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Warning: OOC, AU, Sakura and fangirls bashing except Ino, and non Uchiha massacre

Pairing: Sasuke/Kagome Neji/Kagome (one-sided)

Chapter 2: Hyuuga Hinata and Uchiha Sasuke

The bell rang signaling it was lunch time. Everyone packed up and took their stuff with them and rushed out.

"Gome-chan, let's go!", Naruto called out.

"Okay!", Kagome replied.

"C-can I e-eat with y-you g-guys?", they heard a girl stutter.

"Oh Hinata-chan!", Naruto said her name.

The girl known as Hinata blushed and did her finger...thingy.

"Sure you can! You're more than welcome!", Kagome allowed.

Hinata seemed more brightened when she heard Kagome agreed. She is a kind girl.

"T-thank you!", Hinata thanked.

"No problem! Hinata-chan, what's up with your stuttering? Is it a habit?", Kagome asked curiously as they walked out to the swings outside on the yard.

"Y-yeah...", Hinata blushed and answered. She then looked at Naruto and looked down a bit in shame.

Kagome took a notice of that, thinking that she was ashamed and crushing on Naruto.

"Gome-chan! Hinata-chan! I'm going to go find something to eat k?", Naruto told them.

"Oh but you can share mine and Hinata's.", Kagome suggested. She winked to Hinata.

Hinata blushed harder, thinking about sharing lunch with Naruto.

Hinata's Fantasy World*

"Here you go Naruto-kun!", Hinata fed Naruto her homecooked food into his mouth with chopsticks.

"It's so good! Better than any ramen I ever had!", Naruto declared.

"I have some more Naruto-kun!", Hinata laughed sweetly.

"Yaaaay! Your the best Hinata-chan! I love you.", Naruto cheered.

"Oh, silly you!", Hinata giggled.

End of Hinata's Fantasy World*

"Hinata, HINATA!", Kagome yelled.

"uh,UH HH...", Hinata finally woke up. "W-what?"

"You fainted.", Naruto sweatdropped.

"O-oh...", Hinata blushed and held her head down in shame.

"Hinata, there's nothing to be ashamed about. As far as I can see, you need more confidence in yourself, try change your habit for the better. You have so many things to try so don't be ashamed!", Kagome smiled and comforted.

Hinata smiled, she was happy there was someone who would understand her.

"I think I can..uh...", Hinata tried not to stutter, it felt weird no stuttering but she'll have to deal with it so if she's gonna win Naruto's heart.

"YATTA! You didn't stutter!", Naruto cheered giving her a high five.

Kagome clapped.

"We should eat lunch now!", Kagome suggested.

"Okay!", Naruto agreed.

Kagome took out her bento box wrapped in a cute light blue cloth with a kitten and a puppy printed on it.

"That's so c-cute! Oops", Hinata complemented.

"It's okay, and thanks, my mom made that cloth.", Kagome explained.

Kagome opened her bento, inside were four riceballs, sweet scrambled eggs, a piece of candy, little bit of salad, and sausages (AN: How can it fit so much?).

"Wow Gome-chan, that's a lot for a small box like this, are you sure you can eat it all?", Naruto questioned.

"Ho ho! Don't underestimate me when it comes to food! This is nothing compared to the last time I ate!", Kagome smirked with her nose up high and crossing her arms.


"She's such a pig!", a fangirl named Akiko insulted.

"Her hair is so messy and it needs a perm, does she even brush it?", another fangirl named Kyoko snottily stated.

"Guy, guys, she hasn't made a move yet so for now, she's, I guess ok... It's better off if we go look for Sasuke-kun!", Ino suggested not wanting to stay and get caught by Kagome. In fact, she likes her because she's kind and not like the other girls, just normal.

"Yeah let's go!", another fangirl agreed, named Yuki.

Just about when they were about to leave, one of the fangirls, Nana, spotted Sasuke walking toward Kagome and her friends.

"Sasuke-kun is over there and he's walking toward to Kagome!", Nana pointed.

"Probably going to her to tell her to stay away from him.", Sakura snobbishly assumed, little did she know it's quite the opposite.

*Back with the Kagome gang*

Kagome felt the girls in her class were hiding behind the trees and bushes. It was pathetic how they don't even know how to conseal their chakra. But she paid no mind and continued eating.

"Ne, Gome-chan, you like riceballs?", Naruto asked her.

"Yeah, they're pretty good, they're convinient to make and eat.", Kagome explained.

"Did you make them yourself?", Hinata asked

"Mhmm, they're really easy to make!", Kagome answered.

Suddenly, they all saw Sasuke walking towards them. Let's see what's on his mind.

'Hm, so she likes riceballs too? I wonder if I can make her my friend and later on when I get older I can make her my girlfriend..NO Sasuke! You're only asking if she wants to be her friend and friend only just keep it simple...keep it simple...simple...AHHHHHHHHHHHH!', screamed inner Sasuke.

Sasuke continued to walk towards and they stared at him. He turned his head away when his blush was creeping up and successfully surpressed it. He then stopped about two feet from them.

"Um, can I join you?", Sasuke asked.

