Little Murmurs

The sun rose past the mountain, piercing the sky with golden light. Bursting though the window and casting a kaleidoscope of light onto Billy's face, he squints his eyes not daring to turn his face away from the morning come. Billy had laid in bed for long enough, a chance of sleep long gone as his mind wondered though days past.

The summer afforded him the comfort of sleeping with no more than what modesty requires, giving the pleasure of the sun warming his bare chest. He walked out to the balcony, into the sunlight to observe the new day. Thinking: "What will this day have to offer? He placed his hand over his soft heart- wishing for something he dare not speak.

"Fly!" he whispered to him self, blue magic sparked from his tongue and he took to the sky as easily as the sparrows. Lifting up into the blue sky leaving his place of rest behind. Of all the worldly comforts allotted to him, Billy wished to be left alone but he dare not say the words, for fear of the curse he would inflict.

Flying far above the world, which his Father ruled, higher than anyone would suspect more from his shadow than that of a bird flying overhead. He viewed the world with his human eyes, where everything becomes unknowable in the distance.

"Sight" he commands, and his vision becomes clearer than any telescope would allow. The moment before the day beings in the minds of men below, the sun greats a peaceful world, even the cobblestone is fresh with the exit of night.

"Hearing" The music of the morning came to him as simply as an eternal orchestra waiting for the cue. The birds singing the rustle of early morning mutes, musing the movement of the days as he, himself, performs in unison with these men.

A crash though the trees caught his attention, off beyond the border of the city a spray of birds, their song turning into cries agents their disturbance, caught the edge of his sight and hearing.

"Focus" he wished to know the unusual event. He peered in close, closing off the rest of the world. A beast burst though the trees after the birds, a demonic sized bat following the birds up into the heaven. Continuing its melodic beat even when the birds brake away.

Such a curious creature drawing in Billy's imagination towards a horrible wonder; what sort of hideous beast could sing with such simple activity?

Billy started to fly towards the mystery presented, till he was disturbed by a call: "Prince Kaplan!" The wind came "Price Kaplan!"

"Normalize" silence came, nothing but the breeze from the deep blue sky greeted his senesces. A moment of silence caught his thoughts.

"Teleport Home, balcony." A flash of blue light wiped him out of existence. The sun shone down onto the town below. The first few people left their home to greet the day and meet its challenges.