My story 'In Your Place' got deleted, and I don't know how. I'm really pissed off about that, I have had this one in mind for quite a while, so I figured I would write this one. This is set after season 8, it is inspired by the film '127 Hours', and the events that happened to Aron Ralston, but a That 70s Show version. will write some scenes later in the story, I will point out when her work is used in that chapter. I hope you like it...

New Year's Eve, 1979 11:42pm...

Eric saw Donna sitting on the hood, staring at the driveway floor, she seemed to be thinking about something, Eric walked up, "Hey, Donna.", Eric greeted he didn't really know how to greet her giving everything that has happened.

Donna slid off the hood, "Eric." Donna simply stated.

"Yeah, sorry I'm late. I know someone in the airlines and he got me plane ride here. I didn't miss New Years, ya know" Eric replied, Donna didn't look much different at all, she looked beautiful.

"Yeah." Donna said simply, Eric thought that was a bit odd. Donna couldn't belive how good Eric looked, he had much more muscle, his hair was shaggier. He looked great as well.

Eric paused and looked down and sighed, "Look, Donna. I'm sorry how it ended, it isn't how I wanted it to." Eric said, Donna simply nodded, she still had anger towards Eric.

Donna held up her hand, "Eric, don't even go on. Things are a lot different now, I even start college next week. We're done." Donna stated, as she truly meant it.

"No I know, Donna. I just wanted to say I was sorry. I don't want to hold you back again." Eric said, walking to the hood, and taking a seat on the hood.

Donna sat down next to him, "Again?" she asked him curiously.

"Oh, don't play dumb. You could've gone to college way earlier then next week. I held you back, Donna." Eric replied sincearly.

Donna sighed, "Yeah, but we have to move on with our lives though, Eric. I'm not sure if you're still gonna teach, but I'm going to college and I'm gonna make something of myself." Donna stated, confidently in her woman-strong tone.

Eric put a hand on her back, "And I hope you do, Donna. Really, I do. But it's New Years, let's go have some fun." Eric replied with a smile.

Donna laughed, "Yeah, sounds good to me." Donna said sliding off the hood.

Eric sighed as he picked up his bag, "I wish there was some way to take the edge off." Eric joked.

Donna turned around, "Well, Hyde is out looking for some 'stuff', you can have some when he gets back." Donna teased.

Eric laughed and picked up his bag, and walked to the sliding door, he knew there would too much hugging and crying from his mother, nothing from his father but a grunt. Fez and Kelso with their bear hugs, Jackie wouldn't do anything but read her magazine or whatever she was doing and not notice him. Eric sighed and went into his long lost home.

1984 Point Place, Wisconsin...

Kitty got dinner ready while Red sat at the table, "Kitty, I sick of waiting for those damn kids, just let me eat my food already." Red pratically begged, Eric was supposed to be here earlier for dinner, but the dumbass wasn't anywhere. And Jackie was supposed to be 10 minutes ago, she seem to hanging out here even more then any other time.

Kitty set a bowl of mash potatoes on the table, "No, Red. We have company coming over, and it's not often we do since you scare everybody off." Kitty replied, sitting down.

"That isn't true!" Red defended himself, Kitty glared at him, "Yes, you do. Now, Eric doesn't vist here much anymore, so be nice and no 'foot in ass' remarks. And Jackie is the sweetest thing, so don't be a grouch." Kitty warned him, Eric was always out and around the country, despite his 'Traveling Documenary Film-Making' phase faded, Eric still loves to film his endevours he goes on. Which mostly consisted of hiking and canyoneering. Kitty was proud of her son and that he found a great hobby, she only wished she saw more of him...

Jackie on the other hand, always was around helping the family with household chores ever since Eric moved out. Jackie only did the chores Red himself couldn't do, Red was old school, he built the old school, he has the blueprints in the garage. But he was getting old, so he needed help with a few things.

Red groaned, "The one time that boy visits, and he is late. And Laurie drank the rest of my beer on her little visit." Red complained, Kitty knew this was some sort of venting/showing his feelings in a way.

"Red, the reason he doesn't visit is because you were too hard on him...and you still are. I don't think he needs that right now." Kitty suddenly had an ephiany, she scooted closer to the table, Red noticed and knew when his wife did that, she was on to something.

Kitty was about to speak when Jackie slid the patio door, "Oh, God. I'm sorry I'm late Mrs. Forman, I had to do a deal on records at Grooves, and it was a speacial shipment." Jackie stated as she slid her coat off, and took her seat at the table.

"Oh, that's fine, Jackie. We're still waiting on Eric anyway." Kitty replied, Jackie looked at Mrs. Forman.

"Eric? Eric's gonna be here?" Jackie asked, her heart dropped, she didn't want to see Eric, not after the 'incident'.

Kitty mistook Jackie's sullen reaction, as exited, "I know! I'm exited too. He said he put off some hiking in this area in Neveda to come see us for dinner. It really means alot to me he would do that, it seems that's all he does nowadays." Kitty replied, with a hint of sadness at the end.

