This is just a little one shot based on the clips involving Caroline from the season four promo. (Caroline and Tyler-Klaus in the woods / Caroline and Rebekah in the van) Plenty of Klaroline Smut.

Klaus carefully added the finishing touch to the sketch, then set the paper down on the table in front of him. He looked down at his hands, smudged with charcoal, but at least they were his own.

It had been a week since he's gotten himself back. Tyler had found his way back into his own body as well. He wanted to wipe the smile of that smug new hybrid's face when he left that day. Probably to go see Caroline. He couldn't bear the thought of the two of them together. He had been so close to having it, having her that day in the woods, but something stopped him.

No one was supposed to know he was alive. No one could know Tyler was alive either. It wasn't safe. But he had to hunt and with rumors of new vampire hunters in town he stuck to the woods.

She was there, doing some hunting of her own. Still on Stefan Salvatore's pathetic bunny diet. He should have darted away, but the chance to see her again was too alluring. He paused, watching her. then he was caught.

"Tyler!" She was running towards him.

He froze.

"How are you alive? What's going on?" She said.

He searched for words but couldn't find them. She was looking at him like he was a miracle. Her hands captured either side of his face and pulled him in for a kiss.

He had tried not to kiss back. He really did. But how could he help it, when she was pulling him close like that? He gave himself a minute. Just one minute, then he would break away. How much could it hurt just to let himself have one minute of her kissing him like that?

He felt the warmth of her lips humming against him. She pulled him closer when he traced his tongue along her lower lip, causing her to open her mouth ever so slightly, her tongue meeting his, every nerve ending set on fire. He would stop now. Just two more seconds. That's all.

He heard the leaves crunch under his feet as he walked her until she was pressed against a tree. His hips pinned hers in place and his hands wandered along her sides, grazing against the softest skin, touching the fabric of her outfit, his fingers bunching up in it, ready to tear it off.

Her leg hooked around him and he could feel the heat of her core pressed against him. She was moving against him, making every thought expect her disappear from his mind. He could feel himself growing hard from the friction she was causing and as she continued to kiss him he wondered if she was doing it on purpose.

He gripped on to her, never wanting her to stop, and then she paused, and without thinking he pushed against her, trying to continue the motion she had been doing. She smiled. She had the audacity to smile at him, giving him a look that said she knew exactly what she was doing and she had him where she wanted him.

His mouth opened in delighted surprise. She wasn't some insecure teenager awkwardly going through the motions. She was in her element and she was looking straight at him.

She playfully shoved him, getting him to move a few steps back. She walked forward to meet him, peeling her shirt off, still smiling, looking right at him.

He didn't try to hide that he was looking her up and down. If she knew exactly what she was doing, he would let her see it was working. He would have kept staring if she hand't kissed him again. How wrong could it be to let it continue?

Her hand was fumbling with the button of his jeans, he felt a pop as she ripped it off and pulled down the zipper. A finger hooked around the waistband, tugging it down, her hands were sliding a bit lower and every fiber of his being was fighting against him doing what he knew he needed to do.

He took a step back.

"Wait. Stop." He said, his eyes still closed. He didn't want to see her reaction.

"Tyler? Are you ok?" She asked.

He looked at her, sad and hoping she wouldn't be to angry he let it go on as long as he did.

She wrinkled her brow looking back at him. There was something familiar about that intense gaze but it wasn't reminding her of Tyler.

"Oh god." she whispered, horrified.

"I..." He started.

"Klaus." she breathed.

He nodded.

She shoved him, hard. "How could you! You're so twisted!"

"I was going to stop you right away and explain. I just got caught up in the moment."

"Caught up in the moment? That wasn't meant for you!" She smacked him again. "I thought I was kissing my boyfriend!" Her face changed from angry to frightened when she mentioned Tyler. "You killed him?"

"No!" He insisted. "He's fine. Bonnie is helping us get sorted. We just need another day before I can be back in my own body. I'm jut borrowing this one."

"You're just borrowing Tyler's body? Just borrowing it, following me around, making me think you were him, you were about to... We almost..."

"I stopped it." He said, trying to remain calm when she was hurling her fury at him. "I wouldn't do that. Not to you."

