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"Now beg me to move."

Damon stared at Elena, half overcome with pleasure from being inside her and half overcome with pure, pissed off rage. "Are you fucking serious?" he demanded, moving his hips desperately for some kind of friction.

Elena stayed put. "Yes, Damon, I am fucking serious." She smiled wider than she had been before. "Now, like I said, beg me to move."

"This is fucking ridiculous!" Damon said desperately. "I shouldn't need to beg to get sex from my wife!"

Elena leaned in close to him and slowly rolled her hips. Damon put his head against the chair, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. "You are missing out, Damon," she said, slowly rolling her hips again, "all you have to do is beg."

Damon just stared at the ceiling, his length pulsing inside her glorious wetness. A fucking tease, he thought to himself. "Just move, Elena!" he growled, his voice becoming more desperate.

She lifted herself slowly off of him and then back down. He moaned. "Keep it coming, baby," Elena purred. "Keep begging and I'll keep fucking."

She was talking dirty to him and that just made him more aroused. "Please move, Elena," Damon said, now looking at her, his eyes wild. "Keep moving."

She started to go faster, lifting up and down from him, giving him the delicious friction his body was so desperate to have. "Oh, Elena, keep going!" he panted as she moved faster.

Elena smiled. "I need some more begging, Damon!"

"For fucks sakes, Elena," Damon yelled, needing this friction, needing this pleasure that only she could give him, "just please fucking move! I am fucking begging you! Please!"

Elena smiled widely and started speed up her thrusts. Damon grabbed her hips, helping her move up and down his shaft, causing both of them to have shockwaves go through their bodies. "Keep going, baby," he shouted.

"Damon, oh, God. Damon," she whimpered weakly. Her thrusts were weakening, and he knew that she was getting tired.

"Do you want me..." he trailed off. She just nodded 'yes.' He stood up abruptly, and Elena wrapped her legs around his waist; he quickly moved the bed, laid her down, and started to thrust into her.

"DAMON!" she yelled at the sudden movement in her. Slipping in and out of her was almost too pleasurable. Damon would still think about how he couldn't understand how he deserved such a beautiful woman.

"So fucking wet!" he growled in between thrusts. "So fucking good!"

She met his hips with each thrust, slowly helping both of them climb there way to their climaxes. "Deeper, Damon! Please! Go deeper!" He obeyed, taking her leg and throwing over his shoulder, getting a deeper angle whilst hitting her g-spot. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed.

Damon felt himself tighten; he wasn't going to last long. He thrusted in with wild abandonment, making their bed shake so violently that he thought that it would break. He let all his frustration from the day go into these hard, violent thrusts.

"God, Damon, I'm cumming!" Elena cried. He watched as she came undone, her juices coating his length. He felt his eyes roll into the back of his head and he came with one last thrust.

It was as if the earth shook every time he climaxed with her; her eyes crossed as he slammed into her one last time, spilling the rest of his seed inside of her. He fell on top of her, exhausted and utterly satisfied.

She ran her fingers through his hair. "I love you, Damon," she said, kissing his forehead.

Damon smiled. "I love you too, honey, but you are a damn tease."

Elena laughed quietly, still weak from her mind-blowing, heart-stopping orgasm that he always seemed to bring to her. "But look how good sex is when you are sexually frustrated!"

Damon looked at her, giving her a smile that made his eyes crinkle around the edges. "You are right; sex is definitely more intense when I am pissed off." He kissed her nose. "But that is not the reason you do it, my dear."

Elena looked at him. "What is the reason I do it then?"

"You like it when I beg," Damon said simply.

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, I like it when you beg me."

Then the two laid in bed for the rest of the day.


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