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From the very first moment Sally had opened her eyes, heaving in her first breath, the doctor made certain her studies were top priority...made certain she fully understood the new world surrounding her and all the rules it balanced on.

The doctor always encouraged her to think, to plan, to reason with others using hardcore facts. For months she had lived in a haze of mundane systematics. Always listening, never questioning.

But when her fist Halloween had finally approached, the doctor took great pride in introducing her to the Pumpkin King after he performed his renowned opening act. "My lord, please allow me to present my latest creation—the Sophisticated And Loyal Lifelike Yearling—but in short, she's known as Sally."

The skeletal stranger only shifted his toothy lips into a charming smirk, as he lifted her hand to kiss its pale surface briefly. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Miss Sally."

And then something happened on that night, once Jack had moved on to his next group of admirers. Jack had changed something inside her, and changed her, in a way Sally had never thought possible...

He'd been the first to make her feel.

Note that each chapter is meant to be its separate idea. They don't relate to one another really.