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Yugi picked up his school bag and skipped downstairs after he'd finished getting ready "Grandpa! Good morning!" he said with a cherry smile.

The old man smiled at Yugi. "Good morning Yugi, how did you sleep?" he had the paper open on the table with a cooling cup of tea beside him.

Yugi hopped up onto a chair and began to eat his breakfast "Good thanks, what you reading?" he leaned over the table to try and read upside down, he looked adorable when he did that, rather childish.

Solomon laughed "It's just an article that caught my attention" he pointed to a picture and said "Remember a few months ago they found a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings?" Yugi nodded. "The name of that Pharaoh was Yami, he was described as a great hero of ancient Egypt all over the tomb walls. They've invited me down to help translate a few bits" he commented off-topic-ly.

Yugi smiled "Good for you, I swear you know more Egyptian than Japanese sometimes" he teased around a spoonful of cereal.

Solomon lightly batted him on the head with the newspaper "Watch that tongue of yours youngster" he teased back, laughing when Yugi crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out in an attempt to literally do that. Solomon shook his head "Well, a few days ago some divers found something peculiar, a stone coffin at the bottom of the sea with a Mummy inside it"

Yugi blinked "A Mummy?"

Solomon nodded "Yes, and they found Egyptian hieroglyphics all over the inside of it, Yami's name was amongst them, it's definitely the same Yami too, his story is in that coffin to. And the name of this mysterious mummy, as far as we can tell is… Yugi"

Yugi gasped "Are you serious!" he gasped, grabbing the paper and reading it himself. "Golly" he sighed out. He frowned as he saw another name under Yami's and 'Yugi's'. "Atem" he read, clear as anything, his heart at once filled with a brief longing and a pang of sadness mixed with love.

Solomon looked up "Say something Yugi?"

Yugi jumped and looked up at the older Moto, having lost that split second ability to read the symbols. "No… Ah! I'm late!" he shouted, seeing the time, he grabbed his bag and ran out of the door "Bye Grampa!"

"Take care Yugi!" he told man called after him, smiling as he read the rest of the article.

Yugi ran around the corner and smiled when he saw his boyfriend waiting for him "Yami!" he shouted, waving, smiling so widely he shone.

Yami was leaning against the wall as he waited, looking cool and sexy, he heard Yugi's shout and looked before standing properly and accepting the running hug he was given. "Late again aibou" he teased before kissing his spiky hair. They'd been together since childhood and had started dating when they were fifteen.

Yugi panted "Sorry, I was reading the paper" they linked hands and walked along the pathway. "They've found another Mummy"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, this one's called Yugi"

There was a brief pause "Really?"

"I'm not joking, and, just like in that other tomb, both you're and my name had been carved beside each other"

Yami laughed "That's proof we're destined for each other, little one"

Yugi blushed. He leaned on Yami's shoulder.



"Does the name 'Atem' mean anything to you?"

"Atem? Mmm… maybe…"

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