Well, I guess first off I should say Happy New Year's Day to all my fellow FanFictioners! 2012 is officially in the books, and I for one am looking forward to a great 2013! What better way to christen the new year than a new chapter? The moment you've all been waiting for... chapter 4 everybody!

After we finally got back from the courthouse, it was about eight at night. Courtney decided to "let me go" for a while because she had to review the details for the other trial coming up.

Despite the fact I really hadn't done anything all day, the stress of everything that had just happened to me over the last couple of days had completely taxed me. I mean, I had a full-blown headache going on, my eyelids felt heavy, my body was totally devoid of any energy... to put it simply, I felt like shit.

With Courtney only having one bedroom, I was relegated to sleeping on the couch. Despite what that implied, it wasn't that bad. It was a pretty comfy couch, and it was right next to the TV, so I had at least some form of entertainment.

I plopped down on the couch and started flipping through the channels, but I didn't exactly like most of what I saw.

"Duncan Matthews, a former contestant of the Total Drama series..."


"... a convicted felon with multiple arrests by the age of sixteen..."


"... was declared not guilty on all counts in the first of two postponed trials. Debate ensues..."


"... on whether the clause used to exonerate him is legitimate. As for his upcoming trial..."

Seriously? With all the problems in the world right now, they have nothing else to cover? I wasn't even that pissed about the mere fact they were covering me (hey, news is news), but the way they were portraying it all really irked me. I mean, I'll admit I've had my fair share of problems, probably more than most people, but I hadn't committed a crime in years. Ok, I still get into fights sometimes, but it's not like I'm just picking fights for the hell of it. (That's the dude in cell 6.) If I'm throwing punches at someone, then that jackass deserves it.

Yet station after station seemed to keep pounding and pounding the same fucking message to people; that I was a menace to society and that I needed to be behind bars. All of this was reignited by a traffic ticket, I remind you! Maybe it is the mohawk...

After learning that Courtney was kind enough to block ESPN for me, I finally found my way to one of them entertainment channels.

Thankfully, they were showing something about the new cast instead. Apparently the season had just ended, and some guy who Doris could probably beat up actually ended up winning. Against an insane athlete, too! Granted, the challenge was to build a battle suit, and the athlete looked painfully stupid, but still. That's an outcome I didn't see coming.

Some redhead and a skinny tan dude were the new season's power couple. The guy also had something where he'd randomly change personalities or some weird shit like that. Gotta give props to the girl there. That's commitment right there. But then this Jersey girl is in love with one of the dude's personalities, so she keeps going after the redhead. That's just awesome. Stupid, but awesome.

The fans also fell head over heels for this creepy psychic girl who reads auras (whatever the hell those are.) And because they apparently have nothing better to do with their time, the fans started insisting that she had to end up with this evil redneck dude who got wrecked by a shark. But all the evidence on the show indicated that she'd end up with this big black guy who was mute. Um... yeah, I don't want to go down this road again. This looks like me, Gwen, and Courtney all over again.

Some gamer managed to land a mega hot billionaire heiress who got mutated because of the island. She's at least 20 feet tall now. And prone to rage outbursts. Yet they were still together. And the money was a complete nonfactor. Like, it had absolutely no role in the decision. None. Yeah, I see nothing wrong with that picture.

There were also rumors surrounding some cadet and some girl who kinda seemed like Eva without the rage issues. That guy isn't gonna be whipped or anything.

"And speaking of Total Drama, our coverage of former winner Duncan continues!"

Great. More coverage. I was just about to change the channel again when I heard, "What does this mean for Gwuncan? We asked Gwen earlier today."

The screen showed Gwen in our apartment with a bunch of microphones and cameras in her face. I felt bad for her. It was my fault that all this was happening. She did nothing to deserve this.

"Gwen, what's your take on your boyfriend returning to his criminal ways?"

"Well, first off, all he did was get a traffic ticket. That could happen to anybody. But his past is his past, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it catching up to him. It sucks, and it's frustrating, but it was inevitable I guess."

"What are your thoughts on Courtney being his lawyer?" another reporter asked.

