Chapter 10

SLAM! Minnie slammed the table with her hands.

"Idiots. You're all idiots. Why did I even waste my time with you people?"

Robert glanced around the table. Everyone else was glancing around the table. Figures. When Master Minnie was angry, she went through 3 phases. Phase 1 was pure rage, phase 2 was explaining why she was angry, and phase 3 was doing something about the cause of her anger.

"Does anyone wanna explain why the Toon HQ is having a dandy old time over there, and is not being eaten alive by their own people?"

Robert sank down in his chair.

"Robert!" Minnie barked at the red rabbit. Robert jumped a foot out of his seat and sat back up, perfectly straight. "Could you explain to the rest of us why there is a lack of chaos over at the Toon HQ?"


"Let's have a little history lesson, shall we? One day, a mouse named Master Minnie sent a bunny named Robert to go plant some Reechu powder somewhere within the Toon HQ so that it would be used; therefore, the Reechu powder would cause many, if not all of the agents to follow that mouse, and so everyone would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Would any of you like to know why?" Some nodded, some didn't. "I SAID DO ANY OF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY?!" Everyone jolted back in their seats and all said "Yes Master Minnie!" All except for Robert, he sat in his chair glaring at Minnie. Many thoughts were ravaging throughout his mind, but one stuck out beyond all the others. If you knew Minnie, you wouldn't be treating me like this now would you? Perhaps something will have to be done about this.

Minnie held something else up in her hand. "Robert," she said. "Are you familiar with what this is?"

Robert nodded. "Yes, Master Minnie. Those are mushroom roots, it is an ingredient used in the making of Reechu powder."

"It's funny that you recognize this because you haven't used it in a while."

Robert pretended to look confused.

"When you made the powder, you forgot to add the mushroom roots to the mix. Without them the effects were only temporary. I sent a spy over to Toon HQ this morning and he reported to me that in the lounge everyone was just sitting there having a grand old time, basically partying. This would not be happening if you had made the Reechu powder correctly. They would be over there chanting the code and killing anyone who hadn't been affected right now if you had made it correctly. No more stupid mistakes like this, Robert. We can't afford them."

She sighed and said "Speaking of stupid mistakes…" She moved her gaze from Robert to the blue horse sitting across from him at the board meeting table.

"JEREMY!" She boomed from the end of the table.

Jeremy was in the middle of sipping a drink and when she shouted it startled him and he spilled his drink all over himself. As he wiped himself off, he looked up and saw Minnie face-in-palm. She looked up and lovingly said, "Jeremy, stop being an idiot and tell me why the robot you created was defective."

"D-defective? What do you mean?"

"I mean it was defective, moron. The target that the robot shot with a dart is well, and she speaks without issue. That means either the dart didn't work well, or the robot missed the targets spinal cord. I got intel that the target was not able to speak, but besides that, had full use of her brain. Why is this?"

"I-I-I-I-I-I don't know. I thought I tested it and it was perfected. Perhaps it wasn't."

"Yeah, perhaps. Go build us 30 warrior bots. We'll need them."


"Yes. Problem with that?"

"No ma'am."

"Good. Now, Adam, do you have any more info on why Noisy was shot?"

"No ma'am, but we have all of our detective team working on it."

"Very well. Now I need everyone's attention. When Jeremy is done with those warrior bots, we're attacking Toon HQ." Everyone gasped and then murmured amongst themselves.

"Shhh! I know this may seem harsh to make every one of us fight but we need all we got. We do have the cogs but cogs rarely win against toons and alone they're nothing against highly trained agents. We need everyone for the maximum effect. Prepare for battle everyone. At midnight, we attack!"