So basically Cy is teaching the Titans how to drive. Let's see the good and bads.

Cyborg was sitting in the passenger seat while Robin was in the drivers seat.

"Okay Robin. Did you read the Driver's Manual?"

Robin rolled his eyes under the mask. "I know how to drive a motorcycle. How hard could it be to drive a car?"

Cyborg placed a mechanical hand on Robin's shoulder. "Very."

Robin's hands were on the wheel. "I have my license."

"Have you ever driven a car?" Cyborg asked him in a patient way.

Robin remained silent.

Cyborg put his head in his hands. "So I see."

The he looked up. "At least this is an automatic."

Robin frowned. "I know how to drive... even a stick shift. It can't be different from the T-Ship."

The metal teenager then sighed. "Y'all better not screw up my 'baby'."

"Ugh." Boy Wonder was getting impatient. "Can I drive now?"

"Adjust your rear-view mirror. I'll do this side and you adjust your side and the front one. Make sure the front one is adjusted in a way that you can see straight out the back window."

Robin did as he was told.

Cyborg had check it over. "Good job."

"Are you gonna give me a cookie now?" Robin joked.

"Starting the car is your cookie."

Robin grinned and turned the key.

"Okay now shift into drive. You know how to do that, right?"

Robin rolled his eyes once more. "You explained the whole process to me ten times!"

Then he applied the brake and shifted into drive using the gear lever on the floor console between the two front seats.

"Now get this car rolling!" Cyborg exclaimed joyfully.

Robin's grin widened as he depressed the accelerator lightly.

He drove towards the garage door, which automatically opened.

"I'm driving. I'm driving a car." Robin turned to Cyborg. "Radio."

Cyborg sighed. "You have to learn how to drive first dude."

Robin nodded. "As soon as I get the hang of it," He took one hand of the wheel and reached into his belt. "Robin Thicke me man." He handed Cy the album.

Cy shook his head to himself. Robin is obsessed with Robin Thicke. (A/N: I don't own him...)

Robin steered to the bridge that leads off the island. Only the Titans get permission to use that bridge.

"Your doing great man." Cy complimented as soon as they hit the city.

But then he immediately regretted that.

Yes, Robin obeyed the traffic laws, but he also liked to make it before the light turned red.

"I can make this." Robin said, his tongue hanging out with concentration.

He sped up.

"Slow down!"

"I can make this!"

Robin almost hit a teenage couple that were starting to cross the street.

He rolled down the window. "It's important to watch where you are going!" He shouted.

They gave him some very interesting hand symbols.

"Watch where you're going!" Cy yelled.

Robin skidded to a stop, a foot away from an elderly woman.

He stuck his head out the the widow again. "Sorry Ma'am."

She lifted her cane. "You damn kids. Don't know how to fuc-"

Robin rolled the window back up.

Cyborg breathed out. "Please keep your eyes on the road."

The light turned green.

Robin hazardously made a right, almost running down a man.

"Lord help me." Cy moaned.

Robin then went back to driving to legal speed limits.

"Can I get the music now?"

Cy stared at him for a while before saying, "Heck no."

Robin slumped a little, still watching the road.

Then came another yellow light.

He sped up.

"Robin. Robin! There's a squirrel in the street!"

Robin swerved a little, almost hitting a car. Then he speed before the light turned red.

Cy looked back. The squirrel didn't make it.

"Rest in peace little guy. Rest in peace." He said sadly.

He turned to Robin. "Please stop trying to speed through yellow lights. It means slow down."

"But I can make it."

"That equals stupid driving and death. Stop it." Cy scolded.

Robin frowned. "I'll stop. Now can I get the Robin Thicke?"

Cy opened the album 'Love After War' album and put the CD in.

"Play track 5." Robin said, still concentrating on the road.

Cy shrugged and played the track.

"Man, you're obsessed." Cy muttered.

"Love after war. Love after war. Love aaaaafter waaaar." Robin sang off-key.

Cy shook his head again. "Let's drive home."

Robin made a dangerous U-Turn, almost hitting a woman and her dog, all while singing.

"I didn't say to make a U-Turn!" Cy shouted.

"You gotta go or I'm gonna leave!" Robin sang, looking at the road.

At least he didn't try to speed through anymore lights.

He was about to make that left to the bridge, which scared the crap out of Cy.

He had to cross a very wide street which was about 3 lanes going in the other direction.

"Oh my god. Robin please take this easy."

Robin continued singing as he made the turn, scraping the T-Car against a railing, trying to not hit a family of four.

"Dang! My Baby!" Cy was about to cry.

They drove all the way back to the garage, Cy sniffling and Robin singing the whole time.

Robin stopped the car, popping his CD out.

Then he turned to Cy. "I think I did good."

Cy looked at him. "My T-Car is screwed up."

Robin through his hands up. "The people in Jump are kind of stupid."

"Yeah, they're the stupid ones." Cy deadpanned.

Robin frowned. "Bye."

He opened the door and stepped out.

Robin's a very serous boy, but give him some Robin Thicke and he loses it.

Cy threw his head back. "Note to self: No more Robin Thicke albums for Christmas."

Who's next? You guys choose.