"I don't know what to think. She obviously did well, but I really don't know what to make of it. I don't know what to make of any of this. He hasn't contacted me at all. No phone call, no text, no email, nothing. It's frustrating, yeah, given their history, and that he hasn't even offered an explanation yet. I really have no clue what to think."

"Do you think he's cheating on you?" a third reporter asked.

Gwen seemed to hesitate a bit before answering that question. "Umm... I'd like to say no, he's not, end if story... but I don't know. He could very well be cheating on me. He's given literally no explanation for his decision. I can't give you a definite answer, but it's certainly a possibility. I don't know."

After that they cut back to the anchors, but I'd already seen enough. I was beyond pissed at this point. I turned off the TV angrily and went straight to Courtney's bedroom. I pounded the door so hard that the whole building probably heard me.

The door opened almost immediately. "What, Duncan?"

"Talk. Now." I demanded. I wasn't yelling, but I don't think I've ever used a more scathing tone in my life.

"Duncan, what..."

"Don't give me that crap!" I cut her off. "Why are you doing this? This whole thing is fake! I don't care how many clauses you put in that contract..."


"Whatever! This isn't a real relationship, and you know it! My heart's not in it. My heart's with Gwen. Keep up this charade, fine, my hands are tied. But why are you forcing this? Why can't I speak to Gwen?"

Courtney gave me a smirk that could rival my own.

"Really, Duncan?" she finally answered. "Really? I call you a Neanderthal, but you're smart. You should've figured this out."

I gave her a confused look. She gave me another smirk. "Ok, fine. I'll spell it out for you. You hurt me more than anything. You ditched me for months and left me all alone on that crappy plane full of people that hated me. And then as soon as you came back, you cheated on me with the one person that didn't. And you didn't even apologize! You treated me like dirt! You kicked me when I was down, and I know you didn't regret it. And I had no way to make you regret. There was no way to make you feel the pain that I felt!"

Oddly enough, she wasn't yelling. Throughout the whole rant, she was as level as I'd ever seen her. There was a condescending tone, obviously, but no signs of anger. She seemed even more confident than usual. I had a bad feeling that she was just getting to the good part.

She pulled out her PDA. I'm aware this device is outdated, so mock it if you will, but I've found that with consistent updating, this ancient device still works as well as any smartphone. And it's significantly cheaper, too."

If I was clueless before, I was braindead at that point. What the hell did her PDA have to do with anything?

"Anyway, this thing can still stream news as quick as the rest of them. So imagine what was racing through my mind when I saw your name pop up on my screen saying that you were getting arrested."

Ok, this was leading to something...

You hurt me because you took away the love of my life and one of my closest friends in one fell swoop. That's how you hurt me..."

Her eyes drilled into mine.

"So that's how I intended to hurt you. And judging from your reaction, from Gwen's reaction, I think it's safe to say I've done a pretty good job.

"So what about when this is over? You can't keep me here forever. At some point, when the trial's over, I'm going to see Gwen again, and then I can explain everything."

Yet another smirk. "You wish it were that simple. But it isn't. You have absolutely no leverage right now. Zero. One false move, and I walk, at which point you're putting a very, very difficult case in the hands of a public defense lawyer. Good luck with that."

She was just toying with me at this point. As much as I hated to admit it, she had complete and total control. And she was reveling in it.

"Thus, I'm going to offer you a proposition that, like or not, you can't possibly refuse. Say yes, and I'm still your lawyer, you'll win the case, and you can see Gwen again. Granted, she may or may not want to see you after this, but I won't deny you the opportunity. Say no, and you'll spend twenty years in prison, and you'll be free at forty years young and without future prospects."

Yeah, remember that bad feeling? It was still there. And I still felt that it was about to get even worse. But like she said, I had no leverage. I couldn't say no.

"Ok, fine. What's the proposition?"

The smirk she gave me then probably topped me and Gwen's combined. "Well, Gwen is rather concerned about us being alone. Well, those worries will soon be realized. We're sealing the deal tonight, and the world will know tomorrow."

As I thought this over, something clicked. "Wait... sealing the deal... you're not implying?"

"I am. Sex is the ultimate symbol of commitment. You're telling the world about said commitment tomorrow. I'm sure Gwen will understand. Choose wisely."

Yep... that bad feeling was there, all right.

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