I opened the window in my bedroom and felt a breeze flow in waves through my hair, damp from the bath I took previously. "Tonight was going to be the night," I thought. He knew about me, I finally got him to notice me. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on his physique, so strong and lean, I had to have him. He dressed in a handsome black suit, but I could see the shadows of his muscles. Chiseled abs, hard shoulder blades, a posterior round and plump, large pale hands, such friendly looking hands. I wanted him to rub my body up and down with his fingertips.

I had watched him from behind a huge tree, longing for his embrace. He roamed the woods near my back yard and put notes on the trees. Words of anger, loneliness, and sorrow. I knew I could make everything alright for him. I sprawled out in my lace bra and thong on top of my bed and waited for him. It didn't take long before the beautiful creature found his way through my window. His face was blank, but I could tell he saw me. He was aroused by my curvy body, big breasts, and apple-shaped bottom. I sat up and bit down seductively on my lower lip. "I love you darling, I have been watching you from afar for too long. You don't have to be alone anymore. I accept you." I extended my arms towards his direction and gazed at him with a warm smile on my face. He approached me and sat on the bedside, staring at me. I crawled closer to him and placed my hands on his chest, fondling him.

I caressed his cheek and pressed my body against his, sitting in his lap. He moaned softly and I felt him become very hard, his penis pushing up against my pelvis. I started to thrust a little against his boner, so horny, wanting him. Two tentacles extended from his back and wrapped each one around both of my thighs. A few others squeezed my breasts and curled around my nipples. I sighed in contentment and let him have his way with me. He moaned again, the tentacles around my thighs squeezed harder. He reached inside the front of my thong with his right hand and rubbed my clitoris. I became so wet that squishing noises emitted from my hungry vagina. In a flash I was on my back, legs wide open. He ripped my thong off with his bare hands. He unbuckled his black slacks and dropped them to the floor revealing his muscular thighs.

His throbbing penis was as slender as he was. He mounted me and pushed his manhood inside me and humped generously. The sex was phenomenal. He came inside me, the semen so thick and warm, filling me up. After climaxing my eyelids became heavy and I fell into darkness. Before I fell asleep I told him I loved him, the last thing I saw was his pale face. He mumbled in a deep baritone voice, "Always watching." When I woke up he was gone, the window closed. I haven't seen him since that night and the notes have disappeared. But sometimes when I lie in bed at night, I swear I can feel him looking at me, watching over me in the dark.