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It was a late summer evening, and Shun and Alice were walking through the park. They had just had a wonderful dinner at a fancy restaurant in honor of their two-year anniversary. Alice had noticed that Shun seemed a little off. "I wonder what's on his mind" she wondered. Just then, Shun stopped walking and turned to face Alice.

"Alice." He said. "We've been dating for two years now, and I come to realize that there's no other person in this world that I'd rather spend my life with."

"Shun," Alice began. Shun put one finger over her mouth to shush her. He then knelt down on one knee. He took a small black box out of his pocket.

"Alice Ann Gehbaich, will you marry me?" Alice looked like she was going to pass out. Once she regained control she screamed.

"Oh yes Shun, yes I will!" Shun then placed the beautiful diamond ring on her finger. Shun grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up to his lips so he could kiss her. The small dark ball that was Alpha Hydranoid jumped onto Alice's shoulder.

"Awwww." He said in a babyish voice. Skyress then jumped onto Shun's shoulder and scolded him.

"Shut up Hydranoid, they're having a moment." After they broke apart Alice looked at Shun with a twinkle in her eye. Shun looked back at her and said "Come on, we should get home." They then walked out of the park and back to the little house they shared.

The next day at Runo's Café…

"WHAT!" Dan shouted. "YOU AND ALICE ARE GETTING MARRIED?!" Shun smiled. The rest of the brawlers hadn't had this reaction (Though Preyas did fall off of Marucho's shoulder and into Julie's cup of coffee).

"That's not all Dan." Shun said. "I'd like you to be my best man." Dan's eye twitched for a second.

"Uh oh, here it comes" Julie said.

"WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!" Dan yelled. He then began cheering to himself "I get to be his best man! I get to be his best man!" Runo sighed.

"He's so immature"

"I am not!" Dan retorted.

"Here they go again." Drago said. "Humans."

"Hey Runo, can I talk to you for a second?" Alice asked.

"Uh, sure Alice." Runo replied. Alice took her into another room.

"I don't want Julie to get jealous so I want to ask you this in private." Alice said.

"Alice, come on the suspense is killing me! What is it?" Runo moaned.

"Alright. Runo, I want you to be the maid of honor at the wedding." Runo squealed. "Shhh." Alice said.

"Oh Alice I'm so happy I can't wait" Runo hugged Alice. They then went back into the other room and joined in on the conversation.

It's short, i know. Some of the chapters are longer. i will be writing in increments of 5 chapters, so bear with me.