okay, so I needed to do this because Bonnie suddenly disappeared half-way through the episode and only returned to reveal Klaus is Tyler and I'm not okay with that. Also, I ship these two hard so there's that. And I really needed a different ending to season 3. I've changed a couple of things naturally, but there are some lines taken directly from the episode.

It starts with Alaric arriving at the warehouse and Bonnie hiding from him.

Please enjoy and tell me what you think:)

The frustrating thing was that she had no idea whether it had worked properly.

That was the problem with magic; it was the least stable force in the world.

It always felt shaky, overlapping, chaotic and unmanageable. Being a powerful witch translated into being able to manage it. It was a tricky thing because if you didn't have a good grip on it, you could succumb to it in very nasty ways.

It was like walking on hot coals all the time; sometimes you got burnt, sometimes you didn't, but there was always the danger.

Maybe she wasn't such a powerful witch after all. She didn't feel so powerful at the moment anyway.

What if it doesn't work? What if it backfires? ...What if it doesn't mean anything?

Am I really that confident or just very stupid?

These were just her thoughts, though. No one else doubted her. Everyone knew how capable she was. Everyone trusted her. They feared her too, which was a pleasant new feeling.

She heard commotion on the corridor outside the storage room she had hid herself into.

Alaric had probably found Damon.

Admittedly, it wasn't such a good idea to let Damon handle this on his own seeing as he was limited strength-wise, but since there was no threat hanging over Klaus' life anymore, whether Alaric staked the Original or not was irrelevant and Damon deserved to be pushed around for a while. She hadn't exactly repaid him for what he had done to her mother.

She would only intervene if he was about to be staked.

In the meantime, she could try to channel Klaus' soul to check if it had reached its destination.

Could she have found or tried finding another vessel-hybrid to receive Klaus' soul? Probably, but it would have taken much more time and the chances of his survival would have been one to a hundred. Tyler was the safest logical choice. Was that fair to him or anyone else? Well, he had been doomed from the start.

The notion that she might be a murderer crossed her mind fleetingly but she disposed of it quickly before it took over. Whether she had ended Tyler's life or not was not of the essence right now. He would have been dead without Klaus anyway.

She wished she could be a fly on the wall and see what Alaric was doing or would do to Damon. So far, she'd only heard them chasing one after the other through the warehouse.

Bonnie leant against the wall wondering why she was even bothering to stay. What mattered if she left now? Who would it matter to? She could take the car and never return to Mystic Falls again. She could leave everyone behind, let Alaric kill Damon, let her friends brave out the danger alone.

Sure, she'd be doing the exact same thing her mother had a while ago, but unlike her mother, she had done her duty to everyone, she had made sure to fill out the responsibility card. The only person she hadn't done anything for was herself. Maybe it was time to screw everyone over and skip town.

It was problematic, she realized. Problematic that as these thoughts crossed her mind she felt absolutely no pang of guilt or regret. It would be like going to bed; leaving without telling anyone, without caring to tell.

Who would follow her anyway? Caroline? Jeremy? Matt? Elena? Stefan? Damon?

She suddenly raised her head. She sensed a new presence. A vampire presence.

She heard a soft yelp coming from some feet away.

Rebekah. The beautiful blonde siren. Of course she was here. She was the kind of person who followed her brother blindly.

Even with an Original and a Salvatore, Alaric would still win, though.

It was ironic; how they were all running away, trying to stay alive while she was hiding safely in her corner, waiting for the storm to pass.

And it did, after a while.

Bonnie heard talking and yelling, but she did not come out. It was like someone had dropped a weight on her, a pleasant, warm weight, and she didn't want to move a single inch.

The absurdity of her situation dawned on her minutes later when a loud, mournful, staggering howl echoed through the corridors and she knew, standing with her eyes half-closed, her mouth exhaling softly, that right now, Damon was standing next to Rebekah, watching her as she cried her eyes out, because her dear brother was dead and burnt.