"You didn't seem to have a problem kissing me."

"I should have stopped that sooner. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it." He gave her a week smile that made her even angrier.

"Well I can't help this." She kicked him hard in the shin. "Or this!" She punched him in the stomach.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and held her far enough away that she couldn't hit him again. "Caroline. Stop."

"You stop." She retorted, not caring how childish she sounded.

"I said I was sorry! You know how I feel about you, it was near impossible to break away even when I did."

She glared at him. "I know how you say you feel. You don't expect me to actually believe it, do you? I know this is all a game."

"I promise you, it's not." He said.

She felt a shiver run through her body when he said it. Something in his eyes made her believe it, but as soon as she did, she started talking herself out of trusting him. It was just because he was saying it through Tyler's body. It was Tyler's eyes she trusted, not the man pulling the strings behind them. She didn't feel a shiver when he looked at her because she felt anything for him. It was just because her shirt was off and there was a breeze out here. That was it.

She grabbed her shirt and stormed away from him, never looking back.

Caroline was chasing Tyler down the front steps of her house. He was storming back to his car, unable to look at her.

"Stop it! You're making a big deal over nothing!" She shouted.

"No. You kept it. Even after what you told me about last week, when you thought he was me? How could you keep it?"

"Tyler, it's just a nice picture. That's all."

"You can't expect me to believe it's just a picture. It's a reminder of him. You pretend not to like how he chases after you, how he tricked you into kissing him when he was in my body last week, but you must. Otherwise you wouldn't have his drawing sitting out on your bedside table."

"Why can't you let this go? I already told you nothing's going on!"

He shook his head at her, more sad than angry. "I spent months breaking every bone in my body over and over again. For you. So I could be with you, and not be controlled by him. He made me bite you and I went through months of agony for you. You know how I feel about him, he's the reason we're going through all this, and yet you won't throw out one stupid picture. You won't do that one thing for me. After everything I've done for you."

Caroline just looked at him. He made perfect sense, but she couldn't bring herself to agree to it.

Tyler nodded, seeming to take her silence as the final straw. "You know what. That's fine. We're done."

She just watched him walk away. Caroline wondered why she wasn't crying. She felt like she should be, but nothing was happening, she just felt numb.

He looked back at her, surprised she didn't protest. "You're not going to even try to stop me? I fought for us, Care. Why didn't you?"

He was gone.

Caroline went on with her life, going through all the motions of each day. She as upset, but it was nothing compared to what she thought she should be feeling. She kept waiting for the big sobbing breakdown that never came. Elena and Bonnie were both busy with other stuff, not able to be bothered with their friend's recent Breakup when Vampire transitions and complex spells were taking all their time and energy.

She decided to go to the corner store and grab a pint of Ben and Jerrys. She's go home and eat it in her sweatpants and watch a sad movie. that's what you were supposed to do in situations like this, right?

Of course Rebekah was there, flirting with some guy in the parking lot. Caroline tried to ignore her, but Rebekah marched right up to her and said something snide about Tyler. Caroline glared at her and was about to retort when she noticed the guy Rebecca was talking to was walking over to them, unscrewing a water bottle. The smell of vervain filled the air.

Her skin burned as it splashed in her face, making her crouch down and hold her face where the skin melted away like she was hit with acid. She saw Rebekah stumble on the ground next to her, looking terrified. She turned around to see a large man holding a pipe.

He swung and she felt her skull crack as it connected.

Everything went black.

Klaus scrubbed the charcoal off his hands in the kitchen sink and considered going out to find someone to drink. His phone buzzed in his back pocket, so he dried off his hands and checked the screen. Rebekah.

"Yes, Reb-"

"Nik! Help! We're in this van. It crashed near the bridge. They're hunters, Nik!"

He was already running out of the house, still on the phone.

"Who's we?"

"Caroline. They got both of us. Oh, no. I think he's waking up." Rebekah sputtered out, then the line went dead.

He ran faster.

There were two hunters he had never seen before. Caroline and Rebekah were each struggling with one of them. He could see them shouting at each other, working together. Caroline threw a jagged piece of metal over to Rebekah, who stabbed her attacker in the gut with it. Rebekah took a step back and reached over to help Caroline before getting knocked over again. The hit hadn't taken out her attacker. They were more than just human. They had something else.

