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The next thing Eric remembered, he saw all the white walls of the hospital, he heard his fathers swearing and cursing at the doctors to do a good job. Eric saw for a short time his father looking down at him from the gurney, he tried to keep track of how many times his father said he loved him, but he lost count. After a short while he saw a blurry scene of his friends he could see Donna's blonde hair, Kelso's brown hair and he even could make out Brooke's. He saw Hyde's curly hair, he then saw his mother's trademark hair style. Eric smiled, he loved seeing his friends and family but he never saw a certain brunette's color. Eric then fell into a deep sleep despite the fact he wanted to stay up and be with his family.

Eric was greeted by medics. Needles, care, machines, tubes. Eric opened his eyes to see a white ceiling with lights fastly passing him by, he heard strange voices, his eyesight was very blurry. Eric heard the doctors shouting that he had cut his own arm off and needed surgery. Eric tried to stay awake longer, but he was given some drugs to help him sleep. Eric had lost 40 pounds, with 25% of it being his own blood volume.

Eric opened his eyes slowly, his vision was very blurry, he was able to make out a figure, "Hey." Kitty's voice said.

Eric smiled, "Hey." Eric said weakly. It amazed him how much he missed his mother.

Kitty storked his head gently, "My boy. My only boy." Kitty stated, still smiling.

His mother spoke again, "How are you feeling?"

Eric laughed, "I feel great." Eric said, Kitty knew he meant that he was, and wasn't being a smart ass. Eric saw how weary she looked from worry and concern for him.

Kitty laughed, "You've been asleep for two days." Kitty replied, "It reminded me of your whole 'year off' plan, remember that?" Kitty asked.

Eric laughed weakly, "Oh, God. Don't remind me." Eric joked.

"I'm never going hiking again, I promise." Eric said weakly.

Kitty laughed softly, "Oh, I can't say I'm dissapointed to hear that." Kitty teased him.

Kitty laughed, "Oh." Kitty said, pausing to get something from under the hospital bed.

Kitty came up from the bed with Eric's camera, Eric groaned, he didn't want them to see it if he made it. Eric was embarrased and hoped they didn't watch it.

Kitty set the camera on the side of the hospital bed, she then looked at Eric, "You're just like your father, you both have a soft side." Kitty teased him.

Eric chuckled, "Yeah." Eric said, he then paused, "But dad wouldn't wander so far from home for so long...away from his family." Eric replied.

Kitty nodded, "Eric, you were so young when that whole thing happened, you just didn't know how to deal with it." Kitty replied, taking his hand.

Eric gave her a weak, confused look, "What?" Eric asked.

Kitty smiled, "Eric, you mentioned it on the camera," Kitty said tapping it, "And Jackie told me beforehand." Kitty replied.

Eric stared at her, he hadn't thought about Jackie in two days and it just hit him, "Oh..." Eric simply stated, he smiled slightly remembering his premonition of his daughter.

Kitty smiled at him again, "Jackie said you were so supportive, I was glad to hear that." Kitty replied.

Eric had to tell his mother about what he saw, "Mom...right before I did it, I..." Eric started. Eric slowly sat up, using only his left arm, he glanced to his right arm. It had bandages and it was numb from the medication.

Kitty noticed he was trying to sit up, she took the bed remote and controlled the bed and made it raised up, like a recliner, "Don't tell anyone about this, execept dad, if you want to. Right before I cut it off, I saw this little girl, I thought she was Betsy at first. She was sitting on the couch from the living room." Eric started, Kitty didn't figure out that he saw his own daughter, and her future granddaughter.

Eric noticed a glass of water on the side table, he picked it up downed the whole thing, he was never gonna take water for granted again.

Eric looked back to his mother, "It was my daughter, mom." Eric stated, knowing his mother would be extatic to hear that, and she was.

"Oh! My baby is gonna have a baby!" Kitty said wrapping her arms around him, Eric laughed, "Mom, you gotta keep that down." Eric said as she pulled back and sat on the chair beside the bed.

Eric left out the part where he saw Jackie, Eric looked around the room to see that no one else was in there.

