I'm back! And in school! I'm finally going back to the old cast. I figured it'd be nice, I've devoted so much time to the new cast I kinda forgot about this one. Season 5 can't come any sooner, huh? Ok, I'm rambling, here's the story everybody!

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One trip to the store. I go in, get some things, go out and head home. What could go wrong?

Apparently a lot.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning. I'm Duncan Matthews. Yes, that Duncan Matthews. Total Drama, million dollars, love triangle. That one, only four years later. If you all are gonna freak out, hound me for an autograph or something, then just get out. I'm in no mood to deal with you. This is not a pleasant story.

Allright, so let's begin.

It was about 10 PM, it was a Monday night, and I was exhausted. I had just gotten home because some clown at the tattoo parlor said the tat I had spent the last three hours working on sucked, and that he wouldn't pay. Naturally, I got kinda pissed. If a guy doesn't like my work then whatever, but he asked for the tat, it was my design (many of which were influenced by my extremely talented girlfriend), and no matter what he thought, he was paying up.

So we went back and forth a bit, eventually we took it outside, and I beat the shit out of him. Okay, slight exaggeration. He was a pretty good fight, a lot tougher than I expected, and he made me work for it. But I won. End of story.

Thanks to some miracle I'll never be able to explain, my face wasn't too badly scratched up. My chest and forearms took most of the beating, so I'd be able to hide it from Gwen until I thought of a decent excuse. I was toying with "some guy tried to mug me" bullshit, but come on… who mugs a guy with a green mohawk?

So I was exhausted, in a good mood because I destroyed the guy (and actually did mug him in the process... Come on, he had it coming!), but I was still exhausted.

"Duncan!" My girlfriend's voice called out from the other room.

I groaned a bit. Normally I'd be fine with whatever she'd be asking, but I was so tired that I wasn't in the mood to do anything.

"What?" I answered back. I tried my best to hide my irritation, but I guess I wasn't able to conceal all of it.

"We're out of milk and cereal. Can you run down to the store and get some? We have nothing else for breakfast tomorrow.

I groaned again. "Can't I just go tomorrow? We'll get a donut or something. I'm tired."

"It'll take you five minutes. Just do it, please?"

"What's so bad about my idea?"

"Donuts are bad for you. You know that." She paused, then added seductively, "If you go, you'll be rewarded tomorrow."

Ok, now there's some incentive. That's one of things I love about Gwen. Well, not just that, but the fact that she was willing to compromise with me, period. I know I'm the last person in the world you'd think would say this, but communication really is key to a strong relationship. Believe me, after everything that happened with Courtney, it feels amazing to be with someone I have some common ground with.

I grabbed my keys and hopped into my car. Not just any car, my black Lamborghini. Yeah, I finally ditched my motorcycle. We had some fun times, we really did, but eventually we decided that we needed an actual car at some point. So I went out and blew half my prize money on this baby (one of the few things Gwen's ever gotten really pissed at me about.) But hey, I figured if I was gonna go out and get a car, there was no way in hell I was gonna settle down. This thing is loud and fast and it's showing off. A match made in heaven. It was a pretty good call, if I say so myself, because eventually Gwen grew to like it too. Come on, it's a fucking Lamborghini, who isn't in love with a car this cool?

I knew I was speeding once I got on the road, but I was so tired that I didn't care. Punch in, get some things, punch out. That was my entire thought process. The rest of my thoughts were just a blur.

Well, if there's one thing that can snap me out of trance like that, it's sirens. Sure enough, I looked back and saw two cop cars right behind me. So I did what any reasonable person would do in that circumstance. I floored it and hoped I'd lose them. I'm being sarcastic of course, it was an incredibly stupid move in retrospect, but I remind you. It's a fucking Lamborghini. I thought I could outdrive anything.

The car itself did its job, I was able to evade them for a good twenty minutes, but apparently they called backup, because I found myself face to face with a roadblock.

At this point, I finally slowed down and pulled over. I was not going to get my baby totaled. The cops got out of the cars behinds me… and yeah, they didn't look too happy.

A particularly angry looking one approached me first.

"Name, please?"

"Duncan Matthews." I said in a monotone. I knew this procedure all too well, the best plan of action was to just shut up.

"Do you have some identification?"

"Yes, officer." I replied in the same monotone as I handed him my license.

By now, the other officers were beside him. They were all looking at the license while stealing glances at me. One of them seemed to be studying me particularly hard. Finally, he spoke up.