He was close enough to help now. The men had their backs to him, they didn't know he was there. Caroline couldn't see him, the hunter she was struggling with blocked his view. Rebekah noticed him and smiled, before stabbing her attacker again.

He had a choice to make. Both of them were staying strong, neither in immediate danger, but they both needed his help.

His hand plunged through the back of the man's ribs, ripping his heart out and long with his spine. It killed him instantly. He dropped the heart with a thud and shook the blood off his hand.

Caroline turned around, startled by the scream that came from the attacker who was choking her and had suddenly let go. He was gone. Klaus was standing in front of her, the only thing between them was the body of the man he had just killed for her. She felt safe.

He looked at her, and she looked back, confused, relieved, startled. He started to reach out to her, to try and assure her that she was safe.

"Nik!" Rebekah shouted, annoyed.

He snapped back into reality and lunged at the man, holding him down so Rebekah could rip his heart out herself.

Once the hunter was dead, she flung the heart at Klaus, who swatted it away.

"Some brother you are! I can't believe you went to her first!"

"You've got a thousand years on her, Becca, somehow I thought you could manage for a few more seconds."

"Hmmpft." She huffed.

"We need to get out of here. They think I'm dead." He said.

Rebekah nodded and blurred towards the woods, making her way back to their house.

He looked back at Caroline, shaken and covered in blood.

"Well sweetheart? You coming with us?"

She didn't have time to think of why or why not. She just grabbed his arm and ran with him.

Caroline couldn't believe she was taking a shower at the Original's house. It was so bizarre. Rebekah was actually being nice, giving her a towel and an outfit to change into. They had insisted on her staying with them for the night, giving them some time to assess if there were more hunters before letting her go back home. She had begrudgingly agreed. All her friends were so busy dealing with other things, at least here she wouldn't be alone. And if anyone could protect her from hunters, it was the Originals.

She toweled off her hair and pulled on the outfit. She padded down the hallway, walking towards the sound of voices.

Rebekah was sitting on the arm of the couch, gesturing wildly and almost spilling her drink as she recounted their attack to her brother. Klaus was right in the middle of the same couch, nodding and smiling along with her story. He saw Caroline standing in the hall and motioned for her to come in.

"Please, sit down love." He patted the space next to him. "We've already poured you a drink."

She hesitantly sat next to him, making sure to leave plenty of space, and she picked up the glass set in front of her, and swirled the amber liquid around before taking a gulp, drinking down as much as she could possibly get in one mouthful.

"Easy there." Klaus laughed. "That drink's older than you. You're supposed to sip it, not shoot it."

"After the day I've had?" Caroline retorted.

"Fair enough." He laughed. "My sister was just telling me you two make quite a team."

"It's true." Rebekah smiled. "You've got much faster reflexes than Damon. You're not so bad for a baby vamp on a bunny diet."

"Well I prefer blood bags whenever possible. Don't tell Stefan." Caroline smiled.

"Oh, the ripper couldn't possibly be one to judge." Klaus smiled.

"I'm sure he'd have something to say about me being here with the two of you. That is, If he took a second from hovering around Elena to even notice the other people in the world." Caroline said.

Klaus shot Rebekah an annoyed look.

"I said I was sorry! I thought you were dead! How was I to know you'd come back from the grave looking for more doppleganger blood."

Klaus waved away his sister's apology and took another sip. "I'm sure Stefan isn't the only one who would be upset to hear you're spending the night at our house."

Caroline looked confused "Damon wouldn't like it, but he's not really one to judge, and again the whole Elena thing..."

"I was referring to your little boyfriend." Klaus said.

Rebekah choked on her drink. "Oh this is going to be good."

"What?" Klaus asked.

"You didn't hear?" Rebekah smiled.

"Hear what?"

"Oh, I was at the grill the other day, I saw him come in, all distraught. He and Matt had quite a detailed talk about it."

"About what?"

Rebekah turned to Caroline "Are you going to tell him, or should I?"

"Tyler and I broke up. He broke up with me."

