The Demons That Tempt Me

By: Sammy J. Richardson


I am sitting in the chair, writhing in agony. A demon, a minor demon is pinning me there, fucking with my head. 'Abraxas', he says… 'I am Abraxas…the demon of lies and deceit.'

"So, what do you want to know about lies, my dear?"

I am not a liar. I try again to get up. This time I am flayed, splayed. I feel myself screaming.

"I'll tell you about lies. There are white lies and black lies and many shades of grey lies. But, some lies are justified, lies told out of… kindness, lies that preserve dignity, lies that spare pain. Everybody is a lie, dear."

I hear his words, yet somehow I do not understand the meaning behind any of them. I try to fight against his grasp, and although I have strength, for some reason Abraxas was much stronger.

"You can have what you want," he tells me.

With a few lies here and there I can have everything I desire and still keep up a façade. He, along with his words, was so tempting. What made matters that much worse was the fact that he was not alone.

Asmodeus, the demon of lust, lurks there in the corner, staring at me as I remain there, helpless. Yet again, I try to get out of both of their grips but every word they speak tantalizes me, keeps dragging me in. I look between them both, unsure of what to do or say. I am then pulled deeper and deeper into their combined spell. I do not know what it was they want with me. Why were they doing this to me? Of all the people they could be manipulating, what made them choose me? And then it hits me. It was because of her. It was because of the fact that I was falling in love with a woman, another woman.