Gray Shadows of the Past

Chapter 1: Missing Laughter

In the spacious apartment 18J of the Shady Glades of the garden district of Gotham city a CD player loudly played Massive Attacks Inertia Creeps. The furniture of the living room had all been pushed against the wall so that the female inhabitant could perform her short rounds of tumbles.

The song ended then picked up with the hunting melancholic tunes of Weather Storm. The faded navy and gray sports bra and shorts was drenched with her sweat as she slowly came down from a handstand then sprung into a series of graceful back-flips with wide leg extensions. Her graceful movements in prefect timing with the music.

A young golden tan spotted hyena sat curled safely in the corner watching his mistress ended her daily exercise by executing a backwards handspring and twirling as she landed.

The female sung holding out her hands. How was that baby? She asked removing her red and black hair from it's large rushed box knot atop her head.

Erik, the hyena, wagged his small tail as he licked his dark lips. Harley scratched the animal just above his left shoulder. Good boy, you were so patient while I train. She cooed. You know what that means? You get to maul someone annoying tonight.

Harley stood up straight, she effortlessly moved the couch and coffee table back to their places a few feet away from the television, then headed into the bathroom to shower.

It was by pure luck that Chris and Harley found the apartment. Although the majority of the people in the building were far older than them they loved the place. None of the elderly inhabitants recognized the pair to be the villains Nightshade and Harley Jest, all they saw was a young woman with red and black hair and a handsome redhead with a skin problem, but other than that they were a lovely couple.

Harley Jest hummed along with the song playing softly on the CD player as she pulled a faded olive green sweat shirt with the belly cut away over her wet hair. The shirt matched with the tight torn sweat pants she wore on her semi-dry legs. The sweat suit once belonged to Chris but due to a shrinking accident in the dryer she now owned it. And after a bit of exercising and a shower she found it was the most comfortable thing to wear.

For almost a half year Harley and Chris, better know as the deadly criminal Nightshade, had been living together in an modest apartment in the South of Gotham. It wasn't as spacious as her garage home but it sufficed for she was still able to practice her gymnastics. The two both made an almost honest living with Harley periodically working at a motorcycle repair and detail shop. And Chris working at a nursery helping to produce lovely, lush, and colorful plants, much like the vegetation overtaking the apartment. The two only committed crimes when the mood suits them or when they were short on the rent.

Harley carefully placed a medium-rare t-bone steak onto a plate and sat it down on the floor. Dinner time baby! She said refilling the water dish. A small thud of paws on the carpeted floor could be heard as a young spotted hyena ran from the living room into the kitchen. Eat up Erik. Harley said walking into the living room to wait for the hour to end when her beloved Chris would return home.

With a small jump she plopped down on the sofa. Laid back with her legs crossed Harley flipped through the television channels until she found an interesting cartoon to watch. She stopped on a opera playing on the Public Broadcasting Station but changed once again when it was interrupted with the usual fund raiser.

"Six hundred years can pass and they still wouldn't have made their goal." She muttered changing the channels until she found an interesting and violent cartoon to watch. The New Batman. Someone had come up with the great idea of animating the new Batman in Gotham. As if the play wasn't hilariously insulting enough. The only thing about the cartoon that upset her was that she and Nightshade wasn't mentioned or featured yet.

Bzzzz Harley looked up curious as to who would be at her door. If it's that super complainin' about me having you here again, I have some laughin' gas for She said to Erik as she looked out the peephole.

Although she couldn't see the face Harley could tell a richly dressed woman stood opposite her door. The woman sent uneasy shivers down Harleys spine. Erik baby hide. Harley said still watching the woman through the hole. Erik picked up the steak in his mouth at his mistress command then went into the bedroom crawling beneath the bed.

After seeing that her pet was safely hidden did she open the door. When the door was fully open Harley saw the face of her visitor and gasped. Harley stared.

The dark skinned woman smiled sweetly at Harley. Well aren't you going to welcome your mother in? Emily asked.


Later that night Chris returned home. Harley I'm home! He joked as he tossed his jacket onto the love seat. Chris rubbed his sweaty red hair. He asked.

Goosebumps rose on his green skin when he didn't hear a responds, instead he heard a laugh like sound come from the behind the couch. Chris carefully looked over to see Erik shivering his golden brown eyes staring up at him in fright. Erik? Where's Harley? Chris asked almost expecting the small hyena to answer. Franticly Chris began to look about the apartment to find it was completely empty of his beloved girlfriend. Though he tried to convince himself of other possibilities he knew she was gone.


Halfway across Gotham a black Jaguar can to a stop before Gotham Juvenile Correctional Center, better known as juvy or to a certain villianess Gotham's Arkham for teens. A man in his early thirties stepped from the car and entered the building.

Inside at a metal desk a uniformed guard greeted the man. "How may I help you this even?" He asked politely.

"I'm Dr. Vanderburg and I've come to make a drop off." The man said.

"Oh? We can't just take in-" The guard stopped as he saw the figure being brought in.

"LET ME GOOOO!" She screamed fighting to break free from two dark dressed men one holding her by the arms the other by the feet.

"Do you think you can handle the infamus Harley Jest?" Dr. Vanderburg asked.


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