Title: Sea, Wisdom, and Thieves.

Author: Perseia Jackson.

Summery: The gods feared her. She was seemingly the perfect warrior, a blend of Athena and Poseidon. They had good reason to fear her, but now they need her to save them. But will she work with those she blames for her parents and brothers death?

Pairings: Percy/Annabeth, TBD (to be determined).

Warnings: Some harsh language, violence.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything you recognize. I own Danae and Sawyer, and future OC's, but anything you recognize I do not own.

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AN: So, I shouldn't be putting up new stories but I am anyway. I will still be paying attention to all my stories, my main focus being The Forgotten Daughter and Waking Up The Ghost for now. This story may join the list of my favorite stories I've thought up. I hope you all like it as well. It is a Percabeth, for those Percabeth lovers. I figured it was time i wrote at least one with a Percabeth outcome.

The story focus though is on Danae, their daughter.

Sea, Wisdom, and Thieves.

Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm.

The war against Gaea had ended anti-climatically...sort of. Percy Jackson had put Gaea back to sleep with the help of the other six of the seven and it had been an old friends temporary return that made it possible.

Luke Castellan had once again become the hero. The one who'd keep an oath with his final breath. Percy knew how hard it had been for Annabeth to see Luke die, again. Styx, it had been hard for him.

That was in 2012, it was now two years later. He was married to Annabeth – a proposal which almost got him thrown off mount. Olympus by Athena. If there was a definition for Monster-in-Law in the dictionary, Athena's picture would be with it.

The news that Annabeth was pregnant was met by mixed reactions though. Far worse in some ways then when he'd proposed to Annabeth. He'd expected Athena to vaporize him painfully the moment the words had left his lips.

Poseidon, and surprisingly Aphrodite were thrilled, but most of the others were weary. Athena mostly through worry for her daughter and monster attacks. Apollo and Hermes were pretty happy for them but were still a but cautious. But the others.

Zeus wasn't to thrilled about baby born through the union of two very powerful demigods. One born of one of the big three and the other of the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. He'd been talked down by the council from taking drastic action brought on by his paranoia. But he'd basically let them know he'd be watching.

Percy and Annabeth had wanted to get angry. They thought better of it though. They didn't want to push Zeus, less he did something to try and hurt Annabeth and the baby. That was eight months ago...give or take a few days.

Currently the small, yet growing family sat on the couch, watching Christmas shows. Seeing as it was that time of year the TV was full of Christmas time movies and cartoons. Annabeth was cuddled into her husbands side, her feet curled up under her.

Being only twenty-one the couple weren't that different physically then they had been at seventeen. Percy was taller, 6'3 and maybe a little more toned and had lost any baby fat he'd once had. But his tanned skin, emotional sea green eyes and black messy hair were the same.

Annabeth had also lost any baby fat she'd once possessed. Her curly hair was a littler longer then she'd worn it as a teenager or child. She was about 5'9 and usually very well toned but at the moment the daughter of Athena was..round.

Percy had made the mistake of calling her fat during her sixth month and she'd nearly gutted him. She was so large their friends would joke she was having twins.

She wasn't...thank the gods.

Percy was terrified of becoming a father to one baby who could potentially become top on Zeus and half the Olympian counsels hit list, much less two.

"Percy, do you think we'll be good parents?" Annabeth suddenly asked.

Percy glanced down at her, and smiled, amused.

"You've asked that for the last nine months," he said. "The answer hadn't changed. I think we'll be more then good. Especially you."

Annabeth grinned and sat up, throwing her legs out from under her to rest on the floor. Standing she raised her arms above her head and stretched much like a cat.

"Hmm...do you want to order some Chinese?" she asked and Percy reached for the cordless phone.

"Sure, the usual?" he asked.

During the months of her pregnancy Annabeth had the strangest cravings. When she'd started eating sushi with ice (and not the vanilla flavor, but the kind which was chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) he'd begun to worry for his wife's sanity.


"Yeah babe? Do you want something else besides the usual?" he asked, not bothering to look up from finding the number to the nearest Chinese place.

"You might want to get the bags." she said, rolling her eyes.

