Hi. I wrote this because of Issa-chan's Big Bro contest on deviantart.

Needless to say, the image of Ed being Sasuke's replacement older brother popped into my head XD

Since Sasuke being raised by Ed would be beneficial to the Truth, instead of taking just his arm, Truth takes Ed's arm a lifetime, sticking Ed in Konoha to raise Sasuke. If Ed does it right, he gets to go home. If he fails, he'll die off for real.

I was on Sugah Sugah High when writing this and disrespectfully refuse to be held accountable for any complete crack you find.

"My name," the strange boy says, "is Ed."

Sasuke blinks. "Edo...?" he says softly, rolling it around and around in his mind. Edo, edo edo, a strange name for a strange person.

"Is that really your name?"

"Yeah, of course," the blond says, unfazed. If the kid wanted to pronounce his name wrong, that was fine. He still hadn't mastered the language, after all. Truth crammed all the information into his head, barely giving any time for him to register it, before tossing him through the door. "And before you ask, I'm here because a bastard who thought he'd play god a bit sent me."

"A god sent you?"

"No, he just thinks he's a god. But he's not," Edo adds, "because gods are supposed to be immortal and all-powerful. He's powerful and he's immortal, but I...well, let's just say he's not ALL powerful." He sniggers a bit at this. "I managed to break that damned door of his."

Sasuke filters this bit of information through his mind- a man who was god- and looked back up at the golden-eyed boy. He looks barely thirteen- old as Itachi.

"Why did he send you?"

Why didn't God send you earlier, he wants to scream. He could've saved my family. Could've saved my clan.

"Because he's holding my little brother hostage. He wants me to be your older brother for a while, because your other brother was terrible, and-yeah." Edo shrugs, red robe rippling behind him.

The eight-year old looks up at him. He's heard stories of the gods- his mother used to tuck him in and whisper the legends. Unstoppable. Wonderful. The Sun and the Moon and the Storm.

If the gods wanted this strange, gold-eyed boy- Edo- to replace Itachi...who was he to argue? He'd call it insane, but then again, he used to think that Ita- that man- was a good person.

Perhaps he's feeling rather lightheaded today in light of the massacre.

Anything could be possible. It certainly explained how the ancient door appeared in a flash of light, then disappeared when Edo walked through.

"So what does that make you?" he wonders aloud.


So the blonde- his replacement brother- wasn't emotionless or infallible, as Itachi was.

Sasuke thinks he likes Edo already.

"So if the gods sent you, what does that mean you are? A demon? An..." he thinks for a moment, "angel?"

"I'm a...tensei, yeah."

"I think you mean tenshi."

"No, I'm pretty sure it's tensei."

"So you're a reincarnation then?"

The term seems oddly appropriate, a terrible dash of irony and tragedy that makes him want to laugh a bit, so Edo nods.

"Yeah," he says, "I'm a reincarnation. A very impure one, though."

Edo Tensei. Impure reincarnation.

He almost wants to giggle. He'd be in hysterics, and he knows it. But for now, he holds Sasuke's hand. The boy seems surprised by this action- dark eyes widening in shock- and he wants to tear this 'Itachi' to shreds already.

Edo vows to be a much better brother than Itachi ever could.

"Good, Edward Elric," Truth murmurs.

"Very good."

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