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Ultimate Teen Titans
Every New Day

Chapter I


It was not a normal day for the alien girl named Starfire.

Robin, her Robin, her friend who was more than a friend, had "broken up" with her. They had been dating for six Earth months when he had finally told her that they couldn't be seeing each other like that. It had broken her heart, as it did every time she thought about it.

On top of everything, her friend Raven was happily in a relationship with their new teammate, Spider-Man. It almost didn't seem fair.

Robin, or Nightwing, as he now liked to be called, had lost his mentor and friend a week ago. Apart from talking with Spider-Man, he hadn't interacted with any of the other Titans. Star felt excluded from everything.

Now she was flying over the great expanse of buildings that was the city of San Francisco. A trail of green fire was being left in her wake. Her eyes were dry. She felt unable to shed anymore tears.

As she flew over the tall buildings, she heard a commotion from somewhere below. She was inclined to ignore it, but then recalled when Spider-Man had patrolled the streets. He had stopped at every sign of trouble, seeking to put things right. She felt obligated to do just the same.

It would be a distraction from all of the thoughts swirling around in her head.

Starfire immediately saw what was the problem. A horde of angry Slade-bots had trashed a bank, seeking to gain all of the material wealth they could. Ever since Slade's disappearance six months ago, these bots had been running rampant and leaderless. This left the Titans to think Slade was dead, but Robin... Nightwing, she told herself... didn't think so.

She would have dismissed this as Robin's... Nightwing's paranoia, were it not for the fact that Spider-Man also seemed to think he was alive. He had a problem of old villains coming back from the dead, it seemed.

But these criminals were robots. That meant that Starfire could unleash all of her destructive power on them. She smiled savagely.

Three of them instantly disintegrated under the power of her star bolts. The rest turned around, looking up. Realizing the danger, they all ran for cover.

One of them, Starfire was alarmed to note, was a Slade Android. He looked, moved, and talked just like their old enemy. But unlike him, the android could be destroyed.

"Ah, Princess Starfire," the familiar voiced intoned. "I'm pleasantly surprised to see you."

Star unleashed green energy across the spectrum of battle. Even if it was only an android, it still had Slade's mental imprint. It was almost every bit as deadly as the man himself.


"There has been much death at your hands!" Starfire yelled, charging him. "I will make sure no one else suffers!"

"Excellent," the android said. "You're angry. This will be enjoyable."

"Yes it will!" she hissed through gritted teeth.

The android leapt out of the way right as she was about to collide. She turned, expecting this, and tried to blast him in mid leap. But the android hadn't leapt out of the way. It had leapt to attack her.

She found herself pinned by the android's surprising strength. But she had hidden strength of her own.

Starfire forced the android up into the air, attempting to isolate it among the clouds. But other Slade bots were leaping on her, crowding her and holding her. She felt pain as they began to land blows. She tried to unleash a wave of energy, but she could not direct her hands.

She suddenly became afraid that she was going to be defeated. And defeat at the hands of such as these surely meant death...

As she thought this, her load of Slade bots became lighter. Soon she found that one by one, they were being ripped away from her. Finally, it was only the android and her savior.

"Interesting," said the android. "And who might you be?"

Her savior was a stranger to her, and apparently, to the android. He was tall, clad in simple jeans and a black jacket. Underneath the jacket he was wearing a simple grey body suit. His face was handsome, of what she could see of it, for he wore a mask like Robin's... Nightwing's... that covered his eyes. Except it wasn't black. It was blood-red. Long black hair fell into his face.

He grinned, showing perfect white teeth.

"Clearly your memory banks don't go back that far," the young man answered, in a voice that was deep and a little raspy. "Otherwise you'd remember me... and run away."

"I never run," the Slade-Android spat. Starfire was startled by how much of Slade's personality it contained. "And if you are here, concerned for the girl, I can tell you won't be much of a challenge."

"Oh yeah?" the young man asked, pulling out a large grey firearm. "How much you wanna bet?"

Without another word, he fired the gun. Starfire winced at the loud snap of the air, but was more astonished when the android was hit. It sparked and hissed. The young human had hit it dead center of the forehead.

Sparks flying, the android fell to its knees, and then clattered forward. Starfire stared at it. Then she turned her attention to the young man, who was holding out her hand for her.

"You all right?" he asked her. She nodded, taking his hand and letting him pull her to her feet.

"I thank you," she said, truly grateful. "But who are you? And how did you know Slade?"

"Long time back," the man answered. "I had an encounter with him. He beat me then. I was hoping to intimidate this droid, but I guess he wasn't as hard to beat as his master."

"Indeed," Starfire agreed. "But again, I must ask... who are you? You seem... familiar."

"Do I?" the young man laughed. "Well, we can have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better."

He held out his hand again, this time to shake hers.

"My name's Red Hood," he said, smiling roguishly. "But please, call me Jason."

And as before, cartoon Starfire and Teen Titans, Dark Knight Batman characters... Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd. And not just the cartoon version(although this Jason is still a teen). The actual actor playing him in real life. That's who. He could do it. I've watched Supernatural.