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She wanted her life to be a fairytale.

She wanted everything to be perfect.

Strives for it every day.

Tries so hard to pretend.

She thought that this was what she wanted. That this would be her happy ending.

Blair looks down at her hand. The ring on her finger shining brightly. Reminding her of all the choices that has gotten her here.

Everything she has left behind.

Everything that is gone.

After a while pretending gets very easy. When you are lying to yourself every day, the lies quickly turns into truth. Or so you believe.

She is close to that point.

To really believe that everything is okay.

That this is actually how she wanted things to be, feel like.

She sighs and pours herself a drink.

Right now, she feels restless, numb, lonely.

She loves him, she does. It feels like it's not enough though.

Something is missing in her life.

Or maybe it's someone.

She turns around and her hand hits his side. She sighs.

Great. He is still there.

She was hoping he was one of those who disappears before sunrise.

Those she doesn't have to deal with after the buzz is gone. When the light is one and everything is revealed.

She goes out of bed as silently as she can, tip toes inside the bathroom. Breathes out when she locks the door and he is still sleeping.

Serena looks in the mirror, her hair a mess and her mascara all smutted. She turns on the shower and tries to forget.

Forget last night. Forget her life. Past and present.

She has already forgotten the name of the man currently sleeping in her bed. Isn't sure she ever got it.

It's not important. Never is.

As the water hits her body she just closes her eyes and wants to be in sync with the drops.

Wants all the memories to follow the water down the drain.

Wishes it was so simple.

That something in her life could for once be that easy.

Unfortunately it isn't and as she turns off the shower, she still remembers everything.

Money isn't a problem. Not anymore.

But they aren't the opposite either. They don't solve much.

Yeah, he has a roof over his head. And yeah, he can buy whatever he wants.

But not whoever.

He can't buy people, happiness, companionship.


Beatles had it right, you really can't buy love.

Not that he's tried. He hasn't.

He just wants something more. More for himself, more out of this life.

Money can't give you creativity either. And right now he really could need some of that.

His editor is pushing him to write another book, he demands it.

And Dan has nothing. Not a single word.

His head is empty, there are no stories left. Nothing more for him to tell the world.

He sighs as he yet again deletes a sentence. It's as long as he gets now.

A sentence.

That's his life at the moment. One sentence at the time. Soon to be deleted.

Not good enough to keep. That's him.

There is really only one thing he can do.

Live. Have a life again.

If he's ever going to be able to write again, he has to have something worth writing about.

And he has to start living now. It's about time.

He is alone.

Only him and a bunch of papers. Everyone else has gone home hours ago.

He really doesn't want to leave.

And he couldn't even if he did.

Because these papers has to be done by tomorrow.

He rubs his forehead as he starts on the top.

Knows it will be yet a long night.

Knows what that means.

Nate sighs and starts wondering how he ended up here.

The one place he didn't want to be.


There was a time he detested it and everything that comes with it.

He realizes that on some level he still does. Some things will never change.

This is not the only one.

He reaches for his phone, is about to dial a number. Changes his mind and tosses it away.

It's getting familiar. Too familiar.

But he feels stuck. He has been in this one place for so long. His life has been paused, or so it feels at least.

He has done what was expected of him.

What his family wanted.

Never did someone ask him what he wanted. What he needed or desired.

Not once.

He sighs again, looks down at his hands.

Works his way through the pile on the desk before him.

The offices are completely silent, the only sound is his own breathing.

He likes it.

He can think here. For a couple of hours he can just be.

Just be Nate. Nothing more.