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Raven was forced by Beast Boy to teach his friend 'Tara' and the other titans didn't mind... Even Robin, who never trusts anyone right away.

Raven didn't want to for two reasons:

Why should she trust Tara- who she knows is Terra.

This is Beast Boy's ex romantic interest...

Beast Boy is hers now.

Raven looked at her.

"I can't believe a titan is teaching me how to drive!" The blond exclaimed.

Raven read her emotions. "Yeah."

Tara started the car.

"Like, Beast Boy is sooo sweet. He forced me to do this but I'm glad he did."

That pissed Raven off, even though she didn't show it.

"So, you and Beast Boy keep in touch?"

She nodded and started driving. "I didn't want to talk to him, but I decided to call him up and just chat."

Raven looked her over. "Hmm... He's a good boyfriend."
Tara smiled sadly. "I would bet."

Raven was reading her emotions like the back of her hand.

"Cut the crap, Terra. Why are you suddenly interested in Beast Boy?"

Tara shook her head. "I have know idea what you're talking about."

"You and I both know who exactly you are."

She stopped the car. "Please... don't bring it up."

Raven smirked, planning something awesome.

"Okay... Just keep driving and we'll both forget about this argument."

Tara turned back to the wheel. "Raven, please don't make this a big deal but... I think I'm ready to be a hero again."

Something inside Raven snapped.

Oh gosh, she's lost her mind!

"Great idea... Just get back to driving. I'll give you the directions to where I want you to go."

Tara, finally admitting to being Terra, nodded.

Raven was giving her the directions that she wanted her to go as Terra drove through the city.

"Make a left."

Terra turned left.

She approached a stop sign.

A sweet looking old lady was crossing the street slowly.

Raven smirked and pressed down on the horn.

The old lady jumped.

"The fuck?!"

She took up her cane and hurriedly limped over to the driver's window.

"What was that for, you blond bimbo?"

Terra's jaw dropped. "I'm no bimbo, grandma."

The woman pointed a wrinkly finger. "If you want to start shit with me, then hop your most likely skinny ass out the car and we can go! They don't call me Grandma G for nothing."

Terra chuckled. "Whatchu gonna do? Hit me with your purse?"

"Well hop out the vehicle and take your ass whooping. When I was younger they called me 'The Rowdy Redhead'. My hair may be gray but I can still get rowdy!"

Terra snorted and looked at Raven. "Is she serious?"

Raven shrugged. "I think you look a little pussy right now." She deadpanned.

Terra scoffed and opened the door.

"I don't want to hurt you ol-"

She took a hard uppercut.

When did this old woman put brass knuckles on?

"Yeah bitch! What you got, huh? Give it, floozy!"

Terra rubbed her jaw and lifted her foot to kick the woman in the nose.

The grandma dodged it and jabbed Terra's stomach with her cane.

Terra grabbed the cane and used it the hit on the swift elder.

"What?! What you wanna do?! Oh oh, I stay on fly!" The woman dodged every hit.

Raven was shifting her seating position and sat at the driver's seat.

The old woman grabbed the end of her cane and used it to flip Terra onto the floor.

She then accompanied it with a body slam.

"Ugh!" Terra groaned.

The thuggish elder grabbed her opponent's head and collided her own against it.

"Ah!" The blond teen screamed.

The woman punched her in the stomach.

Raven began to feel guilty, so she started the car up and drove off.

Hey, she couldn't bear to see Terra get pummeled grandma-style.

She didn't want to stop it, though.

Raven turned to the empty passenger seat.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" She asked the invisible 'person'.

No one answered.

"Oh, really? Well fuck you! You know what? Remind me to go pick Cy and Sarah up from the sanitarium and we can all run away to Taiwan!"

The invisible 'person' nodded.

"Yeah bro. It'll be the shit!"



Raven snapped!

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