The Evil Within

Chapter One

It was a quiet, warm morning in Minnie's Melodyland. The sun seemed to bake everyone in the whole playground. However, for Agent Mr. Curly and Agent Ginger suspicions were high. Minnie Mouse seemed to have much to do that week, and she was busier than a bee. Yet, if anyone asked she would say, "I'm sorry but I can't talk right now." and she would run. Undercover Agent Ginger was watching her like a hawk.

"Target doesn't seem to be doing anything, Agent Curly. She's just prancing around like an idiot... Over," She spoke carefully into her radio. She waited for the answer.

"Tell me if you need backup. Over," came the muffled voice of Agent Curly through the radio.

"Thanks. Over," She replied.

It was quite boring the rest of the day. Watching Minnie was beginning to be like watching a Nascar race. Nothing but something going around and around and around again.

It was around 5:00 to 5:30 when the entire playground was empty except for Minnie and Ginger, but Ginger was not in sight of Minnie.

Minnie looked around, and then started toward one of the trumpets in the playground, which was the opposite way she was going before she noticed she was alone.

"Agent Curly, do you copy?"


"Target is on the move, she looks quite suspicious. Backup would be great."

"Alright, I'm on my way. Over,"

Ginger's heart sank. By backup she meant at least ten agents to surround Minnie and bring her back for interrogation. Agent Curly wasn't new, but he wasn't the stealthiest agent the world had.

"I'm here." came a voice behind her.

Ginger whirled around and saw a blue monkey in a black tuxedo and a top hat.

She stifled a laugh. "That's your disguise?"

"Yes. I'm going in." He said, and jumped over the edge of the wall that they were standing on.

"No, wait!" She yelled, but it was too late. Mr. Curly was moving at a too-fast pace towards Minnie.

She sighed. If by any chance Mr. Curly blew this, the whole operation would be obsolete.

However, Agent Ginger slightly underestimated dear old Agent Curly. Although one could easily mistake him for a hasty whippersnapper who runs into danger unaware, he knew what he was doing.

He followed Minnie at a distance where he could be mistaken for a rich entrepreneur if spotted.

She went behind the trumpet where she could not be seen. She whipped out her cell phone and called a number that Agent Curly could not make out but he counted no less than 16 button presses. That was more than a normal phone number.

He jumped onto a drum and pulled out a device used to tap into her phone conversation. Agent Ginger slowly walked up.

"I'm gonna tap into her phone conversation."

Ginger waited for him to tell her what he heard.

"Well?!" She said impatiently.



"Minnie could be involved in international smuggling."

"No way!"


She rolled her eyes. Agent Curly could get like this sometimes. Annoying.

Finally he took out his earphones connected to his tapping device.

"This isn't good. What if-" Suddenly a large mitten grabbed his shoulder.

Curly screamed and whipped around to see a blue dog staring him down.

"Chief! What are you doing here?"

"Uh-oh…" Agent Ginger was staring at Minnie. Minnie was watching them all, suspiciously.

"She's spotted us, let's move." They all ran over to the HQ and ran in.

"Great. Now she couldn't be more suspicious. A rich monkey, a dog in an archer suit, and an extremely attractive blue dog ran into an HQ?" The chief scolded.

"Maybe we all need to change disguises," Curly suggested.

Everyone agreed, so they all changed. However, both Agent Curly and Ginger were finished changing before Chief Noisy was done.

They waited a very long time, and he still wasn't done. Finally an HQ Officer ran up to them and said "Agents! We have an SOS call! FROM THE CHIEF!"

"Alright, alright, alright, chill out. Where is it coming from?" Ginger said, calmly.

"Here's the coordinates! GO SAVE HIM ALREADY! HE'S GONNA DIE!"

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, SHEESH." Curly yelled. He took the piece of paper with the coordinates on them and ran out the door with Ginger.

Chapter Two

After running through the streets frantically, (and after Agent Curly stubbed his toe, twice actually,) they finally saw a bunch of commotion a little further down.

"Look! There's the chief!" Ginger screamed. He was being attacked by an extremely large cog with a perma-grin smile.

"It's a Mr. Hollywood!" Curly shouted as they ran over to his aid.

Before they could get there he threw him into a cage and locked the door.

Curly and Ginger yelled and tackled him at the same time, both with the same amount of stealth: none whatsoever. They got up and ran over to the cage, ignoring the distress signals the cog was letting out.

"I can't pick a lock, Ginger, you pick the lock and get the chief out of here! I'll hold off the cog." Curly ran and jumped on the cog.

