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A Star with Amnesia


At an orphanage in Hokkaido

My name is Sana and I'm 7 years old. That's all I remember. I was found outside in the snow with a bloody head, when a passerby found me. If it wasn't for my black hair I probably would have died from blood loss. The lady took me to the doctor to get me treated. Then the doctor started asking me questions like my name, age, and where I came from.

"My name is Sana. And I'm 7." I thought for a little while "that's all I remember." I told them.

The doctor said I have amnesia. So I was taken to the police and reported as a missing child. Nothing came up. I was then taken to the orphanage. When I got there I met the passerby again. Coincidentally she was the owner of the orphanage. Her name was Naomi. And that's how I ended up in an orphanage.

Days later

The orphanage had a range of ages. It was like school, since we didn't go school. was our teacher. There weren't that many kids at the orphanage. I made friends with all of them. They were my new brothers and sisters after all. But I prefer to be alone. That was until the new boy came.

Few days later

I was reading a book. And of course I was all by myself. 'Just how I like it.' I thought. "Everyone!" Naomi said while clapping her hands to get our attention. And it worked because everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Behind her I could see someone. 'A new kid, huh?'

"You all have a new brother!" Yamura said as happy as ever while pushing the boy forward to introduce himself. He had short grey hair that spiked a little, grey eyes, and he wore a grey scarf. He looked the same age as me. Then grey eyes met brown eyes. He was looking right at me.

"M-my name is Fubuki, Shirou." he said. I could hear sadness in his voice. 'Just like the every new kid.' I thought

"Now everyone, Shirou-kun's family was just killed by an avalanche recently. So treat him nicely!" Naomi said like it was nothing. Tears started to well up in Shirou's eyes. 'Idiot! You just made him feel worse!' I thought glaring at her. was an idiot. She mostly did this for every new kid.

When Naomi left, and everyone continued what they were doing. Shirou ran outside and I followed him.

When I went outside. Everything was white, it almost seemed like heaven. But I couldn't see Shirou anywhere. Until I heard crying behind a tree. I walked up to it and found Shirou crying into his hands. He was covered in snow and shaking a little. So I ran back inside and grabbed my hello kitty blanket, I got it as a Welcome/Birthday/Christmas gift (my 'birthday' was Dec. 21). And ran back to Shirou in 10 seconds flat. I put the blanket around him and he stopped crying to look up at me with his puffy red eyes. 'Guess he just noticed me.' I thought but just smiled at him.

"Hi! I'm Sana." I said still smiling and sat down next to him.

"I'm Shirou." he said looking down at the snow.

"Why're you crying?" I asked like I didn't know.

"B-because my family just-"he didn't finish because I hugged him already knowing the answer. I started telling him that everything was ok and that Naomi was just dumb like that. He started crying even more and hugged me back. We sat like that for a while.

Few days later

Shirou started to warm up to me more. He started telling me about his family and how he and his twin brother Atsuya loved to play soccer. I told him how I have amnesia and can't remember my past. He taught me lots of different sports, while I taught him math and etc. for school. Soon we told each other everything and had no secrets. We were inseparable.

A year later

Me and Shirou were tired of 's teaching. So we decided to go to Hakuren. Luckily Naomi let us. Shirou immediately joined the soccer team. While I stayed on the sidelines cheering him on.

On one particular soccer game. I noticed Shirou was acting weird. When the game was over. Shirou told me that he felt Atsuya while playing. We both knew that Atsuya's personality was now in Shirou.

As years began to pass. Shirou became the captain of the Hakuren soccer team. And I became manager. Shirou was the best at winter sports. He could even kill a bear. He became pretty famous with the name 'Fubuki the Blizzard.' I was always by his side every step of the way. I even started calling myself 'Fubuki, Sana.' but he didn't mind, since we were practically siblings.

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Ch.1 Preview

The Inazuma caravan was in Hokkaido...

"Theres people out there"...

"Get in!"...

"A-a bear?!"...

"Where'd he go?"...

"They were nice, huh?"...