June 14th, 2023

Nemui stood at the opening to his favourite place, pushing in a brick. He stood at the corner of a house on the 22nd floor, the lake shimmering in the sunlight behind him. He could smell the grass, the water, even the burning odor of people cooking over thier fire places. He loved this floor. It was a place that was meant to go to and just.. Relax. That was it.

The house shifted backwards almost ten feet to reveal a staircase leading down and into the ground. Nemui had found this place one day while taking a nap and had leaned back on the wrong brick. As far as he could tell, no one lived in this house. Maybe he could live here someday.

He descended into the darkness, the house sliding back into place ominously. It had only bothered him the first time though. He knew exactly how to get out of this hiding hole. After about a minute of walking he came to the bottom of the stairs. Nothing was visible until he lit the lantern he kept in his inventory, smiling at the empty space before him.

It looked almost exactly like his room. Nothing that wasn't needed. He had a bed, a desk, a chair and a small food supply in the corner. He had made sure to find food that wouldn't spoil, though he did have to come back here frequently to replace it. He didn't mind though. He loved this place. He really felt like he could escape the rest of the world here, that he could truly be on his own.

"Yo." That one word snapped him out of his fantasy as he looked to the opposite end of the room. Sitting there were two people. One was a.. Rather scary looking boy. He was tall and so thin it looked like his skin had just been stretched over the bones beneath, with pale as could be skin. Even paler than Vicky's. Nemui didn't even think that was possible. He also had a foot tall bright red mohawk, with dark brown, almost black eyes. He wore black leather clothes with two skulls on his shoulder blades, along with shoes that had the same skulls. They were even covering his knees as well. Looking at him just made Nemui.. Nervous. He found himself turning away, only offering a slight wave.

"He looks scared of you, Crypt!" The other person sitting in the room was a girl with long, bright red hair. It flowed all the way down to her feet, swishing against the ground as she moved her head. Her eyes a chocolate brown, a few shades lighter than Crypt's. Her skin wasn't as pale, you could even go so far as to call it tanned. Her body was the kind that would draw any guy's attention, though she covered it up a bit more than the girl that Nemui had met on Christmas Eve. She wore a long black dress that stretched from her neck to her knees, along with a pair of long red gloves that covered up what the dress didn't on her arms. She had a sly smirk on her face, watching Nemui closely.

Nemui was feeling something from these two he had never felt from another player before. He was.. Afraid of them. Terrified. There was a lump in his throat and his heart was pounding a thousand beats a second. He was almost frozen in place as he looked at them, but for some reason, he couldn't take his attention off of Crypt. There was nothing but bloodlust in those eyes.

Crypt smirked a little more when he noticed Nemui's reaction, standing up slowly. Then he pointed above his head, Nemui's gaze following.

His symbol was a dark red.

"Y-you're a.." Nemui whispered, turning to look at the girl sitting next to him. Her player icon was the same shade of red, her tongue rolling along her lips slowly, sensually.

"That's right boy.. We're killers." And that was all he needed to hear. Nemui spun on his heel and moved forward for the stairs. His foot barely touched the first step before something shot past him in a blur of red. The girl was in front of him, the tip of her rapier pressed to his throat. "Where do you think you're going?"

Crypt stepped up from behind Nemui, his own weapon materializing in his hand. The three flail heads fell to the floor, clanging against it, sparks floating into the air. Nemui gulped nervously, his hands up above his head. He was going to die.

"P-please.. Don't do this.." He whispered, desperation slipping into his voice. He didn't care about looking tough at the minute. he just wanted to live. That was all that mattered.

"We've been watching you for a while, boy." The girl's blade cut along the side of his neck ever so slightly, causing him to flinch in pain. "I'm sorry about what happened to your little friend but.. It was necessary."

Nemui froze. His eyes were locked on hers, a new feeling replacing the fear. A red hot anger seeped through his veins, eyes narrowing at her. They couldn't have..

The girl started laughing, a shrill high pitched laugh that made Nemui's skin crawl. She got right in his face, a crazed look in her eye. Whoever this girl was, she was completely and utterly insane. "That's right! We brought the wolf-men to the woods. We put in the request and we were watching when your little friend was ripped to pieces!" Then she broke into another fit of hysterical laughter, even covering her eyes and trying to keep her balance. "You should see the look on your face!"

"I'll kill you..." Nemui growled, reaching for the blade that was on his side. Crypt's hand grabbed at his wrist, making a tut tut sound from behind him. Nemui tried to pull free, but it was like having an iron shackle around his arm.

"Now now, don't do anything you're going to regret Nemui.. I'm sure that Yosuke would be very sad if you died doing something stupid." Crypt was trying to keep the glee out of his voice, but failed at it. Nemui was shaking even more now, tears coming to his eyes. What the hell? Was he always this helpless?

"Hey, Crypt! Can I have some fun with him?" The girl asked, running a hand down Nemui's cheek slowly, finger tips lingering on his neck. Nemui tugged his head away from her hand in disgust, clenching his eyes shut tight.

"Do whatever you want, Megaera. I don't have an interest in him any more," Crypt answered, walking past the two of them and up the stairs. He waved to Nemui before pushing a brick on the right wall, the house sliding open behind him. He left without saying anything else, the entrance closing slowly behind him. Nemui watched with dread as the last sliver of sunlight faded, leaving the two of them alone.

Megaera smiled sweetly at him before driving a hard foot into his stomach. He coughed out and fell to his knees, gripping his midsection. "Don't pass out just from that!" And she grabbed him by the hair, heaving him across the room and onto the bed in the corner. He landed hard on the mattress, gasping out with pain. She was making sure that the pain would last though. His health had barely dropped ten percent.