Naruto looked at him a bit of disagreement but allowed a bit of chance to the arrogant Uchiha.

"Okay! You can join us!", Kagome innocently agreed.

"Thanks.", Sasuke gave a one word response.

He went to sit next to Kagome near the swing and pulled out his lunch. His lunch consists of riceballs, cherry tomatoes, and little octopuses. Simple as that.

"Waaah! I just had riceballs, I like the bonito ones they're good! What about you?", Kagome asked.

"They're my favorite, in fact, riceballs are my favorite foods.", Sasuke replied happy that Kagome was talking to him for the first time.

"That's nice.", Kagome complemented.

Sasuke turned away and blushed. As a result, Kagome was utterly confused.

"Hey Kagome! You know that...", Naruto chatted off with Kagome.

*Sasuke's POV*

'Uugh...damn you dobe! Stealing her attention while I barely had any? Now that reminds me, where did he met her?', I thought.

"Hey dobe! When and where did you first met Kagome?", I asked.

"Uh well...", it seems that Naruto doesn't want to talk about it.

Judging by Kagome's expression, she looked kind of depressed. Hinata tried to cheer her up but it seems the way nshe had met Naruto was somewhat depressing? But how can it? They seem to like each other so why does meeting each other for the first time so bad? I need to find out more, maybe if I

asked dobe alone, then he'll tell me.

"I-I'm sorry", I stuttered, wait, did I just stutter? Oh no, Uchihas don't stutter, holy crap.

The bell rang, signaling that lunch time was over. We all went to class and went to our seats.

Our ninjutsu teacher, Suzuki-sensei, told us we will have a different seating chart. I hope I can get to Kagome...

"Okay class! We will have a new seating chart, it's on this paper posted on the board, find your name to see where you'll sit.", Suzuki-sensei announced.

We all got up and crowded the post. It looks like I'm on the edge with Kagome..yes! BOOYAH BABY! Let's see hmm...Hinata's behind Kagome and oh holy shit! Not Sakura! She's next to Kagome! She'll bug me to hell, but at least Kagome is at my side, what a relief.

*Normal POV*

"Okay! Go to your newly assigned seats!", Suzuki-sensei commanded.

'Yes! I'm on the same row as Sasuke-kun, but that ugly pest is in the way! I'll never be able to pursue my love to Sasuke-kun! That bitch!', screeched inner Sakura.

'So I'm next to Sasuke eh? At least I have Hinata behind me and there is Sakura, why must she hate me? Naruto's is like, all the way the other side of the room. ~sigh~ Let's just get this day over with..', Kagome thought.

'Ahhhhh, Naruto-kun is at the other side. NOOOOOOOO!', inner Hinata screeched.

'Why must god do this to me?', Naruto thought while crying anime tears.

"You know Kagome-chan, your clothes are really stylish, where did you get them? I've never seen them before! They look expensive!", Hinata asked.

Sasuke's ear perked up to hear what would she say.

"It looks expensive? My mom made it, the chest plate was made by my younger brother. My mom pretty much designed this for me!", Kagome answered.

"Really? Sugoi-ne! Your mom's amazing! Are you sure that you didn't buy it from somewhere?", Hinata asked suspiciously.

"My mom's the best when it comes to tailoring. Actually my familly is very poor, we would search for materials, sometimes even steal them and make our own, in fact, my lunch, we had grown the vegetables and caught the fish etc etc.", Kagome continued to explain.

'Nani? How can she be poor? She looks like one of those from a clan! I can only judge if we can go to her house, if that's ever gonna happen..', Sasuke thought. He felt bad for the poor girl, if she's actually poor, maybe he could do something...that will make her think he's a generous person and she'll look at him more! Oh how he longed for her.

"Class! We will go outside and you will have to practice some ninjutsu, if you already know some advanced ninjutsu, then you may proceed on practicing it! Do I make myself clear?", Suzuki-sensei instructed. "Oh you will be assigned partners to spar later, if you have some sort of Kekkai Genkai, you may use it but don't cause any internal harm."

Everyone chorused okay and went outside to the yard with targets and a empty field.

Sasuke walked over to Kagome and the rest of her friends.

"Hey Kagome!", Sasuke greeted.

"Oh hey!", Kagome greeted back.

The fangirls sees this and were practically hissing and glaring so hard at Kagome, almost as if ready to pounce at her and rip her throat and mess her pretty face that Sasuke won't be able to look at her anymore.

"Oh look! She's flirting with our Sasuke-kun!", Yuki hissed.

"This is outrageous! She should be punished for this!", Nana growled. All of the fangirls agreed.

"Well it's not like Sasuke-kun would want to be with her right?", Akiko asked.

"Of course you dumbass!", Kyoko retorted.

"We should punish her for this!", Sakura suggested. All of the fangirls agreed again.

Kyoko thought of an idea, an idea that Sasuke would never turn to Kagome but to them. Yes it is an excellent plan!

"Don't worry girls! I just figured it out.", Kyoko reassured in an evil voice of plotting.

The fangirls turned to her, all listening to her plan.


End of chapter 2. What are the fangirls planning? What will Kagome do to defend herself? Find out more on the next chapter! Chapter 3: The Plan.

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