Alaric had probably found the coffin moments before and he had stared into Klaus' dead eyes with the satisfaction of having achieved his goal and after planting the stake he had revelled at the fire that had erupted and the flames engulfing a body that had already been abandoned.

It was absurd because Alaric had failed, Damon had failed, Rebekah had failed, everyone else had failed and they were all helpless and she wasn't.

She wasn't helpless at all. She did not have to fear Alaric, she did not have to fear anyone in the world.

Am I really that confident or just very stupid?

Finding Damon wasn't hard afterwards. Everything was so quiet that it was quite deceptive, but she couldn't feel Alaric's presence anymore so she supposed it was safe to come out for a while.

The Salvatore brother was lying down, leaning against the wheel of the car they were going to store the coffin in. The coffin stood motionless next to him, like a great big stain, a reminder of their failure.

He was talking on the phone. She heard him mention Stefan. So he was telling his brother that Klaus had died.

His voice sounded strained; he was probably trying to seem less desperate, less scared. As always, he was taking the cynical approach; it was more likely to him that Klaus had lied rather than have him and others die pointlessly.

He couldn't hide the crack in his voice, though, when he mentioned saying goodbye. He had never really entertained the possibility.

"Well, I guess you'll just have to say goodbye for both of us, won't you? Call me if you cough up a lung..." he drawled, staring into space with a sad look in his eye. He yearned to say more but he couldn't; there were no words left.

If this was it, he didn't want it to end on a depressing note.

"Is Stefan all right?"

He almost jumped out of his skin at the sound of her voice.

She had appeared from behind the car and she looked as if she was just passing by.

"Where the hell have you been? I thought you'd left or something," Damon snapped, getting up angrily.

Bonnie folded her arms, tilting her head to the side.

"I had to hide. What was I supposed to do? Greet Alaric at the entrance?"

"So you saw him come in? And you didn't think of warning me at all?" he asked, glaring at her as if it was all her fault.

"How was I going to warn you if he wasn't supposed to know we were here?" she countered, getting flustered.

"Well he did know, Bonnie, and guess what? Your super witchy skills served for nothing. He found Klaus just fine and now he's dead as a doornail. Good job," he spat, walking away from her.

"Hold on, since when is this my fault? I did my best to hide that coffin. Now you're blaming me for not stopping an all-powerful vampire from staking an Original? That was yours and Rebekah's job, not mine, so don't take it out on me!" she retorted bitterly, knowing he had no idea how much she'd helped them all and how he should be thanking her on his knees right now instead of treating her like the enemy.

It made her blood boil when she was so underappreciated, but it wasn't like she could tell him what she'd done. Not yet. Not until she knew for sure. Not until it was safe.

"Oh I do take it out on you, Bonnie, because everyone I know and care about might bite the dust because you weren't able to do that one thing you were supposed to do!"

"Hey! I know this must be hard for you right now, but I'm on your side, you jerk! Even after all that you and your brother did. I'm trying to help you, despite my better judgement. So back off!"

That seemed to cool him off a bit, because he just turned his back to her and sat down again, running a hand across his face tiredly.

"Well, that'll solve everything," she muttered, watching his slouched figure.

"Look, I don't feel like fighting with you, Judgy, not in my last hour, so just sit down and watch me die or something. You're even allowed to enjoy it."

Bonnie scowled, although she was amused by the idea.

"Gee, thanks. I'll get the popcorn." She rolled her eyes. "As much as I like seeing you get pushed around, I don't want you to actually die. I'm not that cold-hearted, you know."

"Could've fooled me," he quipped, smiling in her direction.

His phone started ringing again. Bonnie sat down on one of the crates nearby, watching intently.

"It's Elena," he muttered under his breath.

Bonnie perked up. "Ask her if she's okay."

"Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious," he lipped, turning away to answer.

The conversation started well, with Damon making his usual droll remarks about life and death situations as if it was nothing to him.

