Hey guys. I'm back. I know, I know. "WHERE THE HELL IS BLACK BUTTERFLY!? AISJDOUJDW!?" I'M SORRY. I am contemplating some things right now, but I promise I will have an interesting chapter up soon. I've been distracted with my honors classes. ANYWAYS! I started this 100 story challenge because I FREAKING LOVE IB, and because it's a short little thing to do to keep me active and writing. Hopefully I will have one every day, every two days at the very most. Some are short, whereas others are PAINSTAKINGLY LONG! There will be sadness involved in some stories, seeing as tradgedies seem to be my forte. So, anyways, enjoy!


"Okay, where are you taking me?" Garry laughed, Ib pulling him along, her tiny hand in his. The hot sun beat down, making Garry sweat under his coat. Why do I wear this damn thing when it's so hot? He thought. Garry had come to pick Ib up from school like every day, but instead of heading back to his apartment or the cafe they frequently visited, Ib said she had something to show him, and was now leading him through her school's courtyard. Ib looked at him and smiled, her childish blush making her look cuter than humanly possible.

Garry smiled back at her, his face tinged a light pink. She's so damn cute! he cooed silently. He felt Ib's grip on his hand release, only to be replaced with another object. He looked down at the item and his eyes widened. In his hand he held a small bouquet of flowers; roses, to be exact. One was blood red, one was a royal blue, and the third and final rose was a brilliant yellow color. They were tied together by a black length of ribbon. Garry looked down at the 9-year-old, who was smiling sheepishly, kicking up tiny dirt clouds at her feet. "Do you like it?" she asked shyly.

The man smiled, laying his hand on her head and gently ruffling her hair. "It's wonderful; I love it! But, where did you find blue and yellow roses? They're not very common, especially around here." Ib smiled and twirled around, her arms outstretched. Garry was confused at first; usually he could read the young girl's gestures pretty well. Then he looked around them, taking in their location for the first time. The sun glinted off of freshly watered rose petals, which were scattered about on countless leafy green bushes. The roses were colored similar to the ones he was holding in his hands.

"Our teacher asked us to grow a garden... I suggested roses to my classmates, and they all loved the idea," Ib said, gently plucking a red rose from a nearby bush and caressing it in her hands.

"It's beautiful," Garry murmured, grabbing the freshly-plucked crimson rose and situating it in the girl's hair. "But we should probably get these flowers in some water before they begin to wither. I have a nice blue vase at my apartment, and I know these roses would look great on my windowsill," He grabbed her tiny hand and led her off, walking out of the schoolyard. He looked at the roses in his hand, a nostalgic feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. I could never let these wither away.