Klaus tried to keep his face free from emotion. He didn't like the pained expression on her face, but he wanted to smile from ear to ear. This meant he was just a little closer to possibly having her.

"Would you like me to kill him for you?" He offered, completely sincere.

"What? No!" Caroline said. "Leave him alone, this isn't his fault."

"I don't see how it could possibly be your fault. You're an angel. He's just... common."

Rebekah snorted. "Right, an angel. God Nik, I've spent most of the last century in a box, and even I think that line's stale."

"Rebekah, you can either contribute to the conversation or leave." He said.

"Fine. Caroline, do you want to tell him, or should I?"

"Rebekah, please." Caroline said.

"I heard the whole thing." She smiled.

"This is so embarrassing." Caroline grumbled and reached for her drink, finishing the rest in one sip.

Klaus was watching her intently, eager to hear what had her so riled up.

"Ok. Tyler and I broke up because of that stupid picture you drew me. The one with the horse."

"I don't understand." Klaus said.

Rebekah snickered. "Oh it gets better."

Caroline shot her a look and continued. "The first time Tyler came back to town, he saw it in my room. He got really upset, assumed something had gone on between the two of us. It caused a big fight. After he got his body back, I told him about what happened, you and I, when I thought you were him."

Klaus nodded along smiling at the thought of that day.

"Is there more of that?" She motioned to her empty glass.

Rebekah reached over and handed the bottle to Klaus, who poured Caroline another drink and topped off his own. He handed the bottle back to Rebekah who filled her own cup and took a sip, waiting for Caroline to continue.

Caroline took another sip for courage before continuing. "Anyway, he kinda assumed that I threw out the picture after the first time we got in a fight over it, but last week he came over, and he saw it sitting on my bedside table and he flipped. He basically asked me to get rid of it or he was going to break up with me. I told him I wasn't going to get rid of it. So that was it. He asked me to choose between him and some stupid drawing from you and I picked the drawing."

He just looked at her. The intensity of it made her squirm and reach for the glass again. Maybe if she kept drinking she could get drunk enough to forget about all of this. His hand caught her wrist before she could reach the glass. She didn't pull away. He brought his other hand to her and held her hand between his.

"Why?" He asked.

Rebekah was backing away, taking the bottle with her. "That's my cue to leave, I think." She went back up to her room.

Caroline watched Rebekah leave. She could feel the warmth of his hand on hers. She was all alone with him.

"Why?" He asked again.

She tried to keep from looking at him, but she couldn't help it. And then she was lost in those eyes and she just kept babbling.

"I don't want to be with someone who gives me ultimatums like that. And I know he has every reason to be jealous and suspect, but I wanted to keep it. I like that picture. I like remembering that night. I wasn't going to let him make me throw it away."

"You'd pick a memory of a night with me over a relationship with him?"

"I didn't mean it like that. I just... I really like that drawing. Why can't I have what I want to have, you know?"

He smiled. "You have no idea how much I know."

"See, I'm trying to be serious, and you go right back to that."

"Right back to what, love?"

"The whole pretending to be really into me thing."

"I'm not pretending."

"I'm not the doppleganger. I'm not a witch. I'm just a new vampire. I don't have anything you need so I don't see the point in this."

"Caroline. Stop. Just for a moment, stop and think about what happened today. When I came to help you and Rebecca, who did I go to first?"

Her eyes softened as she realized the gravity of what had happened earlier that day.

"You helped me first. Why did you do that?"

"Because I fancy you. More than that, really. I care for you and I want to keep you safe."

"You should have helped her first. She's your family. You've spent a thousand years together."

"But I didn't. I picked you. I will always pick you."

"I'm never the one. I'm always second, an afterthought."

"You would never be second with me." He said, looking straight into her eyes again. His hands were still on hers. She had never felt so frightened before. She wanted to run from the room and hide. Not because she was afraid of him attacking her, but because she was afraid of what the consequences of letting her heart rule this decision could be.

She felt herself shaking all over. This was it, this was the once in a lifetime moment that changed and defined people. She could be the girl who was loyal to her friends, stuck by her convictions and stayed away from people like him who had hurt so many she loved. Or she could give in, follow her desires and let herself believe he was telling the truth.