"Hey, mom. I know I wasn't a good friend to everyone, but are you and dad the only ones here?" Eric asked, resting his head on the pillow. Eric couldn't remember seeing his friends before the surgery.

Kitty laughed, still giddy with exitement from the news she just heard, "Oh, no. Everyone is here, they are right outside in the waiting room. Even Aunt Paula." Kitty replied, "Your father is just making sure I'm the only one in here, but is there someone else you want to see?" Kitty asked in a teasing way, referring to Jackie.

Eric laughed softly, "Yeah, could you send her in?" Eric asked, Kitty smiled at him and nodded.

"I really missed you, mom. And I'm sorry about all of this." Eric said.

Tears came his mother's face, she leaned forward and hugged him, "I'm just glad you're home." Kitty replied.

Kitty pulled away, as she sat up to go to the door, Eric spoke, "I love you, mom." Eric said.

"I love you too." Kitty replied with a loving smile.

Eric watched as she shut the door, Eric then was extremely nervous about seeing Jackie again, he felt like he was in high school again. Eric worried that she would shoot him down, she had every right to.

Kitty walked in the waiting room, still smiling from the news of her being a grandmother, not yet...but in time. Everyone stood up, Kitty walked over to Jackie, "He wants to see you." Kitty said happily.

Jackie too was nervous, she felt like she was in high school again, she felt all the eyes of her friends on her, "Okay." Jackie replied simply. Jackie reluctantly walked out of the waiting room. Kitty immediately grabbed aunt Paula's arm, "I have to tell you something!" Kitty said in an overly exited tone. Kitty knew she told Eric she wouldn't say anything, but she had to Aunt Paula she was gonna be another aunt.

Hyde followed Kitty and stopped her, "Hey, Mrs Forman. Um, I'm really sorry how I acted before, it just took me by surprise, so I'm really sorry about that." Hyde stated with genuine truthfullness.

Kitty smiled and pulled him in a hug, "Oh, it's okay, Steven. I can understand that so don't worry." Kitty replied.

Hyde pulled back, "Um, Donna is still upset about the whole Jackie and Eric thing so she won't apologize for a while now." Hyde stated, Kitty laughed, "Well, that's fine. But come with me, Eric told me great news!" Kitty said taking his arm with her and Aunt Paula. After Kitty gave Hyde the news, he strangely found himself happy for his friend.

Jackie walked down the hall, her heart was racing and she told herself to calm down. She came to his room and took a deep breath before peering in the window, she saw Eric and could tell he was equally nervous, she couldn't believe how good Eric looked even though he was missing an arm, well a forearm. Jackie was shocked when she found out the news about what he did, but that didn't stop her love for him, she didn't care he was missing an arm, she still loved him. Jackie told herself to do all this slowly, and not to be too nervous and to be cool about this.

Jackie opened the door, she felt her whole plan of 'being cool' go out the window. Jackie looked at him as his eyes met hers, she burst into tears as she shut the door, she ran towards him and wrapped him in a hug with no intention of letting go. Jackie cried as she clung to him, Eric instinctively wrapped his arm around her as she hugged him as she sat on the bed. Jackie bawled as she clung to him, "I love you, Eric." Jackie said through the tears.

Eric smiled at hearing that, "I love you too, Jackie. I never stopped." Eric said, Jackie pulled her head back and kissed him longingly, something she had wanted to do since Kitty told her a week ago he was coming back into town. Jackie cupped his face and contiued to kiss him, Jackie moaned happily as their kiss was long overdue. Jackie's heart raced at kissing him again after all these years, and the longest week of her life.

Jackie pulled back, "Don't you ever do that again, Eric." Jackie said, kissing him on the lips again and again.

Eric laughed, "I promise, Jackie. I love you." Eric said kissing her yet again.

Jackie smiled and brushed her tears away, she looked to his arm, "Eric, Red and Kelso weren't that far away, you didn't have to do this." Jackie said, motioning to his arm.

Eric shook his head, "No Jackie, I had to. They wouldn't have found me, not where I was." Eric replied.

"Well, why did you cut it off when you did? I mean, the rangers said they might have found you that day, they were close." Jackie said, still having her arms around him.

"They might have, Jackie. That's not close enough, I wouldn't take that risk. I had to get out of there." Eric said.