"...I'm sure we'll have a laugh when we find out that Klaus is a big fat liar."

Bonnie rolled her eyes again. He was unbelievable, really.

Then, things started to slowly come apart and his ever-present smirk faded away alarmingly fast.

Bonnie leant forward, worried.

"...Stefan," she heard him say quietly, in a resigned voice, trying to squash the hope he'd built up for such a long time.

"Nah, I know, I get it," he went on, trying to brush it off as usual, but the pain was there.

"So...since I'm possibly a dead man," he began, fighting back the bitter disappointment, "can I ask you a question?"

He glanced towards Bonnie, who gave him a look he couldn't bear, and then he turned his back on her and spoke into the phone.

"If it was just down to him and me, and you had to make a choice, who got the goodbye?" he asked, forcing a smile, even though he knew it, he knew the answer. He was only twisting the knife further. "Who'd it be?"

There was a pause during which even Bonnie held her breath. She looked at his back, twisting her fingers, waiting for the outcome. She was almost sure it would be Stefan, but she felt nervous for Damon, nonetheless.

Then, his shoulders fell in on themselves, like two bricks from a crumbling building.

She winced. He'd gotten his final answer.

"Hey, I get it. It's Stefan," Damon quickly recovered, his tone as nonchalant as always. Bonnie blinked back in surprise, almost startled by his reaction.

He chuckled. "It's always gonna be Stefan."

Bonnie sighed and looked down in her lap. For some reason she felt bad about this. It's not like she wanted Elena with Damon, but even she acknowledged that her friend had been more than "amicable" with him on several occasions. They had kissed several times and they cared about each other a lot. It was difficult to say now that she'd chosen Stefan for good.

"Yeah...maybe," Damon muttered after a while.

"Real soon... Goodbye, Elena," he said, an awful finality in his voice. He shut the phone and put it in his pocket absently.

"How much of that did you hear?" he asked, his back still towards her.

"Enough to figure out that you're probably...not over the moon," she murmured, watching him from under her thick eyelashes.

"Great," he said, turning around annoyed, "I'm so glad you were here to witness this."

"Hey, you said to enjoy it," she quipped, trying and failing miserably to make a joke.

Damon stared at her perplexed. "Wow, I've seen drying cement with more sense of humour than you."

"So, I should come up with better stuff while you wallow in self-misery?"

"Who's wallowing?" he asked, frowning. "What? That little setback? Water off a duck's back."

"Uh-uh. So you're not broken up that the girl you're in love with just picked your brother over you," Bonnie drawled, staring at him pointedly.

"Wow, you've missed your calling, Judgy. Better open up your own hotline, you don't wanna waste those pearls of wisdom, do you?"

"Sure, deflect, but it's not going to help you come to terms with this," Bonnie replied, raising her eyebrows.

"Why do you care so much anyway?" he asked annoyed.

"I don't actually. I don't know why I even bothered..." she muttered quickly, looking down.

"Don't beat yourself up. The only relationship you've had is with your Grimoire, it's understandable," he commented, shrugging his shoulders.

Bonnie glared at him scandalized.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I've had plenty of relationships, you asshole. And I can actually relate to being seconds to a Gilbert."

Damon stared at her confused. "You and Elena...?"

"Jeremy!" she exclaimed, frustrated.

"Oh, right, right," he said quickly. "I forgot you dated the twelve-year old. Wait, he dumped you?"

"Not exactly. He was in love with someone else. And...things fell apart. At least you got rejected for your brother. I got rejected for a ghost."

Damon's eyebrows shot up in surprise and amusement.


Bonnie nodded grimly.

"Wow. That is cold. You win this one; I can't think of anything more pathetic."

Bonnie scowled. "I'm looking at him."

Damon chuckled, shaking his head.

"Don't sweat it, witchy, Jeremy's an idiot. Everyone knows that. He'll probably fall in love with a toaster next, so I'm not surprised."