He gently moved his hands from hers to rub her back and shoulders.

"You're shivering. Are you ok?" He asked, trying to warm her up.

His touch only made her shake more.

"Are you cold? Let's get you a blanket or something." He offered, pulling her up from the couch.

She let him lead her up the stairs. The room he stopped in must have been his. She cautiously sat on the foot of the bed while he dug through a closet looking for something. She watched him, slowly coming out of the shock she had put herself in, knowing exactly what she had decided to to. She had let the devil himself lead her up to his bedroom.

He was back, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders, pulling it snug around her. She seemed distracted, looking around the room.

"So this is where you sleep?"

"Yes. Ah, I haven't really had time to put much thought into decorating, so it's a bit simple."

"Not what I was expecting." She mused. He thought she was talking about the room.

"What were you expecting? A coffin filled with dirt?"

"Maybe more fire and brimstone. Gargoyles. The three brides of Dracula sprawled out on a fainting sofa over there." She pointed.

"So now I'm Dracula!" He laughed.

"No you're much older. Which makes you stealing all his wives even more pervy." She laughed.

He sat next to her on the bed, almost touching but not quite. She wasn't shaking anymore. She was enjoying the little dance they were going through. Each moment a step closer to the inevitable.

"Do you ever think about, if we met in some different way?" He asked hesitantly.

"I do." She nodded. "It would be so much easier."

"You make it look easy enough. You don't seem to have any trouble walking away from me."

She looked down and smiled. "It's not as easy as it looks."


She shrugged out of the blanket. "For example." She smiled and walked over to the opposite end of the room. "That wasn't as easy as it looked. It would be close to impossible if I didn't know what you were going to do next.

He saw the glint in her eyes. She was in. "And what am I going to do next, sweetheart?"

"Isn't it obvious?" She said. "You're going to chase me."

"I am?" He said, his eyes glowing.

"MmmHmm." She took a few more steps back and he felt himself getting up of the bed to go to her.

She let him get within two steps of her before darting across the room.

He followed again. She let him get close enough to feel his breath before darting across the room.

""Why do you keep doing that?"

"Because I know you'll try again. Isn't that our little game? I run away and you chase me."

"And why do you run away, love?"

"Because I know you'll follow. And I know you'll get close enough, but not too close. It'll always be my choice. Because I know each time I run, it isn't the last time. I know you'll be back. Each time it isn't me saying no, it's me saying not yet. But now..."

"Now?" He asked, inching closer to her, moving slowly so as not to spook her.

She looked him dead in the eye. "I want you to catch me."

He froze, stunned. "Are you saying?"

She nodded ever so slightly and tore out of the room, running down the stairs.

He watched her run, a smile slowly forming as he ran after her. She darted around tables, skidding a bit as she ran a circle around the island in the kitchen, she ran down another hallway, and jumped on a couch. She swung one leg up to climb over the back of it before he caught her around the waist and pulled her back down.

"Caught you" he whispered in her ear, his lips so close to her skin but not touching.

She leaned back against him and turned her head. She smiled and pulled herself closer, turning in his arms to face him. He looked into her eyes, then down at her lips and back up again. She looked back at him, watching him look at her. She had been so confident, so sure of herself only moments ago. She was leading the game, deciding where to make him follow, but now she didn't feel like she had control anymore.

"Caroline." He whispered.

It was a plea, begging permission.

She nodded slowly and his hand moved across the side of her face. He traced along her jawline and back again, letting his fingers weave through her hair. His other hand still around her waist, he lifted her off the couch and on the floor next to him. She looked up at him, wondering how she had let herself wait so long.

He moved a little closer, leaning down so his face was only inches from hers. He could feel her breath quicken, a sharp intake as he leaned into her. His hand in her hair pulled her closer until she grabbed on the collar of his shirt to keep her balance. His lips crashed down on hers. She pulled on his shirt, urging him closer.

There was so much warmth at that first contact, the heat of his mouth on hers, the urgent movements as they pushed closer to each other. He was holding tight on the back of her head, as if he was afraid she would try to break away. She felt her whole body flush with heat as he pulled her closer, his soft kisser turning rougher, more urgent.

