"King Boz!" Mikayla yelled up the stairs. "Get down here! Now!"

"Bossy, bossy." Boz yawned, walking down the steps with Boomer. "What is it?"

"What is this mess?" Mikayla spread her arms out, referring to the trash scattered around the thrown room.

"Oh, I-." He tried explaining.

"Forget it. Just please clean it up?" She sighed, letting her hand rest on her machete. "It's bad enough Boomer clogs up the bathroom everyday, we don't need BOTH of your body odors stinking up the castle."

"Hey!" Boomer said.

"Clean it up!" She ordered. "Before my dad gets home. He took Mahuma and the other guards out for a training exercise."

"Why didn't YOU go with them?!" Boz snapped. "Huh? Huh? Huh?!" He jumped around poking her.

Unsheathing her machete, she whirled around and pointed right at his face. "Don't. Push. It."

He chuckled nervously and, putting his hand on the tip of her sword, gently pushed it away from his face. "You got it."

"Now clean it up, Brad-I mean, Boz!" She stuttered, hoping they wouldn't catch that she almost said the name of the former King that left the island.

"You almost said-!" Boomer pointed his finger at her.

"I know what I almost said!" She swatted his hand away from her face.

"Almost said what?" Boz was oblivious to who they were talking about.

"Brady." Boomer rolled his eyes, having not forgiven his brother for leaving him to rule alone.

"Ooooh. My other brother, right?" Boz asked.

His brother scoffed. "If you want to call him that."

Boz nodded. "Hey, I never got see him. What does he look like?"

"He's got big feet, girly hands, and…" Boomer's sentence trailed off as his mouth hung open slightly, staring in the direction of the door.

"Boomer?" Boz waved his hand in front of his face. "Bro, are you all right?"

"King?" Mikayla became concerned. "King Boomer?!" She grabbed his shoulders. "Tell me what's wrong!"

"He's fine." They heard.

Mikayla froze for a second before turning towards the door and seeing none other than Brady.

I know the first chapter is short, but trust me, this is only to see if you guys want me to continue with this.