So I watch the whole series of The Cape in less than 2 days. It was FANTASTIC! I loved it so much and I wanted to spread the love. That and I couldn't not write fanfics for it. It seems like whenever I watch something, there is always a fanfic that pops in my head... Anyways! There was a shocking lack of Dana/Vince on here and I thought I would remedy that! :P just teasing! Not that you can't ship Vincwell. You may have your ship, if I may have mine. :)

Oh and like all the shows I watch, I own none of them. Sadly. I really could use the money.

This is kind of a songfic based on Hazy by Rosi Golan

I watched you sleepin' quietly in my bed
You don't know this now but
There's somethings that need to be said
And it's all that I can hear
It's more than I can bear

What if I fall and hurt myself
Would you know how to fix me?
What if I went and lost myself
Would you know where to find me?
If forgot who I am
Would you please remind me?
Oh, cause without you things go hazy.

Dana rolled over in her bed and stroked the pillow next to her. Tears pricked her eyes threatening to spill out onto the sheets below. It had been four months. Four months now since the- she could even say it. It felt like it had been an eternity. She closed her eyes and let the feeling of his presence fill her aching heart.

"Vince." She breathed.

I'm here. Shh. I'm here.

She smiled letting her hand rest on the bed between them. "I knew you hadn't left me."

I'll never leave you Dana. Don't ever think that.

She chuckled the tears finally spilling out. "Things have just been so... hazy lately. I never know what to think. Sometimes I can feel you there with me and then other times it's like you've been gone forever."

I will always been there when you need me. No matter what.

"But- But what if I really need you? What if-" She laughed at herself. "What if I fall and get hurt? What if I couldn't take care of Trip?" She asked desperately.

Then I'd take you to a hospital and help fix whatever was broken. There is nothing you can break that I can't fix Dana.

She was sobbing now. It hurt too much. "What if I took a wrong turn and got lost? What if I couldn't get back?"

Then I'd search the world until I found you again. No stone unturned.

She smiled through her tears. Then she inched herself closer to the middle of the bed, never opening her eyes. She could almost feel his breath on her skin. "And- and what would you do if I said that I have no idea who I am anymore?" The sobs increased, choking her words. "What would you do if I told you that I can't see who I am without you?"

Then I'd tell you every day that you are the woman I love.

She turned her face into her pillow trying to muffle the sobs and the tears that streamed down her cheeks. Why was her imagination doing this to her? Why was she letting herself remain so attached? Why did she let this happen every night? It was tearing her to pieces.

"You're not here. I know you aren't. You're dead! You're gone and I'm still here! I can't do this! I can't do this anymore!" She whispered.

"I love you Dana. I will always love you."

Despite herself, her head snapped up to look beside her. Moonlight shone onto the sheets, glaringly pointing out that she was the only person in the room. Her head went back down into the pillow and the tears kept coming until finally she feel asleep.

Outside a cloaked figure finally turned from his watch post and vanished into the night.

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