There was a burning in her chest from lack of air but she didn't want to stop. It was only when he backed away that she allowed herself to breathe, chest heaving, trying to catch her breath.

He was looking at her with an intensity that made her wonder how she had ever convinced herself he was anything but sincere. She wouldn't let it shake her. She mustered every once of confidence left and put on her best show. He couldn't know how unworthy of that look she felt, how worried she was that she couldn't possibly live up to his expectations.

Breathe, Caroline. You're Miss Mystic Falls. You've got this. Just act confident.

She returned his gaze, looking up at him through heavy lids. She traced a finger down his arm, making little circles at the inside of his wrist. She leaned closer and kissed along his neck, watching his eyes flutter closed and his lips part. Perfect. She made her way closer to his ear and gently bit his earlobe, pulling lightly before whispering to him.

"So now that you've caught me, what are you planning on doing with me?"

He took it as a challenge, her words lighting a fire under him. He'd show her exactly what he wanted to do with her.

His hand pushed into her back until her chest was touching his and he leaned down to kiss her again. There as nothing soft or gently about this kiss. She would have stumbled back if his hand wasn't there to keep her close. He was pushing hard against her mouth, his tongue moving across her lips, into her mouth, dominating it. He wanted to consume her, absorb her, taste every inch.

His hands moved down her body, feeling her shape through layers of clothes. It wasn't enough. He had to get closer. One hand slipped under her shirt adn he moved it across the warm skin of her stomach, making her shiver and slide her hands up his arms, keeping her balance by holding on to him.

His hands moved up slowly, he was still kissing her, pulling on her lower lip, darting his tongue in a playful dance with her, pressing down hard on her mouth like he was staking a claim.

She gasped and arched her back when his hand ran over the cup of her bra, toying with the lace fabric. He loved the noises she was making but wanted more, so much more. His hands moved around her back, finding the clasp. She pulled her shirt over her head and flung it on the ground, breaking his concentration.

He stopped for a moment to appreciate the beauty of her, flushed, lips swollen. She knew it was him and she was here anyway. She was reaching towards the hem of his shirt and it was over his head and off. Her hands moved across his chest, searching, memorizing every detail.

With a pop he managed to unhook the bra and it fell away to the floor. His hands instantly moved forward to cup her newly exposed breasts, the incredible softness in his hands. She hummed with pleasure and he could feel her nipples hardening at his touch.

He moved back to sit on the couch, pulling her with him on his lap. He moved his hands down her legs, guiding her to straddle him on her knees, pushing her up by gripping on her ass until her chest was at his face.

With one hand gripping her ass and the other one pulling her hair away, he let his mouth meet her breast and kisses and nipped at it, making her moan and lean into him. His tongue found her nipple and flicked across it a few times before taking it into his mouth and sucking, grazing it with his teeth.

"Klaus." It was a breathy sigh that fell from her lips.

He pulled her closer to his lap and as she slid down she could feel his hardness rubbing against her. She moved across him, pushing her core closer, creating delicious friction that made his fingers push hard into her skin.

He needed more of her, and this wasn't the right place. Kissing up and down her exposed skin, he pulled himself off the couch, holding her with him, legs wrapped around his waist. She clung to him and kissed his jaw as he carried her up the stairs, down the hall, shutting a door behind them.

She didn't let go until he leaned forward, letting her drop on the soft mattress. She propped herself up on her elbows, looking up at him as he leaned down to kiss her once more before breaking away to slide her pants off. She kicked a bit to get them off quicker, then crawled to the edge where he stood, eager to see what she had only felt underneath her.

She pulled on the zipper and moved her hands to his sides. She found the elastic band of his underwear and pulled both down at once, freeing him from the last of his clothing. Her hand moved down his stomach until it was wrapped around his length. She kissed him as she pumped up and down with her hands and she felt him let out a low noise against her mouth, kissing her harder, his hand stroking her arm, encouraging her every movement.

His hands shifted across her, pausing again to play with her breasts, before moving to her lace boy shorts, the only fabric between them now. She gasped as his hand cupped under them, moving against her.

He moved away, making her lose contact with where she had ben touching him and he lowered himself down the bed, slowly pealing the lace fabric down her legs and off.

