AN: so this idea came to me after watching an 80's movie called 'Time after time'. Basically it was about H.G. wells (You know the guy that lived in the 1800's and wrote 'war of the worlds' and the 'time traveler') who traveled into the future in order to stop Jack the ripper who stole the time machine in order to escape the police. Amazing movie if you haven't seen it! But anyway it got me thinking…..

Summary: What If there was more than one freak accident During Danny's parent's time at Wisconsin university. What if the proto portal that gave Vlad his powers was actually the second proto type that Maddie and Jack made? What if the first accident was wiped from their memory and from the memory of their professor, by clockwork himself? After all it's not good for one to know their own future…..

Semi revelation fic, After PP!


"Mr. Fenton and Mrs. Walker, I'll have you know that my bio-mechanics classroom is not a place for fairy tales or works of fiction!" Mr. Ripley growled out. "Put that blasted hunk of junk away! Better yet destroy it!"

Maddie walker frowned. "But sir you asked us to come up with a realistic future source of alternative clean energy. This proto portal and proto ecto-converter is my team's response to your challenge."

"Yeah," Jack Fenton chimed in. "All we have to do is start this baby up, stick this wire from the ecto- converter into the portal, the wire collects the natural radiation that ectoplasm gives off as a byproduct and sends it back to the converter itself, which will then convert the radiation into electricity and power the light bulb that we have connected to it!"

Mr. Ripley looked like he was about to blow a gasket. "For the millionth time! There is no such thing as ectoplasm, which in turn means that ghosts are not real and that the ghost zone is fabricated as well! So this will not work!"

"That's not true! Just because you haven't seen a ghost doesn't mean they don't exist! I mean take atoms for example, their all around us! In fact everything in the universe is made up of them, but yet we can't see them with the naked eye!" Maddie argued.

"But we have scientific evidence that Atoms exist!" Mr. Ripley defended "we have no evidence that the souls of the departed walk around on earth. I mean come now, do you actually believe that there really are creatures that can defy gravity and phase threw solid objects? It's just not possible!"

"It is so possible, we already know that if molecules vibrate fast enough then they can phase threw solid objects and even shift to a lighter density so they can… float, in a sense! It's basic Quantum Physics!" Maddie snapped.

Mr. Ripley sighed before turning to last person in Maddie's team. Who had been predictably quite threw out this whole ordeal. "Mr. Masters do you truly believe that this….. Contraption will work?"

Vlad masters glanced up at his Professor before returning his nervous gaze to the floor. "Well…I…uh," Vlad swallowed before glancing up at his two best friends who were looking at him expectantly. Jack sent him a nod of encouragement but that wasn't too effective. Vlad's eyes then settled on the face of his long time crush, Maddie. She had her hands clasped together—almost as if she were in prayer—with a pleading look on her face. Vlad felt his heart skip a beat at the realization that she needed him to defend her. Vlad smiled at the thought of being her hero, even if it was for doing something as small as lying to their Bio-mechanics teacher about what he believed. "Well the calculations behind the portal are sound Sir… Could you at least give us a chance to show you that we are not nuts? I mean come on what's a five minuet presentation going to do? After all we are the only three students in your class so it's not like we're going to hold anyone else up."

"Ugh," Mr. Ripley sighed in defeat as he dragged his hand down his face. "Fine."

"Boo-Ya!" Jack bellowed as he powered up the machines and was about to throw the switch.

"Wait jack! I didn't activate any of the safety measures yet!" Maddie cried as she tried to stop jack from flipping the on switch but she was too late.

The portal turned on, small bolts of electricity jumping from the metal frame. Then there was a very bright flash of light and all the occupants in the room had to hide their hands behind their eyes.

But just as quickly as the light had come it faded away.

The three students stood there dumbstruck, not entirely sure what to do with the fact that there 200pt project just failed miserably.

Mr. Ripley applauded. "I must say, that was more than I was expecting. Though regardless I still have to fail all three of you now."

"Fail…. You can't fail us! That's totally bogus!" Jack complained as he watched his professor turn to leave the class room.

"Well I'm sorry Mr. Fenton but…." Mr. Ripley stopped short when the room was suddenly cast in an eerie green glow.

Everyone turned their attention to the proto portal once again to find that there was now a green swirling hexagon within the frame of the machine.

"IT WORKED! Whaoooo! IT WORKED!" Jack bellowed from the top of his lungs as he did a victory dance. Maddie screeched in excitement and joined Jack in his fun, while Vlad face palmed at his friends antics.

Mr. Ripley's eye twitched. "That's amazing…. How…did…." The professor was at a loss for words.

Vlad was the only one who stayed level headed throughout all the excitement and he noticed something that worried him. The pencils and other small objects that were on the desk next to him began to shake and slowly move towards the portal.

"Uh…..Maddie… what exactly were the safety measures meant to prevent?" Vlad asked nervously.

Maddie stopped her joyful dancing and looked over towards Vlad.

"Well there was the slightest possibility that the portal could create its own gravitational pull, the measurers were meant to prevent that. Why?"

Vlad didn't get a chance to answer her question because she figured it out for herself when a hoard of random small items began to fly from their place in the room and strait into the green swirly portal.

The small group watched in horror as the portals frame sparked and then broke, allowing the portal itself to expand in size. Soon the small 1ft by 1ft portal became a 6ft by 7ft vortex that began to pull Vlad, Maddie, Jack, and Mr. Ripley into it.

They all blacked out.


Vlad groaned as he sat up and glanced around him. He was sitting in the middle of a park, small items from the classroom were scattered around him with a few large desks as well. He looked behind him to see Maddie and Mr. Ripley sitting up slowly, Jack was pinned under a desk.

"Heh… Uh, think you could help me out V-man?" Jack asked.

"Uh sure hang on." Vlad said as he got to his feet and made his way over to Jacks side. "Ok ready? 1, 2, 3!" Vlad moaned as he pushed the large desk off of jacks back.

Maddie helped her professor up off the ground.

"Where the hell are we?" Mr. Riley asked out loud as he dust his hands off on his pants.

"I don't know, but look at this." Maddie said as she pointed toward a statue that was sitting on the top of a near hill. It was the only area that was lit.

Mr. Ripley looked up at the statute; it was of a young boy holding up what appeared to be planet earth. The boy had a determined look on his face and an interesting stylized 'D' on his chest.

"That's a big statue…" Jack gasped out as Vlad helped him stand up.

"Thank you for your brilliant observation Mr. Fenton." Mr. Ripley said dryly.

"Well don't just stand there come on lets go see if the statue can tell us any clues about where we are!" Vlad suggested as he ran up the side of the hill.

Maddie laughed and followed Vlad with Jack and Mr. Ripley hot on her heels. When they got to the top of the hill they noticed a gold plaque at the base of the statue.

"This statue is a memorial of the day that Danny phantom saved the world. A statue like this one stands in every capital of every country all across the world because without him we wouldn't have this world." Mr. Ripley read out loud.

"Who the heck is Danny Phantom? I've never even heard of him!" Jack bellowed in confusion.

"Uh…. Forget that look at the date on the plaque! It says it was commissioned in 2009!" Maddie stuttered out. Now coming to a sudden realization that they had somehow ended up in the future.

"Well…" Vlad said with a nervous laugh. "At least we now know the world won't end in 1999."


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AN: the reason Vlad and jack are so buddy buddy is because this takes place before the portal accident that gave Vlad his powers.

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