"I know you…" he trailed off. He had obviously seen me on the show or the news or something, he was just trying to put his finger on it. I was starting to get nervous. If they found out who I was, they were not going to go easy on me.

"I got it!" he exclaimed. "You're that punk that was on that TV show! You're the one that escaped the detention center!"

Damn it. I was exposed. Sure enough, the officers were quick to arrest me, and before I knew it, I was in a police station, and the officers were going through my records. I gulped a bit. I was extremely nervous now. If they found some other things in there…

"Mr. Matthews," one of them interrupted my thoughts. "It seems that we have a bit of a problem with your records."

Speak of the devil.

"What's that officer?" I asked, still in monotone. I could not afford to piss them off here.

"Many of your offenses were never properly addressed in court. Most of them ended in mistrials. Now that these cases have been reopened, they will need to be properly settled."

Oh shit. I did remember something about that. The show's lawyers told me that they had handled all my cases because they needed me back on the show for ratings (I know, I'm that good) but they did say that they may have to be resettled. And considering the way those officers were looking at me, they were gonna be settled sooner rather than later.

I hadn't said anything in response, so the officer continued. "You will need a lawyer, and I'd recommend a good one. These cases will not be easy to settle. If the verdict isn't kind to you, I'm talking years in prison for you."

Ok, now I saw Gwen's logic. I only had about fifty thousand dollars left of my winnings, and that had to be used on the house we'd just bought. I couldn't spend all my savings on a lawyer!

"I… I can't afford one!" I said exasperated. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Find a way to afford one. That, or place yourself in the hands of a public attorney. Your choice."

Yeah, even I knew that public attorneys sucked. That would just guarantee me going to prison. Man, would I have to spend all my savings on this? I couldn't afford a foreclosure.

"We'll be giving you your one phone call now." the officer said to me. "Who knows, maybe you can get your ex to defend you. Best of luck!"

He walked away with a sneer. He was clearly mocking me, but his suggestion wasn't half bad… from a financial standpoint anyway. If I could get Courtney to defend me (and if I could put up with her nagging) then I'd be off the hook! That being said, there was still the obstacle of, you know, actually getting her to defend me. This was definitely going to be the hardest step.

Another officer led me to a phone booth, and walked away to leave me in peace. At least some people in this building are decent folk. After a bit of thinking (in the process of trying to forget all things Courtney, I had actually almost forgotten her phone number) I entered the number for her PDA. She still had that stupid thing, last time I checked. I was praying she hadn't switched it out for an iPhone or something.

After three rings, she picked up. "Courtney Garcia, how may I help you?"

Despite my circumstance, it took all I had not to laugh. Still uptight as ever, she almost sounded like a secretary on the other line. Finally, I recomposed myself. "Uh… yeah, Courtney? … This is Duncan."

There was a pause for about ten seconds. I won't lie, I braced myself a little bit. I thought she was going to go on one of her infamous tirades. Or even worse, hang up.

"What do you want?" she finally spoke, venom spewing from every word. "If you're calling to take me back, then I'll have you know…"

"… It's not about that." I cut her off. Her voice had been escalating pretty quickly. She hadn't blown up just yet, but if I wasn't careful, it sounded like she would.

"I've… got myself in a bit of a mess, and… uh… you're the best lawyer I know."

Correction. The only lawyer I know, but come on. I was trying to win her over here. I had to at least sell it.

"And what makes you think I'd help you?" she shot back. "After what you did to me, and everything I had to go through, you're lucky…"

It sounded like a good time to cut her off again. "Look, we've had our issues in the past… but I think this could benefit both of us."

"Really? How?" she challenged.

Oh shit. I had nothing "Uhh… think of the… exposure you'd get." I finally said in my ditch effort. "If you could get me out of this, just think of how your reputation would grow. You'd be huge!"

Another pause. If I knew Courtney (which I hoped I still did… wow, never thought I'd say that again), she was definitely considering this. I gulped again. Everything I had hung in the balance.

"I'll do it." she finally said.

A huge wave of relief surged through me. "Thank you so much, Courtney. I…"

Now it was her turn to cut me off. "…If you do one thing for me in return."

Ok, I was back to being nervous. "What's that?" I asked, afraid of the answer I might get.

"You get back together with me."

Yeah, that one.

Yeah... Duncan/Courtney will be the focus of the majority of this fic, just note that it will be Duncan/Gwen in the end... so no flames please. Either side. I got the idea for this story after I rewatched all the audition tapes, and I just thought, how on earth is he not back in prison, he broke out of the damn place! So here we are. As always, suggestions are always welcomed, and please review!