Ginger calmly slipped a hairpin into the lock and pushed up all the tumblers, thus unlocking the cage. She glanced over to Mr. Curly.

"RUN, GINGER! GO! OOF." Curly shouted as he fought.

As she was about to do so, she saw three more Mr. Hollywood goons running to the first goon's aid. Curly could barely hold off one, let alone four.

"Come on chief, we need to help him."

She ran over to Curly and between the three of them they took out all the goons.

In one of the cogs' suit there was a memo that read 'ATTN. CASHBOTS! I have hired a mercenary army of Mr. Hollywoods. I know you are two different kinds of cogs but please try to get along. You all have one goal. Remember, MINNIE IS LEADER!'

Curly looked at Ginger, and Ginger looked at chief. Then Curly looked at the chief.

The chief had a blank stare until suddenly he snapped his fingers. "Mickey must be with the Cashbots!"

Curly and Ginger facepalmed simultaneously.

"No, MINNIE is involved with the Cashbots. Wait, the Cashbots are greedy, maybe that's where the international smuggling comes in! This is getting serious. Minnie isn't a sweet little mouse now, she seems like the catalyst for a huge thievery operation with the cogs."

"Well let's get out of here before more goons show up," Ginger commanded. So they ran back to the HQ. Since they had fought Minnie's goons, Minnie had to had known about them now.

"Alright, well, let's let the intensity of the situation die down. I'm gonna go into the lab and work on my new gag," Ginger said.

Ginger was a beautiful brown dog with calming mocha colored eyes. It was rare when she was angry or agitated but that wasn't to say that she COULDN'T get angry. She walked into the lab, her sneakers making the only noise in the whole HQ. Everyone was out on reconnaissance missions for other crimes, and there was only the secretary, three officers, not in the room, and Agent Curly. The Chief had gone to the bathroom.

Curly had a headache so he went to go take a nap. The HQ provided room and board to their agents, so Curly had a room up in the attic. (Sounds like an awesome job if you ask me.)

Ginger began working on her new gag which she planned to sell to Goofy to put in his gag shop and manufacture it as a new gag. She added a cupcake and a seltzer bottle. She then added a piece of TNT, hoping to combine a bunch of gags to make one super gag.

"Excuse me?" came a voice from the doorway to the silent laboratory.

Ginger looked over and saw a stranger standing in the doorway.

"Who are you? You're not a new recruit… I don't recognize you."

"I'm afraid I'm not."

"How did you get in here?"

"I see you're making a new gag."

"Please get out, this building is restricted."

"Alright then… if you don't want your gag to be the most popular gag in ToonTown." The red rabbit in dark shades you couldn't see through, turned to go.

"Wait," Ginger, said hesitatingly.

The red rabbit smiled sinisterly, and turned around.


"The most popular you say?"



The red rabbit laughed.

"We just add a bit of this powder here…"

He put it just a tad and then stepped back.

"Now, just test on this cog dummy here. And I guarantee you, you'll be surprised."

Ginger picked up the gag and the red rabbit said "I really must go now, please forgive me," and left.

Ginger shrugged and threw the gag.

Chapter Three

The gag hit the dummy, which activated the seltzer bottle, which blew up the TNT and BOOM! The dummy went across the room! Great! The gag was successful. But the gag didn't seem to have changed. But wait a minute…

What's that smell? She thought. All of a sudden she started coughing, then choking, then… nothing. Darkness was all she could see.

Time seemed to go very slowly, but finally she got enough strength to pry open her eyes. The smell was worse than ever so she had to cover her mouth to keep from throwing up. She was still coughing violently.

Ginger ran out of the laboratory with a rag over her mouth and nose. Apparently the smell had gotten to the HQ Officers as well because they all had fainted too. Including the secretary and a few new recruits.

Ginger ran over and tried to wake them up, and after a lot of shaking a few of them started to stir. Then, suddenly they all woke up and their eyes exploded open and they all said in unison "MINNIE IS LEADER," all in a bland monotone voice.

Curly was stirring upstairs from all the commotion downstairs and when they all said that, he woke up with a startle. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs.

Shaken, Ginger jumped up and dropped the rag. The smell was starting to go away anyway. They all got up and started walking toward her. The closest one started running toward her.

Ginger dropped everything and ran like the dickens toward the door. Not about to give up that easily the Officer, still repeating "MINNIE IS LEADER," every three seconds, ran and tried to jumped onto her. Fortunately he missed, but unfortunately he was able to grab the back of her shoe which tripped her. Another Officer threw the one on Ginger some rope and he tied her hands and feet together behind her back.