She had never felt so nervous to be naked in front of anyone before. But everyone else was a boy compared to him. He was a man and he had experienced the world for centuries, seeing every possible beauty that existed. Now he was looking at her like he wanted to consume her and the thought of it made her dizzy.

He made his way back up her body, kissing every spot he could, and she tensed up as she felt his fingers graze her. He toyed with her, watching her arch her back as he kissed along her knee, before plunging a finger into her.

She let out a cry and he smiled, glancing up at her. She felt herself blush as he smirked into her skin, making her fall apart more. He moved his kisses up and she felt his finger move away and his mouth replace it. His tongue moved against her most sensitive spot and she felt her body twitch as he continued his movements, her hands landing in his hair, she was calling out his name more times than she could count.

He stopped just as she was on the brink of exploding and pulled himself up to her. She felt her legs slide around his hips as the moved closer and when he kissed her again, it was soft and gentle.

His hand was behind one of her knees, ready, waiting on a sign from her. She smiled up at him and nodded. With that he pulled her a little closer, brought himself down to her, and filled her up completely.

She gasped a sharp intake of air at the feeling. Nothing had ever compared. He slowly, agonizingly, pulled out and in again, making her whimper. She gripped on to him hard, meeting each of his movements. His eyes were on her, watching, gaging her reactions to each move, learning how to make her cry out.

Her head was spinning, the world was fading away, nothing mattered except him, and the feeling he was creating in her, something slowly building that kept getting better and better.

He had shifted them so he was at a different angle and she let out a cry that made him flash her that evil smile as he did it again and again until she was sweating and shaking, holding on to him like she might fall off the side of the world if she let go.

"That's it, sweetheart, just let go." He whispered her ear, kissing down her neck as he continued hitting the spot that made her toes curl.

As she shouted out his name, she felt like something had burst within her, sending shooting waves of the most blissful feeling all over her body. It felt never ending, a blinding joy that only he could make her feel.

As she shook and pulsed around him, he pushed harder into her, letting out a groan as he found release, pulling her closer as he felt the mind erasing pleasure jolt through him.

He pressed his forehead to hers as the caught their breath. A fleeting thought ran through his mind, wondering if she would run away again. He kept his arms locked tight around her as they drifted off to sleep.

There's a odd feeling that comes with waking up somewhere new for the first time. Caroline felt something unusual before she even opened her eyes. the blankets around her felt different and there was an arm draped across her side, fingers splayed across her stomach.

Klaus. This was his room. He was sleeping next to her. They were still naked.

It all came back to her and she felt the instant impulse to run, to avoid the awkward morning after.

She twisted a wiggled around in the sheets trying to maneuver herself under his arm and out. She expected him to wake up at any instant, but he was still fast asleep. It was surprising that someone who had spent a thousand years avoiding constant attempts on his life could sleep so soundly.

Finally she managed to get off the bed, and scramble around the room for some clothes. She found her underwear and the jeans that Becca lent her, but there wasn't a shirt or bra anywhere.

The memory of flinging them off downstairs came back to her and she shook her head at her own impulsiveness.

She rummaged through a few drawers before finding one that had t-shirts and pulled on the first one she touched. She glanced back once more before tip towing out of the room, a little disappointed that he didn't wake up and try to stop her.

She made it downstairs before Becca spotted her from the kitchen, where she was eating breakfast.

"Hey Caroline!" She called. "Did those pajamas I left in the guest room fit you? I was thinking today we could -" She stopped, focusing on Caroline's outfit. "Why are you wearing Nik's shirt?"

Caroline opened her mouth, trying to find an answer, when Rebekah caught sight of something hanging off the side of the couch.

"Is that my shirt? Why did you leave it down here?"

Caroline bit her lip and gave her a guilty look.

"Oh, gross." Becca wrinkled her nose.

"I should really be going, worried sheriff mother and all that." Caroline said, moving quickly to the front of the house, snatching her bra off the floor on her way across, before bumping into someone.

He was leaning in the doorway, giving her a knowing smirk that told her he was probably awake the whole time she thought she had been quiet enough to slip away without him waking. Klaus was eying her frantic escape attempt and looking amused.

"I think you should stay."