Bonnie smirked. "A toaster? Really? That's the first thing that popped into your head?"

"Hey, I'm giving you a pep talk here. Don't ruin it with technicalities."

"Pep talk? You're starting a hotline too, then?" she replied, smiling.

Damon tilted his head, laughing. "Oh, I see what you did there."

"I feel like you should be more depressed about this and I more serious. We shouldn't laugh, at least. I mean the situation's pretty bleak," she remarked.

"Yeah, nicely done, Bennett. You manage to ruin sad moments too. I didn't think it was possible," he said, a bit more soberly.

"So what now? Are you just going to sit here and wait to kick the bucket?" she asked, ignoring his comment.

Damon leant against the car, arms folded.

"Well what are you suggesting? It's bad enough that Klaus died and Elena decided to go for the boring brother. Now I have to spend the last hour of my life with you, Judgy McJudge."

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm not your usual glass of bourbon," she retorted, getting up.

What was she even doing there? she wondered. She should have left a long time ago, driven back to Mystic Falls...or away from Mystic Falls, anywhere but here. She was reverting to her goody-two-shoes persona again, and she hated it.

You're doing this for yourself, Bonnie, remember? You're supposed to care about yourself this time. Damon's going to figure out he won't die eventually.

But then again, if it hadn't worked (because she was still not sure), if her magic had failed, he might die either way.

It would take too long to get back in town and check for herself. She'd have a better chance of knowing if she stayed here.

"Oh, God, I'd kill for a drink right now. I've never needed one more," he said, contemplating the thought hungrily.

"You sure you can't conjure some booze? Turn water into wine? That kind of stuff?" he asked, watching her as she paced the room up and down.

"Are you asking me if I can be Jesus for you?" she asked incredulously.

"Eh. Worth a try."

"Well, logic is intact so far."

"I just need to...stop thinking, which I know must be a foreign concept to you."

"Oh, shut up. I can actually do that," she said, stepping up to him with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"What? Not think?"

She sighed. "No. I can shut your brain off. Just let me give you a few, or say, a dozen aneurysms and voila."

He chuckled, pulling a strand of her hair playfully. "As exceedingly tempting as that sounds, I think I'm gonna skip the torture."

"Your loss," she replied, slapping his hand away.

"Yeah... still waiting on the water and wine thing, though," he joked, looking into her chocolate eyes.

"So you can only cope with difficult situations through alcohol. How mature."

"Well, there's a more mature way I cope, Bonnie, but I'm afraid it's not possible right now..." he trailed off wistfully and his eyes suddenly caught the line of her neck and the heaving of her chest.

Bonnie licked her lips and for some reason he couldn't stop looking at them, pink and full, and then he realized he would never kiss Elena again and he remembered that it might be his last hour alive and Bonnie was here instead, this was happening, there was no turning back and he might as well go out with a blast.

He gave her such a strange and foreign look that it caught her completely off-guard and it made her stomach do a sudden and unexpected jump.

He had never –

Before she could finish that thought, he had already grabbed her hair and was smashing his lips on hers ruthlessly.

At first she was too shocked to react and that is why she made no movement.

He continued to press his lips on hers, waiting for something to happen.

When she opened her eyes and saw his dark blue ones so close, he drew away and exhaled deeply.

"Shit. I'm going legitimately crazy. Sorry, Judgy, I probably frightened you."

Bonnie's lips were tingling, but she couldn't muster a single word. She only felt oddly insulted by his presumption that he had scared her. Did she seem such a dork to him?

And suddenly, she realized why this was bothering her.

Screw it. This counts, doesn't it? It's Damon and I'm doing this for myself. For myself only.

She grabbed his jacket and pulled her to him, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hard.

For a second, he had no idea what was happening, but then a smirk appeared at the corner of his lips and he kissed back with that dizzying intensity he knew would leave her breathless.

He grabbed her waist and ran her into the opposing wall, crushing her body against it.