Jackie was relutant to say this, "Mrs. Forman, I didn't know Eric was gonna be here, can we have dinner some other time?" Jackie asked, she didn't feel like explaing why.

Kitty looked even more sad now, "Jackie, please stay. I know you and Eric were never good friends, but even if the two of you are here, it brings back good memories." Kitty pleaded.

Jackie sighed, "Okay, I'll stay." Jackie replied sweetly.

Kitty breathed a sigh of relief, "Great! I'll tell you, if I had another dinner alone with my grumpy husband, I swear I'll have me Long Island with dinner." Kitty joked.

Red looked up from his plate, "Kitty, you would have a Long Island regardless." Red shot back.

Kitty turned to Jackie, "See what I mean?" Kitty whisperd to Jackie, Jackie stiffled a laugh.

"Kitty, you said no 'foot-in-ass' threats don't push me." Red warned, as he eat his food.

Suddenly the sliding door opened up, Eric stepped in the kitchen in an orange shirt, cargo shorts, and a backpack which was slightly bigger then most, assuming it was for his hiking and whatnot.

"Hey, I'm sorry I'm late you guys." Eric said taking off his backpack and setting it on the counter, Kitty jumped up and screamed, "My baby is here!" she said hugging him and no intention of letting him go, she had not seen him in months.

Eric jerked his head to his father, "A little help, dad?" Eric asked, he had still not noticed Jackie, who had been sitting at the table, admiring how well Eric looked since the last time she saw him, that 'incident'.

Red laughed, "Why would I help you? You kept me waiting for my dinner longer then I had to." Red replied, "Well, I got you beer." Eric stated.

Red got up from his seat, "Okay Kitty, don't smother the boy." Red stated prying his wife off Eric, Jackie had to laugh at that spetacal.

Eric recognized that laugh anywhere, he turned around to Jackie, hotter then ever, "Hey...nobody said you were gonna be here." Eric stated, as Kitty went to make Eric his dinner plate.

Jackie simply shook her head, "Yeah, no one told me either..." Jackie replied, if that incident didn't happen it wouldn't be awkward at all, but it did happen and it was awkward.

Eric wanted to avoid anymore awkwardness, he reached in his backpack and gave dad his beer and sighed, "Okay, I'm gonna go change out of these clothes. You can eat without me, I won't be long." Eric said as he picked up his stuff and rushed through the swinging doors, and went up to his room.

10 Minutes later...

Eric came through the swinging doors, having put on new clean clothes, a simple white T shirt, stone washed pants, and some all black PF Flyers, even though Jackie was still mad at him, but she admitted he looked good.

Eric sat down at the table, next to his mother, while Jackie sat next to Red, they all made 'dinner talk', Jackie explained that she bought the Grooves store, right after Hyde went to Milwaukee. Eric had no problem admitting Jackie was doing very well.

"And that's why I was late, I wasn't gonna let my rival 'Vinyl Countdown' steal my music, although I would've let them take em, if ABBA wasn't in with the deal." Jackie said, drinking the beer Eric brought.

"So, Eric. What have you been up to?" Jackie asked him, Eric didn't know if it was condescending, or if it was out of curiousity.

Red and Kitty turned to Eric, "It better be good." Red warned him, "We never see you, and it better not be some dumbass reason, either." Red stated.

Eric grinned, "Sorry, dad. I just didn't know you missed me so much around here. And based on how much you let me know how much you wanted me out of the house, I didn't think you would mind." Eric teased, Jackie and Kitty couldn't help but laugh.

Red had brought a gun to a fight with no bullets, "I didn't miss you, I just got sick of Kitty yammering on about you." Red shot back.

Eric laughed, "No dad, it's okay to miss your son," Eric teased, "But since you asked, I live in a condo in Nevada, I know that's far but I find myself happy there. And I have a stake in a casino there. I work in mangement." Eric stated, everyone at the table were pretty shocked.

"A casino?! Eric, that's amazing. But I still don't like you so far away, my baby is in Nevada!" Kitty complained with a look like she would cry, Red had to agree with a casino job being amazing, "Wow, Eric. I thought you would be at a dead end job, like selling woman's shoes. I'm impressed, you have it made, don't you?" Red relied, Eric was happy his father approved of what he did, Eric wanted to say something about his father's likeness in what he did, but based on passed experiences, he wouldn't want to ruin that. Or as his father put it, "What; are you gonna ruin this by talking?"

Eric continued, "I love the casino job, no doubt. But it took some time and effort along with work to get it up to a great ranking in Vegas. When I went in, I thought it was a case of opening the doors and letting suckers give you their money." Eric told everyone at the table, looking at Jackie, she seemed to be the most 'intrigued' with his explaining, Eric wasn't sure if she was truly interested, or if there was something more to it.

Red laughed at what Eric last said, "If only. Well what other stuff is there to do there?" Red asked.

"Well, bribing off the usual authorities, which is legal, mind you. Going and getting slot machines, too much to mention." Eric finished.

"Hmm. I can't see you driving the Vista Crusier with most of the money you're making, I only hope you've got a new car." Red replied, Jackie and Kitty turned their heads to hear Eric's answer.

