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Erica stepped in front of Jane protectively, and hissed. Nicole hissed back and Junior growled. Jane took this chance to run into her brother's arms.

Ethan pushed her ahead after Benny, who was half-way home.

Nicole rammed into Jane, who sent them both into the ground.

"I need my blood!" Nicole seethed. "Even if I have to get it from you!"

Chapter 1

"Do you really have to do it in here?" Jane complained. "I'm allergic!"

"Hey! Homework's not going to do itself!" Benny replied, looking up from the kitchen table.

"Yeah, but are those ridiculous glasses necessary?" Sarah asked. Good thing Sarah was the boss, or Jane thought she would have gone crazy.

"Fine!" Benny whined, and set them on the table. "But they just have plastic lenses." He added.

"You know what? Just take your nerd thing into Ethan's room." Sarah ordered. Jane happily watched Benny and Ethan trudge up the stairs with their books.

Finally, Jane and Sarah were alone. Jane had some important business to talk about, and Sarah was the one to talk to. She was the only one who would understand.

"Sarah, can I tell you a secret?" she asked, muting the TV.

"I don't know, can you?" came the reply.

"You can't tell anyone!" Jane reminded.

"You can tell your babysitter anything." Sarah assured her. Okay, here goes… Jane thought. There was only one easy way to say it.

"One of my classmates is a minotaur." Jane said. Sarah laughed, which was just the reaction Jane wanted to avoid.

"That's funny. Really. What did you want to tell me?" Sarah asked.

"That's it." Jane said. "My classmate is a minotaur. Oh, and his friend is a vampire."

"Jane, you know there's no such thing as vampires and Minotaurs, right?" Sarah asked. This would be harder than Jane thought. And why was Sarah lying to her face?

Jane reached for a sewing needle from the coffee table.

"No, no, no!" Sarah acted faster than humanly possible, pulling it out of reach.

"Do you even know how dangerous that could be!? If you hit a vein-"

"You're turning into Ethan!" Jane screamed. She exited the room and started up the stairs. "I thought I could tell you anything, but apparently not! Never mind the whole thing!"

When upstairs, Jane opened and closed the door to her room without going in there so Sarah would think she was in there. Instead, she entered Ethan's room.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Ethan asked sourly.

"The door was open." Jane pointed out. She began to scan her brother's bookshelf.

"Aw, look! Your sister's a reader!" Benny said.

"I'm just bored. I've already read all of my books, and I need one to read tonight." Jane lied. She found the book she was looking for: Mythical Creatures.

"You're interested in…Mythical Creatures?" Benny asked skeptically.

"Yeah, like unicorns and stuff." Jane said. She left her brother's room and entered her own.

Jane snuggled up in her bed and began to read about vampires and Minotaurs. Although the facts drifted her to sleep rather quickly, she knew everything she needed to know.

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