Percy's head snapped around and his eyes widened. Annabeth was holding her large stomach, her jeans wet, along with a small puddle on the floors.

"It's time?" he practically squeaked. Annabeth glowered at him.

"No, I just pissed on myself," she said sarcastically. "Of course it's time you seaweed brain!"

Percy jumped to his feet and ran around like a chicken with his head cut off, muttering to himself. Annabeth sighed, groaning at the painful contractions. She'd felt worse from war wounds and monsters, but she knew that probably wouldn't last long, or so the logical part of her brain said.

Five minutes later Percy had located the bags and taken them to the car before coming back to help her down the stairs. They currently lived in a second floor apartment while their Montauk home was being built and painted.

"Uh, Percy," Annabeth began, tapping her foot. "What took you so long?"

Percy flushed. "I may have...forgotten you."

Annabeth glared. "Just get me to the hospital."

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the hospital. An hour later at 10: 50 P.M, Annabeth had successfully broken Percy's hand and rendered many near deaf before having a beautiful baby girl.

Percy grinned down at the now dry, soft pink baby in his wife's arms. The baby yawned slightly and blinked wide sea green eyes which had a gray tint to them in the right light. Their were little blonde hairs sprouting from her nearly bald head as well.

"She's beautiful," Percy said, still in awe that he and Annabeth had created this life.

Annabeth smiled. "She already has your eyes."

Percy laughed. "I think she has both our eyes." He then frowned. "How is that? I thought babies were all born with blue eyes."

Annabeth smiled in amusement. "Don't you know Seaweed Brain? Demigod children are always born with the eye color they'll have the rest of their life."

Percy blinked. "But she's not born of a god."

She shook her head. "Doesn't matter. She's a rarity, born of two demigods. It's why most the gods are weary of her. Especially seeing as she's a product of Poseidon and Athena. That has never in then history of the gods happened before."

Percy sighed, a little worried what all this meant for his newborn daughter.

"What should we name her?" he asked.

Annabeth bit her lip. "Well, I've been thinking about that. Your mom named you after Perseus."

"Yeah," Percy began, nodding and unsure where she was going with this. "but I don't think she'd like to be Perseus Jr."

Annabeth snorted. "Of course not, but I thought we could name her after the original Perseus' mother and your mother."

Percy smiled.

"Danae Sally Jackson. It's beautiful, unique but why my mother? Why not yours?" he asked.

Annabeth raised an eyebrow.

"Really? You'd let me name our daughter Athena in any way or form?" she asked with mischief in her gray eyes.

Percy flinched, gulping at the very thought. "No, one Athena is all I can handle."

Annabeth chuckled.

"That's what I thought." She smiled at her husband. "I love you, Perseus Jackson."

He grinned. "And I love you, Annabeth Jackson."

Five Years Later:

Annabeth screamed.

"Why did I let you do this to me again?"she gasped as she pushed her second child into the world.

Percy winced as he felt the bones in his hand grind together.

"I seem to remember you helping," he muttered.

That was a mistake.

Annabeth gave a large push, screamed and broke her husbands hand – again – as she felt the pain ebb away.

"Ow..." Percy groaned, holding his hand to himself once Annabeth had released it.

"Oh suck it up," Annabeth groaned, resting against her pillows.

"It's a boy," the doctor announced, bringing the baby wrapped in blue over to them.

Annabeth and Percy smiled at the watery green eyes which blinked back up at them. Unlike Danae, the boys eyes were the exact shade of sea green as Percy. Not a trace of gray. His little hairs were wavy and dark brown, a mix of his parents hair colors.

"What will we call him?" Annabeth asked. "He doesn't look much like a Cassiopeia."

"No, I guess not," Percy said laughing. "How about Sawyer?"

"Sawyer?" Annabeth asked and Percy smirked.

"You and Athena practically shoved Tom Sawyer down my throat. I figure it's only appropriate I use the knowledge I gained to my advantage."

Annabeth smirked. "Sawyer Charles Jackson. I think it's Perfect. What about you Sawyer?"

The baby moved, snuggling deeper into his mothers arm and they took that as a positive response.

Neither realized how screwed up things would become in only a few short years.