"Well, you're right. I own a Black Ford Bronco, I still own the Vista Crusier, it has too much sentimental value." Eric responded.

Red groaned, "Oh, son, a Ford? You should've gotten a Chevy." Red complained, Kitty was sullen that Red would complain about something like that.

Eric laughed, "Dad, I hike a lot, that car has the best off road capabilities. I'm sure it could out-do the Toyota you have, dad." Eric shotback with a grin, Kitty and Jackie didn't think Eric own his dad in a conversation about cars!

Red smiled, "Okay, son. You got me, you know what? Let's see how good your Bronco really is on the road." Red suggested, drinking the last of his beer.

Eric laughed again, "Is that okay, mom?" Eric asked.

Kitty did her trademark laugh, "Of course, Eric. You go on, now." Kitty replied.

Red and Eric finished their food, and headed out the door, leaving Jackie and Kitty in the kitchen.

Kitty laughed, "I'm glad to see that they are bonding." Kitty stated to Jackie.

"Yeah well, they making up for lost time since Eric ran away like a coward." Jackie replied coldly.

Kitty wasn't expecting Jackie's candor, "Jackie...ever since you found out Eric was coming over for dinner, you have been...just weird. I know you were never friends, but even in the old days, you treated him better. What happend between you two?" Kitty asked, Jackie looked over to her.

"Nothing." Jackie lied.

Kitty snorted, "God, even Laurie's a better liar then you." Kitty stated, getting up to put the dishes in the sink.

Jackie turned in her chair, "I'm not lying, Mrs, Forman." Jackie said in warning tone, making it sound true.

"Whatever you say, Jackie." Kitty said, Jackie groaned and got up from her seat, "I'm gonna watch SNL." Jackie stated, walking past Kitty into the living room.

11:26 pm...

Jackie woke up on the couch, SNL credits were rolling, and she had fallen asleep, she thought Eric had to have left by now, she sat up slowly, she cracked her neck and stood up to head upstairs.

Once upstairs, she figured the Forman's wouldn't mind her sleeping there, she thought she could sleep in Eric's room, she had slept in there before...she noticed the light was on under the door.

She figured Kitty was in there, she opened the door to see Eric lifting his suitcase onto his bed, "Eric? What are doing here?" Jackie asked, it sounded more heated then intended.

Eric turned and laughed, "Well, this is my room, Jackie." Eric replied normally.

Jackie scoffed, "I know, but you were supposed to leave already." Jackie shot back, taking a step forward.

Eric gave her his full attention by facing her, "Why the hell are you being so hostile towards me?" Eric retorted, turning back to his bed, "God damn." Eric said under his breath.

Jackie was livid, "Eric, it was one thing for you to be here for dinner, but you staying here for the night is out of the question." Jackie said coldly, crossing her arms.

"Jackie, you don't live here, so don't be telling me what to do." Eric said, turning back to her.

Jackie laughed sarcastically, "Right now, I have more of a say then you do." Jackie replied heatedly.

"What?" Eric asked, that was the stupidest thing he had ever heard.

Jackie stepped forward and pushed him, "You think you can come back after everything you did, and have everything be okay, you never come here to see your parents; they missed you like hell, you're so fucking selfish, taking off for your own selfish ways. Not caring who you hurt, you are an asshole." Jackie shot back.

Eric was now more pissed then Jackie, "What? You are just as a bad person as you 'think' I was, you did just as much as I did, Jackie." Eric responded, Jackie looked shocked, "What?!" Jackie yelled back.

Eric scoffed, "God, you are just like Donna. You think guys can be assholes, and girls can't. If you came in here to be a bitch, like normal, just leave." Eric stated, turning back to his suitcase.

Jackie stepped forward and yanked back his shoulder, "No! You leave, you being here right now, it just makes everything worse." Jackie stated.

"God, is there any winning with you? If I am here, you don't want me here. And when I'm not, you say I should be." Eric retorted, thinking that would end it.

"Did I ever say I wanted you here, huh? The only reason Red was nice to you is because Kitty made him, otherwise things would be just the same as the day you left." Jackie shot back, what she didn't know is that was more hurtful then she intended. And Eric was hurt, she watched as he stood there, lookiing down, and took it all in, "Fine." Eric whispered, he brushed by Jackie, without saying another word, and not even grabbing his things. Jackie regretted saying all that, it wasn't true, but it was in the heat of the moment.

Minutes passed as Jackie stood in Eric's room, she then knew she should apologize to him, she went out of his room, and wanted to stop him, before he left again. She went into the kitchen, his backpack was no longer on the counter where it last was, she went to the front sliding doors and saw his Ford Bronco she never saw, was gone once again...

Thanks a lot for reading the first chapter of 'Isolation'! I really wanted to start this out with Eric in the canyons and whatnot, but I thought this gives a little more background to the story, and be more fun to write and for the reader as to what the details were with Eric and his family situation, and with Jackie, and have you guess a little about what happened. The next chapter will be very long, and later on, Topher girl0102, will write some dialogue later on in the story, and I'm very exited about that...PLEASE REVIEW, I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS WAS SO FAR...