She jumped onto him, landing with her hips straddling his. Her fingers ran down his cheeks, nails digging into his skin a bit too hard, causing him to wince. She giggled at his reaction and leaned closer to him, her nose brushing the nape of his neck. And then she sniffed him. She sniffed all along his neck and jawline, letting out a shaky breath against it. "You smell good.."

"Get off me.." He snarled, trying to push upwards, but she just slammed his shoulders back down onto the bed. Megaera wagged her finger at him, like she was disciplining a small child.

"Now now Nemui, you should behave yourself! Not many boys get a girl like me in bed~" She giggled again, slapping his cheek hard. Nemui winced and closed one eye, ignoring the stinging on the side of his face. "Now what should I do with you? Hm?" She asked, wiggling her hips a bit on his. Her look of glee turned to a pout and she leaned into his face, eyes disappointed. "You're not even hard! Please tell me you're not gay."

"I'm not gay, but I gotta say, the whole sadism thing isn't a turn on for me." He growled at her, trying not to get caught up in her rhythm. If she could stay distracted for long enough, maybe he could find a way out of this.

Megaera frowned at him and cupped his cheeks, leaning in so she was less than an inch from his face, "Well, I can fix that. I wanna have some fun~" And her lips were on his. Nemui's eyes widened at her as he tried to keep his mouth shut, but her tongue managed to slip past his lips. Her hands had released his shoulders now, running up and down his sides.

When she broke the kiss Nemui just stared at her, "Do you do this with all the guys that you kill?"

"So what if I do?" Megaera panted, her face flushed. She was actually getting off on all this. God, this game had some sick, sick people.

"I'm just wondering about the kind of slut you would have had to be in the real world to be like this here," He glared, voice full of malice. Instead of getting angry Megaera just giggled, moving her hips back and forth on his. As much as he tried to fight it, Nemui couldn't stop his body from trembling ever so slightly, the tiniest wave of pleasure hitting him. A wide, goofy grin made its way onto Megaera's face as she patted his cheek. She thought she had him.

Then he was up, his lips crashing against hers. Megaera's eyes widened in surprise but she quickly folded against him, arms wrapping around his neck. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as he turned them over, hips grinding against hips. Megaera was falling into his rhythm now, letting him take the lead. Her fingers tangled themselves in his hair, her hips pushing closer to his. In between kisses and pleasurable gasps Megaera whispered, "Why the.. sudden change of heart?"

"Because now I've got you right where I want you." Megaera tilted his head at him before she felt it. His sword was impaled right through her stomach, all the way down to the hilt. She let out a wordless gasp of pain, arching her back towards him. Her hands reached for his throat but he just slapped them away. Her health bar dropped towards the red zone before depleting completely. Her body began to shine, a disbelieving look in her eyes.

Nemui was staring down at her, not a single drop of emotion on his face. His eyes were cold, face straight. "That. Was for Yosuke, you psychotic bitch." And then Megaera erupted into shards, floating up towards the ceiling before vanishing. Nemui dropped off the bed once she was completely gone, laying on the floor. He had just killed someone. His body began to tremble and he gripped his hair, screaming to the empty darkness. He had never done that before. Never taken a life. He didn't like how it felt. Tears were pouring from his eyes and he punched the floor, scraping his knuckles.

He sat there for hours, cradling himself in the corner, knees to his chest. He would never forget that look on her face. The look of absolute fear, anger, hate, all of it. He had just stolen away somebody's life. What about her family? How would they react knowing that their little girl was never going to wake up again? What if she had a boyfriend? A fiancé? He had just taken an entire lifetime away from her.

He decided right then and there that, when he got out of here, he was going to find her family. He was going to find out her real name and apologize to them. Apologize for killing their daughter. As messed up as she was, he had still killed her.

Nemui had been alone for over half a day when the passageway opened up again, the sound of heels clicking on the stairs causing him to snap to attention. He grabbed his sword from the bed, drawing it out from the torn fabric. His hands were trembling as he waited by the end of the stair case, waiting for his next attacker.

Bluebell stepped into the room, barely raising her sword in time to parry his strike. Multi-coloured sparks flew from their swords as she slipped backwards, landing on her rear end. "What the hell, Nemui?!" She shouted, jumping back up to her feet again.

"I-I thought you were.." He whispered, dropping his sword to the floor. All the anger faded from Bluebell's face as she looked at him, running over and touching his cheek gently.

"What happened, Nemui?" She whispered, her thumb stroking his cheek gently. As soon as he felt the familiar touch he crumpled against her, gripping her sides tightly, tears pouring over again. In a frenzy he explained what had happened, though he skipped the part about the almost rape. Bluebell's face twisted in anger for only a second when he told her that they had killed Yosuke, but she still just held him, letting him cry everything out. "I'm sorry Nemui.. So, so sorry.."

There was a loud blaring noise and the two looked up, seeing the timer for the duel hit zero. Nemui had done it. He had stayed out of everyone else's way, but he didn't feel any better. In fact, he just felt worse. So much worse.

Bluebell took him by the hand and led him up the stairs, the sunlight washing over them. Nemui covered his eyes from it, turning to face Bluebell, "How did you know about this place..?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Bluebell.. I want to stay. I nearly died today.. I won't.. Can't make it on my own. So.." There was so much weakness in his voice, so much insecurity, Bluebell couldn't even be angry he had put them all through this for nothing. "And.. I want to find that other one.. Crypt.. I'm going to make him pay for what he did.."


"I'm going to kill him."