . . .

Yeah right! Like in what lifetime?!

I sat down in front of my mirror and put my silvery-blonde hair in a tight bun, so no one would know how long my hair really was. And trust me, it is NOT easy to put up. I'd wear a hat if I could, but . . . school policies. . . .

Standing up, I check my reflection one more time. Staring back at me wasn't Serena, but the social pariah of Angel Grove High. Perfect. It's not like I want to dress like this. I have to. It's expected of me. I'm sort of disgusted with myself for caring what anyone else thought . . . but who doesn't?

I tried to get rid of any doubt of dressing like an undesirable misfit.

But my eyes kept roaming over rows and rows of makeup lined neatly on my dresser. It's not like I don't know how to put it on . . . but....'No, no, no, no, NO! Don't even think about touching that makeup!' I instructed myself harshly. Jeez, I don't even listen to myself. . . .

Sighing audibly, I went back over to my bed and sat down, letting myself relax before I had to face the school. 'Why me? Why is it always me? Please, help me . . . anyone.'

I closed my eyes and wondered if anyone was actually listening. I sort of have a habit of praying to angels, even if they're not there. Not that I'd actually tell anyone, they'd just think I was insane. But as crazy as it may sound, praying does help my usual moody self.

Checking my watch, I realized that I had better get to school before I'm late. Actually, I'm far from being late, but I like getting there early so I can watch people arrive, instead of people watching me arrive. After all these years, their peculiar glances still make me uncomfortable.

Sighing aloud-I've been doing that a lot lately-I got up and prepared myself for another year of misery.

* At school (Serena's POV) *

After getting my schedule, I walked over to my assigned locker. Angel Grove High¡¯s a really rich school, so people were already saying things about me.

"Ugh!. . . Look at her. What a waste!"

"She's so ugly, no wonder she's an outcast."

"Does she even shave her legs?"

"Talk about disgusting. What did she do, go roll in the garbage?"

"Like oh my God, she's polluting my air!"

I try and block out what they're saying and focus on opening up my locker. But it's not like I haven't heard these things before, I've heard worse . . . much worse.

'Inhale . . . exhale . . . inhale . . . exhale.' I recite to myself. Taking deep breaths has always helped calm myself so I don't lose my cool (not that I have any).

Trust me though, if I wanted to beat someone up, I would. And it's not like I couldn't, my parents made me take karate lessons since I was five. Self defense comes in handy once in a while.

After gathering the right books, I realized that they're not talking about me anymore. 'Thank God.' Walking down the hall, keeping my eyes to the floor, I start to catch bits and pieces of what they're saying.

"Did you see the new guy? He is sooo hot."

"I heard he transferred here from Florida."

"Darien Shields . . . I've heard that name somewhere. . . ."

"And he's SINGLE!!"

"He has GOT to be a model."

"Oh my God, I walked past him this morning, and he winked at me!!!"

Hmm . . . so there's a new guy. Oh well, who cares. It's not like he'd actually pay any attention to me and he's probably just like all the other guys.

A lying, worthless, heartbreaking piece of trash.


* Darien's POV *

I had just received a message two days ago that I was going to get my next assignment. Serena Terrin. Apparently, she has such a low self-esteem that she disguises herself as a nerd, even though her father's one of the richest people in America.

This is going to be one weird case.

And my job is to change Serena into the person she really is. In other words, uncovering the real Serena. Not going to be easy . . . But since I've been helping people all my life, it won't be so bad. I've always loved what I do . . . But just like everything, there are rules that I must follow.

1) Can't let them find out who I really am. (Not that they'd believe me.)

2) Can't use my powers to manipulate their minds in any way. (Don't ask.)

3) Can't fall in love with them. (Least of my worries.)

4) I have to be finished by a certain time.

I've always hated number four.

When I first started my assignments, I was given a crystal dome with a red rose inside. Each rose has twelve petals. I must finish my task before the last petal falls. And a new rose always appears when I'm on a new mission. Though this was never a problem, because I always finished by either the sixth or seventh petal.

Now back to my current objective. I enrolled myself in her school so I could do my assignment. Apparently, Angel Grove is a really rich school. It's almost ironic that her school's name suits me perfectly. But that's not important.

Right now, I have to get to school before I'm late. It's interesting how I can just snap my fingers and a new silver convertible materializes in front of me.

Well, it never hurts to have a nice car.

* * * * *

As soon as I stepped out of my car, the female population turned to gawk at me like I had carrots stuck up my nose or something. I've gotten used to it over the years, but it's still annoying. It's not like they've never seen a guy before.

I walked past them all, but before I could even get to the main doors, people started coming up to talk to me. I shrugged them off as politely as I could and went to get my schedule. At least the people are friendly...

With a bit of help, I now have the exact same classes as Serena and got the locker next to hers. Which makes my job all the more easier. Slowly, I make my way to her locker. Just as I entered the right hallway, I spot a girl in overalls and glasses walking down the hall. Staring at her feet and biting her lips.

Yup, that's her.

First things first, I have to get her to notice me. Which won't be too hard, considering she is a girl (now would be a good time to use the looks they gave me).

But she seemed to be very interested in the floor, because she walked right past me. Not even a glance.


I stared after her, not really comprehending what I was doing at the moment. 'Haven't had a girl do that to me in a long time.' Sighing, I ran my fingers through my hair to cover up my remote shock. (Not that I was going to admit it to anyone.)

This is going to be harder than I thought. . . .

* Author's POV *

The shrill of the bell brought Serena's gaze off the floor. 'Oh great, there goes the bell, now I'm really late,' Serena thought to herself as the second bell rang. 'Since I'm already late, I might as well skip class.' It wasn't unusual for Serena to skip class, even though she's one of the smartest people in her school.

Walking back to her locker, she started talking to herself among the deserted hallway (or so she thought). "I guess everyone's right; I am a hopeless case. Never will I have any friends. I'll probably stay single for the rest of my life," she said to herself.

"At least I have my cat," laughing, she continued. "Now THAT's what I call pathetic. Why do I even bother praying every night? I feel sorry for my guardian angel. I really do. They have to put up with me. So what if I'm crazy to believe in angels?"

Serena sighed. "Heck, the angels probably gave up on me when they first laid eyes on me. Can't blame them though. God wasted a perfect life on me, but it was nice of him. It's not his fault I'm a nobody. Maybe I should act like my real self, but what's the use? I'll never be pretty or popular like Raye Chamberlin or Mina Atkinson."

She stopped. Was it just her, or did she just hear footsteps?

Turning around, she found her suspicions to be just an empty hallway. Weird. Shrugging, she continued to walk. "Hmm... I've never even been kissed before. But what guy would be stupid enough to kiss me. Not even Melvin would do that."

Serena laughed bitterly to herself. Maybe Matt would... out of pity, but Matt's Matt. So that doesn't matter. "Though I wonder what it'd be like to be kissed . . . ugh! Never mind, crush that thought! It's never going to happen¡­." Serena finished fiercely to herself. "Maybe when Cupid stops shooting arrows,¡± she added thoughtfully.

"Oh but Serena, Cupid doesn't shoot arrows," a voice cut in.


To be Continued....?