"GINGER!" Curly screamed from the stairway across the room that led to the attic. He sprinted toward the Officer and tackled him at 15 mph. The chief, hearing all the noise, came out of the bathroom. He had fallen asleep, so he had been in there the whole time.

Curly saw him in his peripheral vision and yelled "Chief! Untie Ginger, and toss me the rope!"

The chief ran over and did just that. Curly had pinned the officer down just in time to catch the oncoming rope and tie him down.

The other officers had noticed but they obviously didn't care enough to help him, because they all just walked around chanting "MINNIE IS LEADER. MINNIE IS LEADER."

Scared, they all ran out the door and ran as far away from the HQ as they could.

Chapter Four

"Let's stop here… I'm tired," the chief complained.

"Yeah, they weren't even chasing us, Ginger. Let's rest," added Curly.

"Geez, sorry for trying to save your lives." Ginger said, irritatedly. "I could run for hours."

"Well we can't," Curly said.

"Yeah, and the wind and sweat is messing up my hair."

"Chief, you don't have any hair, you just have fur," Ginger said matter-of-factly.


"Shh! Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Curly asked.

"That noise! Over here," she whispered.

They peaked over the edge of the mailbox they were sitting behind.

"It's Minnie!" Curly whispered. She seemed to be running from something.

"I'll go catch her," Ginger said and ran over to her ninja-style.

"No! Ginger stop!" Curly said. Whether Ginger heard him or not we'll never know, but she jumped onto her and attacked her from the air.

Minnie felt very hard for a mouse.

Mice had tails. Curly noticed from the beginning this particular 'mouse' did not have a tail.

"It's a… robot?!"

This metallic imitation of Minnie spoke three little words: "Self-destruct sequence in:"

"Uh-oh," Curly uh-ohed.

"Run!" Ginger screamed.


Suddenly Ginger tripped and yelled in pain.


"What's wrong?!" Curly shouted.


"Something stabbed me in the back."

"It wasn't me this time, honest!" Backstabber screamed from Lawbot HQ.


"Hold on, I'll carry you! Lie flat!"



BOOM! The whole street seemed to go up in flames and then nothing but smoke. For such a small robot it made quite a big explosion.

The velocity of the explosion knocked them two totally different places.

Curly, back at the HQ in Minnie's Melodyland.

Ginger, the Pet Shop in ToonTown Central.

When Ginger woke up she was on the floor being stared at by six different toons, one of them being the Pet Shop owner. The explosion had bent her legs almost in a position that looked like a doodle. Any smart person could tell she wasn't a doodle but apparently it was good enough for the shopkeeper.

"Well! A doodle from the gods, eh?" He chuckled. "Well little guy! What's your name?" He picked her up. "Wow you're heavy!"

Ginger wanted to say "I'm not a doodle, you moron! Put me down!" but what came out was "MINNIE IS LEADER."

"You talk! Man, you're special!" He started walking behind the counter but then he stopped. "Wait, what did you say?"


"Minnie?! Leader?! Is?! You're with her! I have a special place for you." He carried her into a cramped iron cage and locked the door.

"MINNIE IS LEADER! MINNIE IS LEADER! MINNIE IS LEADER!" Ginger screamed. Whenever she tried to say anything, all that came out was "MINNIE IS LEADER." She was going to be stuck there all night. Waiting to be rescued by someone.

Curly had awakened in his bed. At first he was wondering if it was all a bad dream or not, but then he saw scratches and bruises all over his body. He jumped up and tried to run downstairs but as soon as he tried he couldn't stand up, he fell right down. He saw his ankle was in a cast. So all he could do was lie there until an officer ran upstairs to check on him.

"Agent Curly! You're awake!"

"Don't hurt me!" Curly yelled and readied himself for an attack.

"It's okay, I've come to my senses. You hurt your ankle badly, I would stay off of it."

"Wait, where's Agent Ginger?!"

"I dunno. I'm sure she'll be fine."

"No you don't understand! She-"

"Shhhh… calm down, you took quite a beating. Get back in bed."

Curly sighed and reluctantly climbed back into bed. It was going to be a long night for BOTH of them.

To be continued...


Ginger the brown dog as Agent Ginger!

Mr. Curly the blue monkey as Agent Curly!

Noisy Lollipop Dizzychomp the blue dog as The chief!

And coming soon...

Straxxor the red cat as Agent Straxxor!

Stay tuned for Chapter 5-9!