Sins of the daughter

When Russia and China veto UN actions against Syria, the team need to put together a segment. Doesn't sound like it, but there is MAJOR fluff ahead! ^_^

Set 5/10/11

Jim Harper approached his boss, who was frowning up at the flat-screens in the News Night bullpen and sighed to let her know who it was.

"What do you got?" Mac said, turning to her friend.

"Well, here's the list. They all say they're willing to come on, but none of them are from the Big 5. So no one who can really give us an insight on the veto situation – just a load of people with an axe to grind."

Mac studied the list, biting down on her lip. "I think in this situation most people will have an axe to grind."

"I think any situation that involves the use of veto power by the permanent members generally reminds everyone who doesn't have a veto that they have an axe to grind – it's what? Five states out of hundred and ninety-three?" Jim retraced Mac's gaze to the violent images of smoke and explosions and scared Syrian civilians which were running on most of the screens. It gave him chills, looking awfully similar to the memories he had of his own experiences in the Middle East. Apparently, there was now a worse conflict; and he'd never imagined that he'd report on a conflict that would make him think that he'd gotten off lucky in Afghanistan.

"Well, the Arab ones are important. They'll at least give us something to report."

"Yeah, but no different than what anyone else is reporting." Jim sighed heavily. "We need someone British, Chinese, Russian, French or American – who isn't crazy – and then we'll have an exclusive,"

A light bulb came on in Mac's head.

"Okay. Well, good job given what you had to go on, Jim. Go give those guys in Istanbul a call will you? See if there's any news of the guys who went into Homs on Friday?"

Jim nodded, and took off back to his desk. Mackenzie on the other hand stood rooted to the spot, tapping Jim's note in her hand. They did have someone who would come on the show – someone who was British, and wasn't mad, and knew an awful lot about what went on in these situations. The only question was: would Will be okay with it? Would she be okay with it, come to that?! But as was so often the case with Mackenzie McHale, duty overrode her personal feelings, and nervously she went to tap on Will's door.

He looked up as she entered.

"Jim manage to find anyone for the Syria slot tonight? Someone to talk about the vetoes?"

It was now or never. She took a breath.

"He did."


"But no one from one of the big five. Looks like they've been embargoed until the press conference."

Will slapped his paper down on the desk in frustration. She knew that he wasn't a massive fan of the UN, and even less of a fan of its complicated hierarchies, rules and machinations.

"Okay then," he said, rubbing his forehead and turning back to her, "We'll just need to –"

"But I have a source." She spat out the words very quickly before she had a chance to change her mind. She closed her eyes, wondering if she was going to regret this.

Will looked confused at her apparent nervousness. "Is he credible?"

"Absolutely." Mac was clearly trying to tell him something without actually saying it.

"Right…so what's the problem?" Will frowned at her, concerned.

"He's my father."

Soooooooooo…that was a wee teaser. I was going to wait and post this on Sunday, but my life is about to get extremely hectic as I'm moving to the Continent in just over a week and before that I have nine days at work and a weekend away (FINALLY!) to fit into the mix :p

But come on! Will and Mac, with Mac's father thrown into the mix…how could I resist? :p I'll try to update in a couple of days if I can! Updates coming shortly for my other fics too! Cheers you lot! :)

P.S. Oh, and teaser for what's to come: Mac's father found out the real reason she and Will broke up by hearing about it on that AWM morning show… ;)