I was talking to Jae Onasi over at Lucasforums about a post I had made on her Facebook wall, and she commented that it sounded like me creating a new story. Oddly enough I had an idea from one of the people I reviewed that had hit my buttons; specifically the Youngling question; at what age do you collect these new kids?

At this point you're all saying, oh gods, someone gave Mach another idea!

So take the movie Adventures in Babysitting; replace the main character with (at the moment) Padawan Kavar who is assigned to babysit the younglings at the Coruscant Temple who (With the exception of Atris, Bastila and Revan) are mine with the exception that the three characters mentioned are my reads on them...

What do you think is going to happen?

A/N Additional note: If you have been a reader of My Wrath of the Witch Maiden, I mentioned that other stories intruded and had to be written. One was selling material (Which means I will be paid for it) but this was one of the others. So Enjoy!

Baby-sitting; Jedi Style

Padawan Kavar walked into his single room, then jerked his fisted arm down in an 'all right' gesture. Two years as a Padawan learner with Nomi Sunrider, and a triumphal return to the Coruscant Temple for his reassignment!

He slipped on his earbuds, and clicked the recorder that was set for the Neutronium rock band Mastersludge's 'The Republic is falling, Hurrah!' He fell into the steps for the Permellian shuffle, swaying to the music. Then at the musical bridge, leaped, turned and froze.

Master Nomi Sunrider was leaned against the door frame, smiling as she watched. Kavar shut off the recorder, and pulled the ear buds from his ears. "Master! I-"

Nomi laughed softly. "I was young once, my apprentice." She chided him gently. "Even Master Vandar was a child once."

He tried to think of Vandar; who was by his own admission over eight hundred years old as a Youngling. But it was beyond Kavar's imagination.

Nomi took pity on the 17 year old. "We are still discussing who shall be your master for the next portion of your training, but something has come up." She stood tall. "All of the masters and knights have been called to a special session of the Senate that will run for the rest of the evening. But we have found a special assignment for you tonight."

"Tell me what to do!" He cried with zeal.

"We have several younglings in the transient barracks, and they need someone to ride herd tonight. Master Vrook considered you very qualified."

Vrook! Kavar felt his heart sink. The Master from Dantooine was as unyielding as neutronium, and was sure to have a new idea in the time plutonium 244 went through a half-life; try 80 million years. He wanted to fall to his knees whining like a youngling himself, but he was made of sterner stuff. "When do I assume this duty, Master?"

Nomi looked at her chronometer. "Ten minutes ago, my apprentice." She saw his woebegone face and laughed. "Take heart! They don't know yet. I would run down and take control!"

"He sighed, dumping the recorder on his bed. "How many-"

"Only five, my young apprentice, all destined to be either assigned to a temple, or ready to be Padawan. It is easy work, my young one."

Kavar sighed inwardly while looking ready to face the Sith Armada. He walked past his master, but inwardly he sighed again. [i]I am so hosed[/i].

It was fifteen levels from the assigned Padawan quarters to the transient barracks. He stepped off the lift, squaring his shoulders. He'd walk in like Padawan Mooreth all those years ago when he had been transient before his initial assignment, command them with a word, and be in control.

He had just reached the door to the transient barracks before he heard two girls screaming in outrage. He rushed, slamming open the door. There was no one in sight-

The fresher door exploded outward as a young man of around 13 flew through it to slam into the wall. As he collapsed bonelessly, two girls stormed from the fresher. He recognized the first one; Marai Devos from his own Corellian temple, followed by a younger girl with almost flaming red hair.

"You worm! You're no better than a huttling you barve!"

"Yeah!" the girl with his acquaintance added.

"Marai-" Kavar began.

"Shut up, Kavar, I'm busy." She snapped. "You perverted little sack of Ronto droppings! I should smash you through the wall!"



"Shut it, Kavar! If you had any social skills, you could actually ask a woman to undress! But no, you have to slip in using Jedi camouflage and peek like some kind of worm-"

"Better than you deserve!" The helpful shadow added.


"I told you to..." He could picture her rounding on him, and in this case he had to imagine it, because- "Kavar? Why are you covering your eyes?"

He considered several options in the next few milliseconds, then decided on what Master Sunrider had taught him, which was to speak the truth. "I think he might pay more attention to your [i]words[/i] if you put some clothes on before you scream at him."

"Oh firefeck!" She screamed. He waited, then uncovered his eyes. Except for the boy that was still staggering, no one else was in the room. The boy looked at him, his age indeterminate because his head was shaved, with heavy tattoos.

"You couldn't have waited maybe three more minutes?" The boy asked.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Kavar grumbled to himself.