August 9th, 2024

Dear Sparky,

Today I'm going to ask Peppermint Patty to marry me. I know, you're surprised right? Me, whishy washy ol' Charlie Brown, the loveable loser, proposing to a girl. How did I get so courageous? Well, I didn't really. It's not that brave to ask a question when you already know the answer. After Frieda's wedding Peppermint asked me if I was ever going to propose to her.

I couldn't believe it, one moment we were dancing and everything was fine, and the next she had stopped and was demanding to know if we were ever getting married. The conversation went sort of like this:

I stood there for a moment opening and closing my mouth without saying anything when Lucy reached over and poked me, "answer her question you blockhead!"

Schroeder looked at me apologetically and pulled Lucy away, "leave them alone Lu."

Peppermint glared at me, "Well Chuck?"

I gulped but managed to stammer out a reply. "O..Of course Patty, I'm, uh, just waiting for the right moment."

"Well that right moment better be soon Chuck!"

" will."

So here I am Sparky, looking at the engagement ring in my hand, about to go on the date that will change my life.