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Chapter 3:

Ib sighed, dainty hands coming to run through dark brown locks of hair. Wide crimson eyes took in the sight of two girls across from her. They were in the very same cafe that, a week ago, Ib met up with that person.


The sixteen-year-old had to keep from sighing outloud again.

Ib was not a child. She did not fancy fairy tales nor did she believe in love at first sight or happily ever after. She was a realist, prefering to take things in as she saw them, and over analyze every situation to keep herself alive. Call it a quirk from her trauma as a child, a disorder, whatever. Her survival instincts just ran on a higher level, is all.

But Garry... Well, she'd been in love with him since she was nine.

Of course, at the time she hadn't known she was in love. Oh, no. She looked up to the violet-haired man like he was another father, a brother even. She gave him the kind of adoration children were supposed to give adults. Time went without seeing him, and her heart ached. She ignored it at first, but she could not keep the harping fact of his absence away for very long. Soon enough, she began dreaming of him, dreaming of kissing and touching him, and letting him touch her where no one else had before and-

Porcelain cheeks heated up in a blush. Now was not the time nor place for thoughts such as that.

"So let me get this straight," One of the girls across from Ib started. She had red hair, but Ib knew it was dyed. The layers fell to the bottom of her breasts in fiery waves, and her big golden eyes regarded Ib with sick satisfaction. Ib new her friend was enjoying this superiority. "You kissed a guy old enough to be your father?"

"Oh, shush, Savannah," the blonde besides her cut in. This girl had short, curly hair and glittery blue eyes that boys could get lost in. "Ib said he was only, like, thirty."

"Twenty-nine," Ib interjeced, "But thanks, Molly."

Molly gave Ib a thumbs-up and Savannah rolled her eyes. "All I'm saying," Savannah began again, "Is that, isn't it weird to be dating a guy who's almost twice your age? I mean, usually I'm the one getting in unhealthy relationships and you're the good friend. What gives?"

"It's not called dating," Ib said. "We never even talked about feelings. I kind of just kissed him and bailed."

It was Molly's turn to sigh then. "Ib!" she scolded, "You can't just do that! Imagine how what's-his-face feels. He's probably goig crazy."

Ib shrugged. "I'm not worried about that. He's an adult. He can handle himself." Biting her lip, she continued, "Besides, he's not interested. He hasn't called me since."

Savannah's eyes suddenly lit up. "Well here's your chance to talk to him. He just walked in."

Sure enough, when Ib whipped around, Garry was standing in the entryway, hair wind-blown and oh, so perfect that she couldn't take it. Not that she'd ever show that part of her, though.

Blowing her bangs out of her face, Ib rose from the booth she was situated in and began walking towards the man who was sitting down at another. She held her head up high in determination, though her heart was pounding and she could hear blood rushing through her ears and, oh dear, was she supposed to be this light-headed?

Immediately, she shook those thoughts out of her brain. Stopping by Garry's booth, she opened her mouth and teased, "What, are you stalking me now?"

The older, to put it gently leapt out of his seat in surprise. His brows furrowed when he saw who was talking to him, but the look smoothed out pretty quickly. "I've been coming here for months," he retorted. "I think you're the one stalking me. Am I right?"

Ib smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know."

All the joking flew out the window when Garry motioned to the place across from him. "Sit down, kid," he said, "We need to talk."

Stomach twisting in painful knots, Ib did as she was told. Oh, she knew where this was going. She so regretted kissing him. Well, not so much kissing him as the consequnces. Those were not nearly as fun as the actual kissing.

"What's up?" She sounded flippant. Good. Awesome.

She'd long learned to hide her emotions.

Garry bit the inside of his cheek. Ib certainly sounded carefree, but that didn't mean he felt the same. His throat was threatening to constrict and colapse on itself and his fingers shook. "We can't-" his voice was an octave too high, so he cleared his throat and tried again. "We can't see each other anymore."

The man had given this lots of thought. He didn't know this Ib-this Ib was dangerous. She threatened to upturn his whole way of life and destroy everything in her path. She was a terrorist on his mind, and he couldn't risk being with her. He had liked the feel of her lips. Liked it way too much. And so he needed to end... this.

Whatever this was.

"Is this because I kissed you?" Ib asked bluntly. Garry felt his ears burn. Ib didn't seem at all shaken up by this.


Fially, he earned a response. A frown settled on her mouth. "Garry," she sad softly, "I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. I was just so excited to be with you, I lost myself. But I'm not the only one to blame."

Garry raised a brow. "Excuse me?"

"You're always calling me a kid," she scowled. "So that means you're the adult, and should take responsibility for this."

"For what?" Garry inquired incredously.

"Making me love you." Her eyes narrowed in accusation and determination. "Garry, you're the grown up here, therefore you need to be the one to take action."

He was trying to take action! That's what him suggesting they stay away from each other way. "And how do I do this?" He questioned.

"By loving me," she said, nodding with a finality.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Molly asked squinting over at the couple a few booths away.

Savannah shrugged. "Probably what dirty things they're going to do to each other when they get home."

Molly blused. "You're awful."

Savannah grinned. "I know."

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