Oddly enough, she didn't seem to mind. She had circled his shoulders and her hands were somewhere on his nape, tugging at his hair.

He hoisted her up and proceeded to push her lips open. His icy tongue invaded her mouth and her head started swirling. He was going so fast, the pace was so erratic that she almost couldn't keep up, but she fought back with her own tongue, biting into his.

This is so very, very wrong. God is this wrong.

But she was enjoying it too much to care and her mantra tonight was "I'm doing it for myself". She was going to stick to it.

Their tongues clashed and danced and he was pushing her even further into the wall as if he wanted to crush her bones and his hands were everywhere, on her back under her shirt, on her hip, pulling her leg up. They left a hot trail behind that only escalated as he went further.

His mouth moved to her neck and she gasped because his fangs grazed her skin lightly, but he returned to kissing quickly, not wishing to waste one moment.

His hands skilfully trailed her blouse down her shoulders and left the area exposed.

He was doing something far too enticing to her collarbone and jugular and she didn't want it to stop. She had closed her eyes, her hand in his hair and she was trying hard not to moan.

"Well, this is an interesting development," a voice drawled from somewhere far away.

They both froze, Damon's tongue on her skin, her hands on his shoulders.

Alaric was standing in the corridor, watching amused.

Damon slowly pulled away and wiped his mouth.

"Of course, the cock-block is never too far," he said, his voice tinged with frustration and something else, something hazy and indecipherable.

Bonnie herself was too dazed to speak. She bent down and picked up her blouse from the floor. Her cheeks felt hot and she could bet they were extremely red.

"Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds but I've got to kill at least one of you and...time is of the essence," he finished, grinning madly.

Damon instinctively pushed Bonnie behind him.

"Do your best asshole," he retorted, glaring daggers at him.

But Bonnie stepped in front of him and raised her hands to zap his brains into the next wall.

"Oh, you think those tricks will work on me, little witch?" Alaric told her, smirking.

Before she could do anything, however, he suddenly stopped and pressed a hand to his heart. His face turned white with panic. His eyes darkened frighteningly.

Damon walked over to him. "Alaric?"

He collapsed on his knees with a heavy thud and blood came out of his mouth. He fell into Damon's arms.

Realization dawned on Damon. "No. No. No, it can't be."

Bonnie knelt next to him. "What is it? What's going on?"

"He's dying - He's - Elena –" Damon rambled, his face crumbling with sorrow.

Bonnie put a hand to her mouth and shut her eyes in pain. "No! That can't be possible!"

But Alaric was already lying motionless in his arms and his eyes were dead.

Damon was fighting back tears. "He's dead. That – that means she's dead."

Bonnie felt her own tears hot on her cheeks. "This can't be happening..."

Damon pushed away Alaric's body disgusted. "I knew I couldn't trust Stefan to keep her safe."

"That's not fair. We don't even know what happened. We need to get back immediately. We need to go now," she said getting up.

He nodded his head. He grabbed her hand which felt very heavy in his and he ran with them outside to the car.

He was driving blindly, not really seeing anything ahead of him, just doing it instinctively, like he'd done it a thousand times before. His mind was elsewhere.

The only thing he was aware of was Bonnie's presence next to him. She was breathing shakily, silently crying.

He felt the warmth radiating off her body and memories of their kisses flashed before his eyes before he pushed them back.

He couldn't think of that right now, he couldn't even begin to explain what had happened.

He only felt a vague sense of guilt that he had been laughing and making out with Elena's best friend while she was dying.

Similar thoughts were going through Bonnie's head, only hers were even more guilt-ridden.

They refused to look at each other, but their hands sometimes grazed accidentally.

The problem was – and it was a problem, since it was scratching at the back of his head like an open wound – that he didn't feel guilty enough. And her presence was not helping. In fact, it was making him hate himself, because he had wanted her. And he wanted her, still.

And Bonnie hated herself, because she had wanted him. And he wanted him, still.