"Well, what made you get enough guts to do that? I mean, cutting off your own arm is pretty drastic." Jackie stated.

Eric laughed, "I had more then enough motivation, there was all my friends and family...and you especially." Eric said, he left out the vision he had because he didn't want to rush their relationship. They had always done things too fast, he might tell her after and if his premonition came true.

"Think about it like a fox who gets caught in a bear trap, and has to chew off his paw to get out." Eric assured.

Tears came down her cheeks again, "I've missed you so much, Eric. I want to be with you again, I don't care what it takes." Jackie stated, she had wanted to say that for years now, but never found herself to say it.

Eric kissed her again, "Me too, I've wanted that for a long time." Eric replied, "I mean, I thought about you every day there...and like, every day before that." Eric said, Jackie laughed and kissed him again.

"I promise, I'll never put you through something like this again, I promise." Eric said, Jackie just kissed him again.

"Eric, I wanna marry you. In time or when the moment is right." Jackie said resting her forehead against his.

Eric smiled, "You're not gonna get mushy on me are ya?" Eric teased, Jackie laughed, "Shut up." and on accident hit his right arm, making Eric yell in pain.

Jackie gasped, "Sorry!" Jackie said, Eric shook his head, "No, I guess I had deserved that..." Eric replied.


Over the next week, Eric was met with overwhelming publicity and fame about what happened. His story was on the news, and in papers. During that week Hyde and Donna had come to terms with the idea of Jackie and Eric being together, they would be idiots not to see that they were very much in love with each other. Eric of course had problems with his severed arm, he attended physical therapy to help with it.

The next month Eric was dubbed 'Time Magazine's Man Of The Year', a plaque he was more then proud of to hang up in his new home in Point Place he shared with Jackie. Only a few blocks down from his parents. Jackie and Eric took their time in their relationship and couldn't be happier with each other.

It took 13 men, a winch and a hydraulic jack to move the trapped boulder, so that Eric's arm could be removed. It was cremated and given to Eric, he and Jackie both returned to scene, of course leaving a note saying where they had gone just in case, and Eric spread the ashes over the scene, where he thought it rightfully belonged. Eric was seen on many talk shows and all his appearences were respnsible for high ratings they recieved. Each time he went on he earned about 15 grand for each appearence.

In the fall of October 1986, Jackie's favorite season, although Eric liked the winter for her. Eric finally proposed to Jackie, with her saying yes. The wedding was held 3 months later, with Betsy as the little flower girl, and Kelso as his best man.

And Eric's premonition came true in 1988, Eric and Jackie's daughter, Marla, was born. Jackie never understood why Eric picked that name, but nonetheless, Jackie liked it. Eric enjoyed watching his and Jackie's daughter grow up, Marla looked just as she did in his premonition 4 years ago.

In 1988, Eric had his own movie made about him, with none other then Mark Hamill portraying him in the film. The film won Mark Hamill an Oscar, and the film itself was well recived by critics as well as a box office hit.

On a regular day that same year, Eric and Jackie and their daughter were house sitting at his childhood home, while Red and Kitty were on vacation. Eric still continued to have a hobby for taking pictures, so he told Jackie and his daughter to sit on the couch to take a picture just for the heck of it.

Jackie sat on the couch with her daughter and smiled down at her as she leaned into her, Marla was wearing her blue overalls and her purple striped shirt, also with her pink and white sneakers. Eric looked at the scene in front of him through the camera lens, and was ready to take the picture. Eric pulled back from the lens, and looked at the scene of Jackie and Marla looking at him smiling, he pulled the file of his internal memory of the vision he had on that morning 4 years a ago. The scene in front of him was identical to the premonition he had all those mornings ago. The same outfit Jackie had in the vision was the same one she was wearing now. Marla was wearing the same blue overalls, purple striped shirt, and her with the and pink sneakers. Both their brunette hair was the same as it was 4 years ago, as was the way they were sitting in the motherly daughter embrace.

Jackie spoke, "Is something wrong?" Jackie asked.

Eric was choked up, "No. Nothing, you two just look really beautiful. I love you both." Eric replied as he snapped the picture.

The End...

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